Top Ten Kung Fu Movies of All Time

Which is the Greatest Martial Arts Movie of all time. Is it Shaw bros classic "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin", Jackie Chan's "Drunken Master 2" or Bruce Lee's "Chinese Connection"?

Place your vote and help decide.

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1 Enter the Dragon

In 1973 at the age of 6, I first watched Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon. This lead to a life long love of martial arts, where, Judo taught me to fall, Taekwondo taught me to kick, Wing Chun taught me to reply, Aikido taught me to connect and Tai Chi taught me to breath. All taught me, balance, focus and belief in one's self. Xiexie Bruce Lee.

Classic martial arts movie.

Classic Bruce Lee action movie

Bruce lee not a hero but a superhero

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2 Ip Man

I watched it and loved it. - TerryThebestsoccerplayer

Other people will no doubt give a more poetic account of this film, but this truly manages to combine not just incredible (and for once realistic) fight scenes with engaging characters and a fantastic story together in a hugely enjoyable movie, well worth a watch if you are a fan of any of the others in this list

Best movie every!

With stylish grace, Donnie Yen brings to life the fluid movements of Wing Chun, that ultimately inspired Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do.

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3 The Legend of Drunken Master

I think it is one of the best movies in the history.
Jackie Chan is the real Drunken Master...

This movie kicks ass. Plain and simple. - Badoosh45

It is indeed the best! They way he acts and fight while drunk is just so realistic!

This is technically a re-release of Drunken Master 2 which is it's original English Title. Or you could say this is the United States and European release of the much older movie which was earlier released a few years prior in China and Asia. I went to the movies to watch this one just to see it on the big screen even though I already had my own copy of the VHS for over a few years. I took my VHS copy of the original movie with me to the movie theater to show to the patrons there that if they really want a copy they can order one online since it already existed in VHS and DVD format. It was the exact same movie with possibly a few extra scenes since the new one had to be slightly re-edited for brevity. Great Movie, but I also would expect the original Drunken master 1 to be on this list above Kung Fu panda even though I love that movie. - djemir

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4 Kung Fu Panda


Okay, this is fun to watch but cartoons do not belong in the category of Kung Fu movies.

Best ANIMATED Kung fu movie ever

Best animation, best movie and best story all in one.

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5 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin

Lui Chia-Hui (Gordon Liu) gives a commanding performance as Sin Te. The training sequences are authentic and the portrayal of Shaolin Temple's philosophy and values is respectful. Liu is an expert at Hung Ga kung fu and brings his years of training to a film that is thankfully free of the ridiculous wire-work and fake supernatural nonsense of other Shaw and H. K. martial arts films. A must-see and a must-own.

No other kung fu movie comes close. Hands down the best, one of the few pieces of fiction that taught me valuable knowledge about life and overcoming obstacles.

This movie is the best Shaolin movie of all time. The 35 chambers of the Shaolin Temple and the training routines are exceptionally portrayed. You can actually feel that you are part of the training. Outside of the training routines, the Shaolin Temple's philosophy is very well depicted. The invention of the 36th chamber and the way Gordon Liu comes up with it accidentally is a gem. All in all, this movie is a must have for any Kung Fu fan worth their salt. If you don't own this one, then you are not a Kung Fu connoisseur.

Original and unique kung fu movie easily in the top three one of the best. the fight scenes are old school

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6 Fist of Legend

Wow on my own opinion this is the best jet li movie I ever watched. There's lot of action and it seems so really, its not like other movies where he flies ha.A. to me it's the best

Original action that help set jet li apart from others.

The best movie of jet li I ever watched, fantastic


7 The Chinese Connection

Unbeatable, unique action hero hailing from Asia. He remains the best in our memories forever and ever.

you can't get a better martial art master then

Jackie Chan's crap movie beat this?! This is one of the best kung Fu movies of all time, period

Fist of fury is a brilliant mixture of entertainment and martial arts. Bruce Lee is unstoppable!

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8 Return of the Dragon

Bruce Lee beat up Chuck Norris in this film

This was a pretty good movie, but realistically Chuck Norris would've given Bruce Lee a serious beating if he had tried. Think about it this way...
1) It was a decently close fight, not like Bruce totally won without suffering some blows...
2) It was Bruce's movie! The storyline demanded that Bruce, who has cast himself as the protagonist, beat the villain (Chuck Norris)

In real life, Chuck Norris easily could've killed Bruce Lee. :)

He is so epic I went to the graveyard in Seattle and I saw his name on one of the graveyards I'm like WHAT THE?!?!

I read a comment about how Chuck Norris would've won... he would not have won against Bruce Lee. There's no way. Chuck Norris was Bruce Lee's student. And on one occasion Cuck Norris said that Bruce Lee could take him down in a fight.

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9 Kung Fu Panda 2

An Incredible Movie - iliekpiez

My favorite character is Lord Shen!

Please bring back Lord Shen at the ending of Kung Fu Panda 3.

Lord Shen is my emperor.

