Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

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41 A Piercing

Yes if you want one do it

Never, My mom keeps saying, "your getting older, if you want to get your ears pierced..." You can never get rid of it!

Yes because it lasts for as long as you take care of it and you won't end up throwing it away any time soon. I'm 13 and I've had my first and second piercings and it's totally worth it!

I don't have any piercing yet and I'm 14 but I really want to grt one my mum just wont let me :(

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42 Long Board

Tried it once, and I hated it. It was terrible. Gave it a second run though, and BAM! I was in love. It absolutely blew me away. It still does, to be perfectly honest. I find that every time I step onto the board and carve down a huge hill, I'm filled with both a generous adrenaline rush, and more then that, I'm filled with pure happiness. I'm never more in the moment then when I'm going down a hill. The amount of focus you gain from getting better and better, the improvements in balance, the work out that comes with it, and the memories made make this a good decision on any persons part.

my friends keep talking about these things there better then a normal skateboard there faster and better on turns and makes you glide longer then a normal skateboard maybe il get one I was checking website to see what to buy well anyways good luck

I Got a longboard for my birthday... Fell in love with it immediately... I ride it every day and it never gets boring, there is an endless amount of cool tricks and they are really fast I rode a mile straight on a hill that barely goes down at all

Yeah with $100 you can get a cheap offbrand longboard and be cool by showing people that you're the biggest poser fag in the world

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43 Kitten

Yes, yes, YES! Get a kitten! They are so cute and love to cuddle! And also is very fun to make them their own instagram account.

I got a kitten for free because our friend lives in the country and a pregnant stray gave birth near her house

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44 Drugs

You guys are idiots. Your 14 and your doing drugs already! Are you stupid. I'm 14 too and I'm not dumb like you guys. Drugs don't make you cool. They make you ignorant and mental.

Drugs are so stupid pus they make you stupid. DON'T DRUG!

Humans have known since the dawn of time that drugs are ' dope. The entire concept of human motivation comes from little squirts of "feel-good" neurotransmitters when one responds to a stimulus in a beneficial manner. You literally (and I mean literally here, this is not an exaggeration) spend your entire life attempting to get high on some level or another, it is inescapable.

Also tons of other animals get mad hopped up on drugs all the time, so there's that.


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45 Gummy Bears

Perfect for when you have the munchies -420

Why would you spend $100 on gummy bears!

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46 Scooter

Great way to get exercise and unspeakably fun. My parents are always bugging me to go outside and I used to say Mobutu now I get up and do it

47 Airsoft Gun

Its like a war in real life. An amazing game that entertains you for hours. You get to shoot your friends while avoiding getting hit yourself. You actually feel like you are in a warzone. I buy the cheap ones. For 1-hundred dollars I could buy 8 airsoft guns that my friends and I could have fun with for hours. More fun than games in my opinion. Your on the battlefield getting attacked and then you fight back dodging bullets as you run to cover. Now that's a good way to spend money. Just buy the cheaper ones so you get enough for all your friends.

Real life version of Call of Duty. Without the dying part.

Having airsoft wars is incredibly awesome, it's great for adrenaline junkies. Or people who enjoy watching their friends jump in pain.

Yes! Airsoft is really fun! Just watch out to NOT hit anyone into head

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48 Gifts

I bought my dad a gift and he was so happy, I will surely do this again.

I think every one should buy other people thing because it is caring

I will gift you this list

49 iPhone Case

They sell $400 ones on Amazon. - lovefrombadlands

I like cases

50 Cranberry Juice

Good for your kidneys


51 Beef Jerky

I called the boys on my bus beef jerky when I ment to call them jerks


52 Spinbrush Toothbrush V 1 Comment
53 A Thong

It fits perfectly between cheek one and two. Nice, warm and annoying! -. - laugh out loud.

You guys are so dirty

Yes a PINK tight slim thong..

Get the kind with orgasm gel.

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54 WWE Magazines V 3 Comments
55 Lift Tickets

Hmm snowboarding/skiing is fun. I like to do dis pft! You can do whatever and get hurt etc it's fun who wouldn't wan't to ski! Anyone can do it even the fatest ass alive well maybe not but he could try although he might sink -. -...

56 Computer

Every on NEEDS a computer!

I'm getting a laptop on December

57 Guitar

Not a great one, but a used one that functions

This could become some weirdly obsessive teen life ambition, too.

I'm going to get a electric guitar when I get my money

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58 Fleshlight

I would get one of these. You can never go wrong with getting off. And if you get the lap dances you will need this.

I thought that was an AutoCorrected version of flashlight, not a sex toy! - RiverClanRocks

I've always wanted one. those things are far more than what meets the eye acording to the site. I can't get other men to be anywhere near my balls and also my dick and balls. they have anus shaped ones to. once you find yourself deep inside another unsuspecting mans anus, you can't go back. I wonder the price id pay for it.

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59 Dildo

Its good I shove it in my vagina

This is an excellent suggestion. Everyone needs one of these, whether you're a guy or a girl.

I can fit like 20 in both my vagina and ass at the same time and it feels so good

Okay, this is getting gross - MangoFruitJuice

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60 Internet for half year V 3 Comments
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