Top 10 Things to Buy with $100

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141 Hermit Crabs

At the pet smart in GA you can get like nine or ten hermit crabs. I got two for twenty! Hermit crabs are AWESOME!

I love hermit crabs they make a great pet

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142 Zaxby's V 1 Comment
143 Gym Membership V 1 Comment
144 Piggy Bank

Great idea or you could buy one that is like super strong that will never brake

Best advice I've seen on here so far.

Buy yourself a piggy bank for like a dollar, put the rest $99 in it and START SAVING! #SecretOfSuccess

145 A Pug

I love Pugs in fact I will kiss one on the lips

My mom loves pugs she thinks they are so cute.

Biggest fan of them


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146 Grammar Tutoring

Some people on this site REALLY need to do this. - Turkeyasylum

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147 Apples

Apples! Apples and a hamster named apples! And go to a paint store and
Paint a huge apple on your wall! APPLES for the win!

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148 RC Truck

A great way to have fun, and $100 dollars should be just enough to buy a nice hobby grade one!

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149 Beef Jerky

I called the boys on my bus beef jerky when I ment to call them jerks


150 A Toilet

If u have to poop

If you don't have a toilet then u were trolled! cx

151 An Xbox One

Why do people like Xbox One? The network and downloads take hours to load.

Xbox and PlayStation are literally like the same thing...

Xbox 360 is $100 and Xbox One is $350. Xbox One still ripoffs the Xbox 360.

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152 Chairs

Chairs are so awesome I am so obsessed withe them! Can I eat your face?

153 Candles V 1 Comment
154 Stationary V 1 Comment
155 A Used Car

For 100'dollars? Good luck

156 Violin Violin The violin is a wooden string instrument in the violin family. It is the smallest and highest-pitched instrument in the family in regular use. V 1 Comment
157 Nunchaku

These things are awesome. I've trained with them for about 3-4 years, and if you try you can download some amazing things with them. Just make sure you get the kind you want, whether they be normal, speed chucks, or lightweight.

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158 Paper V 1 Comment
159 TheTopTens TheTopTens


160 Metallica's albums
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