Iloilo City


Electricity, telephone, telegraph, railway, ice plant, automobiles were all introduced in Iloilo in 1902.

One through a royal decree & two through a legal declaration.

ILOILO became a city through a royal decree:
By virtue of a royal decree of Maria Cristina,
Queen Regent of Spain in 1889

ILOILO became a city twice through a legal declaration:

By the virtue of Bacura Law ratifying the royal decree in 1890
By the virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 158 in 1937

To become or to be called a city, it is not enough that a settlement be established in fact a certain settlement must posses all the elements required to become a city. It is only through a decree, an ordinance or lawful declaration that a certain settlement is declared a city.

By Philippine history, no other city in the Philippines was legally ...more

Queen City of the South - the first and the original
Mother Queen of the South
Pioneer City of the Philippines
City of Many Firsts
Home of the World Famous Dinagyang Festival
The Next Big Thing
Food Basket of the Philippines
City of Love
Festival Capital of the Philippines
Museum City of the Philippines
Heart of the Philippines
Home of World-Renowned Churches
Home of Great Architectural Designs

Iloilo is a small, one of the oldest and simple city.. You can tour all around the city for half a day and most of the the buildings that you'll see are schools, universities, colleges, ancestral houses, old architectural buildings and historical churches... Ilonggos valued history, education and religion... Not to mention the delectable foods that you'll enjoy along the streets... But smoking in public places is a crime.. Never dare when you're in Iloilo... Outside the city you'll enjoy beaches as well as seafoods on a very cheap price... I love ILOILO because the life is so simple, laid back, serene.. But fulfilling... You don't need a lot of money in visiting Iloilo... But You'll enjoy the company of ILONGGOS.

I Love to be an Ilonggo, A City of Love, a loving and sweetest people on the planet earth. It has the most schools from elememtary to University after Manila with well refined, disciplined educated graduates, quite conservative but very modern in advancement in technology, have a high standard of life style with simplicity and lover of the POOR with good and Generous heart. Ilonggos are real and genuine group of people who loves to "Give" the many blessings of the Lord. They have a high respect for their elderly and have a strong family ties. They are with out pretense, quite strict when it comes to what is right and true in life. They are happy group of people who have a strong devotion and adoration to the Lord God. ILONGGOS ARE LOVING PEOPLE WHOSE HEART FLOW WITH GOD'S GOODNESS WITH OUT DUPLICITY. MY BELOVED LAND OF MY BIRTH. ILOILO CITY, I LOVE YOU MY BELOVED CITY, GOD BLESS YOU ILOILO CITY.

Life is simple yet Iloilo also offer night life for those who love clubbing. There are also a number of restaurants offering international cuisines. Iloilo used to be the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH and used to be the trade city during the Spanish occupancy. Just that after they left, things has changed and Iloilo lost its glory and title. But now, Iloilo is starting to rise once again and hopefully with a lot of catching up and with a lot of hardwork in making the city clean, improving the roads, making the Plazas clean, pleasant and safe for families to hang out to, building more roads to accommodate the growing number of vehicles, and having more companies investing in Ililo, Iloilo will regain its title as the QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH.

Well balanced city... Most higher-education institution per capita outside outside of metro manila... Go around the world and you'll find seamen and nurses from Iloilo City colleges and universities... Sweet but driven people... No human rights abuse problem, better political leaders and peace and peace officers I guess... Good for companies looking for areas to expand or invest and for simple raising of a family... Yep, the best all-around city for me...

I was born from north but WIDE-OPEN ARMS I EMBRACED and Consider Iloilo City is my 2nd HOMELAND if not the FIRST! Truly people o'er there are so sweet! Mostly, if not rich, Very well educated! Dream of someday retiring yrs iloilo you'll be my HOME SWEET HOME!

The city of Love.
The City of Many First.
The Best City.
The Home of Ilonggos.
The Home of Dinagyang ( Queen Festival of The Philippines )
The home of sweet People.
The Original Queen City of the South.

- My City my Pride. I am Honored and Proud to be an ILONGGO living here in IloIlo city. ILOveILOve

Iloilo City is a highly urbanized city in the Philippines and the capital city of Iloilo. It is the regional center of the Western Visayas, as well as the center of the Iloilo-Guimaras Metropolitan Area. In the 2007 census, Iloilo City had a population of 418,710 with a 1.8% population annual growth rate. It is bordered by the towns of Oton in the west, Pavia in the north, Leganes in the northeast and the Iloilo Strait in its eastern and southern coastline.

An emerging metropolitan city in the Philippines. People who have genuine smiles on their faces and a love for nature that's recognized globally. Recipes that captured it's visitors. A city with heritage that won't be forgotten, instead will be preserved. And of course, home to the famous Dinagyang.

Iloilo The City of Love, The best when it comes to food, Dinagyang festivals and the loving and happy people, sea foods and cuisine that is great tasting and palatable and delicious, with great historical and wonderful places to visit and beautiful nice beaches to relax and have fun to frolic and enjoy the water! ILOILO IS THE BEST!

Iloilo City's rich cultural background, stable & self-sufficient economy, then with the "malambing", low profile & "unassuming" Ilonggos, make Iloilo City an ideal place live/visit. The "original" QUEEN CITY OF THE SOUTH is now striking back to regain the stature & recognitions the city enjoyed in the past. Ilonggos prefer a simple life yet sustainable living rather than splurge and always aim for limelight/recognition. The city is contented with its slow paced development however investment are pouring in which would ensure Iloilo City's financial & tourism industry competitiveness in the years to come. The city is on the right track in achieving its vision to be "The Premier City in 2015". ILOveILOve City, "The City of Love", the city I love.

