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61 Maasin City

4th class city in the country, don't tell me maasin is the best compare to san juan city in metro mla. Hehe

62 City of Ilagan

The city has a great potential for more development specially with its natural resources

The investment hub of Region 2
The largest city in region 2 for land area and population and
The largest corn producer in the Philippines

I love ilagan city sanctuary and tunnels

The top performing city in region 2
The most awarded city in region 2
Ranked 7th nationwide as the most competitive city in 2016 component cities category

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63 Trece Martirez City

I used to stay there

64 San Carlos City, Negros

Peaceful and Clean city
home of fun people
progressive city in first district of negros occidental
with a beautiful landscape city especially in san carlos city business park near center mall

Chocolate hills in negros is in the city
It has their very own rice terraces
Known in their Pintflores Festival

Beautiful city locaated in eastern part of negros occidental.
Its famous in their Maskara Festival
One of cleanest and greenest city in the philippines...
With nice and hospitable people

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65 Mandaluyong City
66 Batac City

Home of great leaders

67 Gapan City V 1 Comment
68 Subic City

Ongoing infrustructure of different known business establishment and the plan for new military bases in subic town and business connection from the Subc Bay Freeport.

69 Camalig City
70 Koronadal City

Known to be the most competitive small city in the phillipines, bested some small cities in luzon, visayas and here in mindanao.. Regional center for trade and industry.. A fast growing city in southern part of philippine archipelago.. KANAMI KORONADAL!

The massive productivity of this city for a year makes the people more cooperative to sustain the peace and order. This city is not just progressive but undeniably beautiful.

Koronadal City is the regional center if region

Go to top spot

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71 Sipalay City

Beautiful scenery of beaches and a perfect place for meditation!

Crown Jewel of negros occidental because of its hidden beaches.. better than boracay..

City located in the south of negros occidental
with beautiful beaches like those in boracay

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72 Ibajay
73 Cabiao City
74 Meycauayan City

Jewelry capital of the Philippines

75 Dasmariñas City

One of the most populated city in the Philippines, considered to be the richest city in Southern Tagalog.

University Capital outside Metro Manila, home of the topnotch universities like De La Salle University, Philippine Christian University, Technological University of the Philippines, and Lyceum of the Philippines University.

One of the most fastest growing progress cities outside metro manila, university capital town in cavite, a lot of malls like sm and robinsons, first cavite industrial estate, dasma.techno park, the orchard golf@country club and a lot more, it is suitable to reside because it is far from pollution and disaster of calamity like floods and erosion.

Dasmarinas is the richest city in Cavite, and were still improving.. Onward Forward city of Dasmarinas!

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76 Catbalogan City

Catbalogan City has friendly, amiable and hospitable people. Its strategic geographical location on the western coast of Samar Island in Eastern Visayas makes it an ideal gateway to the region. The city's breathtaking and postcard-perfect sunsets over Maqueda Bay are sights to behold. Furthermore, its cuisine and abundance of seafood are also added bonuses. I've been to Catbalogan City a few times and will be back in the near future - perhaps soon!

I enjoyed my last visit to Catbalogan City. The people were just friendly, helpful and hospitable. Thanks for the wonderful memories.

The view of Catbalogan City at night as seen from the hills was gorgeous. I'd love to visit it again and the local folks were friendly.

A friendly city with hospitable people and great seafood!
I enjoyed my stay there very much. With Air Juan commencing flights to Catbalogan City from Cebu City and, hopefully, Manila, soon, I expect more tourists are going to come and visit Catbalogan City.
Kudos to all the prime movers and Air Juan!

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77 Tagum City

I'm from Davao.. Now living in Bacolod City... I have been to different cities in the Phils.. Like Cebu, Iloilo, Surigao, Gensan etc. But Tagum City is the best city for me.. Because it's clean (less or no plastic everywhere unlike Bacolod City).. Roads are well plan and the mayor put effort to beautify the city by having palm trees in the roads which is really nice to see in the daylight and during christmas season, it is full of Christmas lights... Tagum City is not that big like Cebu or Manila though.. But their city hall is nicer than the city halls I've seen personally :) juz saying. Bow.

Visit tagum city the durian capital in the philippines because we have the biggest durian festival in tagum every month of august to september. Visit also the biggest wooden rosary in the whole world located in the biggest christ the king cathedral in mindanao particular in tagum city. Visit also the world clas modern city hall of tagum.

I've been so many places here in the Philippines, Via sea, land and air. About the place, it's so clean, very organized like terminals, Comport rooms well maintained, wet and dry market, road so wide, color coded tricycle, different tribes, super enjoy!

2nd best city in Mindanao aside from Davao

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78 Dipolog City

Progressive city. Downtown lots price close to that of Dumaguete and Cebu. The city has good infrastructures which makes it liveable compare with others and this aside from the historical sites that are already developed for the tourists and locals to enjoy. Keep growing Dipolog!

Dipolog City-the cleanest city I ever visited in the Philippines.

Beautiful place to live in very accessible. Not prone to typhoon, no terrorist threat 99% are Christians, there's no fault line, the cleanest city, busines friendly, awarded as child friendly city. Recipient of Zeal of Good Housekeeping.

Dipolog city has the biggest and the best boulevard in the country where tourist and visitors love it. Dipolog city is also the bottled sardines capital in the Philippines. There's also the nilabo peak the famous 3,003 steps.

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79 Tuguegarao City

Though it is considered to be the hottest place in the Philippines, Tuguegarao City strives and continues to develop in terms of economy and education.

University belt of region 2. Where you can find one of the most delicious noodles. Center of culture trade and commerce in region 2.. Friendly people.

This city is progressive and one of the fastest growing economy in the philippines in terms of business and tourism. Because it is the regional center of cagayan valley region and because of sprawling university school and many high rise building. It become metropolis someday.

The Regional Center Of Cagayan Valley - CagayanValleyVotes

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80 Carcar City

I am from this place and definitely, one of the best cities out there. This city may not be as big as the others but we are rich in Cultural Heritage. We were even tagged as the Cebu Heritage Capital of Cebu South.

The place is as rich as their cultural heritage. Truly a nice place to live in. - hatcher234

Just celebrated their Annual Fiesta last November 25th. VIVA santa catalina.

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