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201 Beverly Hills
202 Madison, WI

Madison is a awesome small city.i really like it. the lakes are really cool.and the UW campus is cool too.

203 Indianapolis

The Indy 500, used in the movie Turbo

Not too crowded, and very little crime.

Low cost, large but small, greatest WNBA team, lots of amazing teams, beautiful downtown, close to everything.

I've lived in seattle but man Indianapolis is waay better

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204 Newark

Hey, if Dayton and Detroit are on the list Newark has to be.

Newark NJ of Newark DE?

205 Atlantic City

It's such a beautiful city. Casinos, fine dining, miss America. All that is just from Atlantic city. No need for Vegas if u like the beach

206 Austin

Austin is a beautiful city with live music everywhere, fantastic weather and nice peiple

Seriously, how does this not have any votes? It's probably my favorite city in Texas!

Austin is awesome because 1. It is weird. And 2. It's the capital of Texas

This is like the best Texas city. Houston is crappy because of the hurricanes.

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207 Oahu V 2 Comments
208 Memphis

More trees per capita than any major U.S. metro area. The food is very good (almost as good as Dallas). Low cost of living and lots of opportunity for those who can bring a positive attititude and a willingness to work. You can find some very friendly people here. The poverty, crime, and perceived racial tension tend to drag the city down, but the potential is there for this to be one of America's greatest cities!

This city was the creator of blues and rock and roll. I'm really disappointed on how low memphis is.

I live in Memphis it has great sites it is not as racial as you think it has become more safe.

Would love to visit. Why is it so low? They have the best BBQ!

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209 San Jose

Holy San Jose! This place is filled with beaches, And lots of museums! Overall a great city

210 Camden

Seeing images of this city makes me want to throw up. My heart goes out to anyone that has to live there. Nobody deserves all of the horrible crime and the overall depressing vibe of this so-called city. - matty925

-Constant murders
-2nd most dangerous US city
-Gangs on every street
-Drug dealers on every corner
-Abandoned buildings & projects
-Poorest city in the United States


Best city ever. Even better than Pyongyang and Mogadishu #sarcasm

Uh, no
This place has a huge crime rate. - wrests

211 St Louis

What's so bad about St. Louis?

Let's go cardinals let's go

Let's go Cardinals!

212 Detroit

Besides the ghettos and crime, Detroit has a rich history

Detroit isn't as bad as people say it is! - Turkeyasylum

Detroit has lots of murders.

I got killed there but it was good other than that - 4/10 ign trip advisor Expedia 420 blaze it 361 call of duty professional esports no scope montage 696969696969 I'm 3 years old call of duty psn gamer tag Ilikepu55y420

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