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10 Master of the Flying Guillotine

Just super cool

It's an old Kung Fu Classic but just an awesome movie period.

This and woodend soldiers gets my vote for best. I can't believe people voted for drunken master. It is garbage.

Master of the Flying Guillotine rocks... It needs to take the number 1 spot. Not only that but One Arm Boxer and the New One Armed Swordsman should be mentioned in this list.

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The Contenders

11 Mortal Kombat

Love to way the video game was brought out to live! and wish they had made more!

I like this movie but why is this over great martial arts movies like-five deadly venoms, the protector, iron monkey, game of death, fearless, crouching tiger hidden dragon, and tai chi master?

Awesome game I play it you kill

The sequel to this film ruined a good chance of seeing an amazing video game film.

12 Kill Bill: Volume 1

An "I love you" note to kung fu movies by one of the great directors of our time.

13 The Matrix
14 The Protector

Great movie, and some culture as well


Best cinematic action scene shot in one take.

Great display of Muay Thai

15 Game of Death
16 The Karate Kid

This movie is awesome! Best kun fu movie ever! Come on its 42. please vote!

We are talking kung-fu movies, not classic movies that has some karate in it.

17 Five Deadly Venoms

All time favorite. They need to remake this with current technology. If they do it right it will be a blockbuster. Need to keep it true to the original though!

You can't go wrong with this movie possibly the best kung fu movie all time. And I've seen all of the good ones this bay far is the best

Possibly the best cast ever in any martial arts movie

This is a classic and should be on everyone's list.

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18 Eagle's Claw
19 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
20 Shaolin

This movie changed my life. Watched it 80 times before I could move again.

Good movie for sure

I Think Shaolin Best Inspirational Movie, I Inspired From That Movie... (prash tak)

21 Iron Monkey

Kung Fu Panda?!?! Can I nominate Justin Beiber as well?

Long Step Mantis is the greatest.

Donnie Yen. That is all.

For real on the Kung Fu Panda comment.

22 5 Fingers of Death

One of the first Shaw Brothers movies to get a theatrical release in the U. A.

A must see kung fu classic.

One of the best KF movies made. I spent years trying to get a copy.

23 Kung Fu Hustle

Classic Kung Fu comedy, very entertaining movie.

Just go watch it then tell everyone whats the best kung fu movie

Why is this so low? It's pretty good, should be in the top ten at least in my opinion

This movie of great movie in the wold

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24 Kung Fu Panda 3
25 Romeo Must Die
26 The One-Armed Swordsman

One of, if not the Best, Kung Fu MOVIE! Period.

Great martial arts story.

I do not agree with this list.

27 Rush Hour
28 Jet Li's Fearless

Based on true story, very real combat scenes and full of traditional Chinese wisdom. In my opinion Jet Li's best movie.

This movie has awesome action sequences and a very good story. This movie is definitely one of Jet Li's best movies.

29 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow

Jackie Chan even rocks the Snake Fist style! - vikitagupta

30 The New Legend of Shaolin

The best from jet li

31 Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

I really liked this movie but it went for along time

32 Drunken Masters

The Best of All Time!

Jackie Chan is the best Drunken Kung Fu Master! - vikitagupta

33 The Forbidden Kingdom

Two living legends together teaching in their own ways... what else can you get from a kung fu movie... its master piece...

Amazing kung fu movie

34 Tiger Claws

Cynthia Rothrock was impressive - Alexandr

Good part to film man Jalal Merhi, in art detectiv Derek Richard. He is good tiger kung-fu. His alli is good fight woman Masterson, part to Cynthia Rothrock. Opponent duo is Asian grandmaster fight Bolo Yeung.

35 Chocolate
36 Shogun Assassin

Top 5 all time

Its not just a movie. it's a long running series of episodes. watch all of it, then vote, should be top 10 with all bruce lees

37 Heroes of the East

Best displabay of karate and kunfu from China and Japan. The Crab technique was one of the best I saw. Love these movies. Gordon Lui, Jacke Chan and Jet Lee are amazing.

This movie should be a lot higher on the list. Its cool how it shows a lot of different techniques in both, Chinese and Japanese martial arts. See it, wont regreat it.

38 Fists of Fury
39 Reign of Assassins (2010)
40 Five Element Ninjas

Most enjoyable

Very least top 10

41 Tai Chi Master

Story, All fight scène are WONDERFUL. Not only to me, who are all watch this movie will vote.

42 Invincible Shaolin
43 The Raid

Shame on all of you for having not seen this movie. None of you are real kung fu fans. This is bar none the greatest martial arts film ever. And I've seen them all. Seriously.

Raid 1 and 2...must hands down... U guys need an update.

44 Crippled Avengers
45 Shaolin Chamber of Death

This movie contains one of the best training of all time. Even if the movie features kung fu styles that does'nt exist.

46 Fearless

Base on true story

47 Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Extremely funny

Greatest Kung fu comedy of all time

48 Ninja In the Deadly Trap
49 Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
50 Double Impact
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