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81 Corbin, KY
82 Orlando, Florida

This one is already on the list and higher

Really! No. 42! It is home to the greatest amusement park on earth

83 Norfolk, VA

You never know what the weather will be like. It's a surprise. And very in the middle of country and city.

Great militarily. Great beach and something always happening. Plus its in VA! - 3103460

84 Kansas City

It has to be way higher. Everyone is outdated. People magazine ranked kc the best city to live in during 4he 2014 world series cause the royals made it unlike the Yankees

85 Springfield
86 Harrison, NJ

At one point Harrison was really ghetto, now they're really improving it. They are starting rebuild areas that were once scary to go to. - francesco

87 Ventura, California V 1 Comment
88 Fresno

The best people in the world. A mixture of Northern and Southern California. The agriculture capital of the world. Some of the hardest people in the nation live here. Because of it's location it just takes a few hour drive to reach anywhere in the great state of California.


89 Sandpoint, ID
90 Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a nice place! The people are so friendly, and it has the most beautiful sunsets.

How is this 80! One of the best cities on earth, especially it's suburb, Edmond, Oklahoma! - GunsnJets

Not too crowded but all the great things a big city has. It's great!

I hate it.too many tornadoes.but in general a very good place to visit

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91 Nahant, MA
92 Anchorage
93 Raleigh
94 Canton

Even though it isn't the most well known in Ohio, it is still a great city with rich history and home to the one and only Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

95 Colombus

How is the city that I live in this far down. Needs to be at least in the top tens.

It's Columbus, not Colombus.

Which Columbus, in Ohio, Georgia, or Mississippi?

96 Green Bay

Though it it may look like a deserted ghost town at some places, Green Bay contains something that no other city has, and that is, LAMBEAU FIELD! Home to the legendary Green Bay Packers, said to be the best football team of all time, the only NFL team that is owned by the fans (who are of course ten times better than Seattle's). Even non-packer fans will agree that Lambeau is one of the coolest places they've ever been. GO PACK GO!

97 Durham

I love Durham! Durham is the friendliest city that I've been to! Every time I go to Durham, it never fails, people who you just met will greet you so nicely and pleasantly, and the economy is not as bad as most other places. Though not a very large city like New York or LA, Durham has that small town charm but is quite large to find something interesting to get into. And it's approximation to Raleigh makes it good day trip to visit both cities.

98 Ann Arbor

It has the largest College Football stadium in the World, Please vote Ann Arbor

99 Knoxville
100 Salt Lake City

Lots of cute innocent women, pretty mountains, kind people, 4 seasons of weather, skiing, many outdoor activities nearby, and plenty of flour/sugar based food products!

Awesome city with so many people to meet.

How the heck is it so low? It should be #20, not #50.
Access to the mountains, not too far from deserts and red rock formations and all of Utah's wonderful national parks! Not everybody is a conservative Mormon, only 30-40% of the city is Mormon. And it sure isn't conservative, they have one of the largest LGBT communities in the USA!
Definitely one of my favorite cities, the thing that they are missing is sports teams!

The assmin lives there.

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