Top Ten Basketball Teams 2006-2007


The Top Ten

1 Lakers

Kobe is betta than the Mavs by himself!
The Black Mamba is the best! - D-Ballin-lakers

Kobe Bryant is the best. I love the Lakers

2 Mavs V 1 Comment
3 Spurs

Spurs is awesome no one has more potential than this awesome team

V 3 Comments
4 Suns V 1 Comment
5 Bulls

Bulls because michael jordan makes chicago more improve..

6 Pistons
7 Cavs
8 Nuggets V 2 Comments
9 Raptors V 1 Comment
10 Rockets

The Contenders

11 Jazz

Jazz no doubt had a tremendous year this season, they played amazing. Going all the way to the semi-finals that was impressive. Came short against the Spurs but Jazz just when up a whole new level. - Undertaker15-0

12 Heat V 1 Comment
13 Warriors V 1 Comment
14 Celtics

Larry bird was on the celtics, he's so good!

15 Hornets
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