"The Home of the Dinagyang" #1 festival in the Philippines and world class performance of the many talents of the Ilonggos! History tells us that Iloilo City was given the honorific title of "La Muy Noble Ciudad" (English: The Most Noble City) by the Queen Regent of Spain. At the turn of the 20th century, Iloilo City was second to the primate city of Manila, with stores along Calle Real selling luxury products from all over the world, an agricultural experimental station established at La Paz in 1888, a school of Arts and Trades which opened in 1891, and a telephone network system operating in 1894.

No other city in the Philippines is as sweet as Iloilo city. It is the home of the most friendly people in the planet. The variety of Food in the city were among the most delicious in the planet too. A complete package of Fun people, Great food! And the City herself is a cultural heritage of the Philippines! No other place in Philippines but Iloilo. The place where your heart belongs.

I'm an Ilongga through and through. I study at one (if not the best) of its great universities. Good quality of education and I'm happy to say that indeed, Iloilo is RAPIDLY progressing. Several businessmen and inventors has already seen Iloilo's great potential and I'm sure that so much more will come. It's exhilarating to witness your beloved town begin to soar up, thanks to the good and successful governance of the city mayor and of course to God's blessings. Several developments are on its way and rumor has it that water transportation is being pushed through.

Yes, it's NOT perfect but which city is? I mean, really. What's great though is the way the city and the ilonggos themselves work together to make up for the city's imperfection. It's also good that compared to other cities, Iloilo is actually more vocal about its imperfections since they know that it's not something to be hidden. They've got voices. They hear. They see. They do not act deaf or blind. I think that's ...more

Iloilo is the fusion of progress in the Philippines' past and progress in the future. One of the best place to live in the World. Good governance, sustainable environment, progressive economically, a university town, and home of world class citizens.

A liveable and cigarette smoke free City... One of the Winners of the DOH's search for the RED ORCHID AWARDS 2012. Best practices on anti-smoking campaign made it possible to get the 100% smoke free environment in the Philippines. Aiming to have a clean air to breathe in.

Its a renaissance city. After a standstill during the late 20th century, it has reinvented itself coming into the 21st century. Its bustling economy is bringing back the glory of the sugar baron days. Its a melting pot of the old and the new as modern development is side by side heritage conservation. Its plight on environmental protection/preservation is unequaled by any other High Urbanized Cities with the Iloilo River Conservation and the protection of Mangrove sites. Development is also seen to embrace the environment like the Iloilo Esplanade along the Iloilo River and the upcoming Sen. Benigno Aquino Avenue widening where wide open space with lots of greens are in place. It's the next BIG THING in the Philippines. A WONDER CITY. Its ILOILO CITY.

My City, My Pride! I love Iloilo City! Sulong Iloilo! Uswag Iloilo! This is the best place to be in the Philippines! Home of the Queen of all festivals, Dinagyang!

Besides being rich in culture and history, Iloilo City continues to flourish holistically with major investors flocking in and new business establishments being inaugurated every now and then. Expect the city to raise its potential as an economic powerhouse and IT hub as more business complexes, such as those owned by Megaworld and Ayala, are developed, the International Airport in full swing, the downtown district being renovated into an active commercial hotspot, the Iloilo River currently aligned as the next tourism destination, and billions worth of investment for infrastructures alone (spearheaded by no other than proud Ilonggo Sen. Franklin Drilon). No doubt, Iloilo City will progress into one of the country's premier cities.

The "most noble city" in the country and is the former Queen city of the South! Truly, Iloilo has come a long way from being a small port city to now being one of the most economically important cities in the Philippines. With its great past, Iloilo continues to strive to become a premiere city and help the lives of its citizens. Being the home of the world- renowned Dinagyang Festival, the city exudes with Filipino culture and cuisine as it meets the phase of urbanization. Iloilo has always been humble with its ways yet its existence presents the epitome of a peaceful and progressive Filipino society. Padayon Iloilo!

Full of history! The people are vibrant... Produces a lot of famous icon in different fields... The river is one of a kind... There are lots of firsts in this city... The home of Dinagyang...

Iloilo City... The city that will capture every Filipino's heart! City of Love! Iloilo first.. Why ILOILO? It is a picture of several developments in economic terms. Now, investments in the City is booming... Witness as the City provides the Ilonggos with Condotels, Lifestyle destinations, Restos, Malls.. Packed with mouthwatering delicacies, and wonderful tourist spots! Iloilo City is the center of education in Western Visayas... The land of mystic landmarks and historic places... The home of the world-renowned DINAGYANG Festival and of the best tourist sport festival-the Paraw Regatta... The City of many FIRST! The city where a smile of its people captivates you.. Yeah! It is ILOILO City.. The City of LOVE! The premiere city of the future!

I just love Iloilo.. The southern comfort, the laid back atmosphere and fun loving and sweet people makes it the best place to live. Now that it is becoming popular and the amenities of a metropolitan lifestyle can be felt, one can say, its laid-back living right at the heart of the urban zone. Strolling in the city streets is never quite hard without having to watch your pocket or bags or anything you bring than when you're in Manila or any other cities. Despite the progress of many other cities in the Philippines, I will still consider Iloilo my home! Its either living abroad or living in Iloilo for me...

Iloilo: A perfect blend of the contemporary and the old. You get to see things from decades past. Iloilo City's progress is unstoppable!