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1 Coins

I have a jar full of coins. They were meant to be college funding, but 1 it's about $20 total and, 2 why use those when you got "rich" and "loaded" parents, according to your aunt?

Quarters, pennies, dimes of all different kinds! Coins from other countries! Coins from gas stations! Heck yeah!

It would be good to collect coins and it would be fun also I have collected many coins some of different countries too.

Because I actually do collect coins

2 CDs

For a while, I collected Survivor CDs. Now, I'm more about Bon Jovi, although I still want When Seconds Count, Too Hot to Sleep and Reach.

I have so many cd's I love music
Britney spears.
George Michael.
a lot of the now that's what call music cd's.

I love my record collection, and my Celtics basketball card collection but CDs are my favorite thing to collect.

I'm just getting started, I dream with an entire room full of CDs...

3 Video Games

I collect Mario stuff! I have a poster on my wall, and then all of my prized figures, like Toad (whose arm fell off), Mario (One of them is mario flying like he does in super Mario Galexy), Yoshi, and luigi. I also have a bunch of mini figures!

I love collecting video games. Might not have a big collection, but The legend of Zelda is amazing

I love video games some darn much

Video Games are fun and tell a story themselves!

4 Books

If I have the first book, I MUST have the sequels, with few exceptions.

Diverse works of literature that span cultures, places, and generations. Everything resides in the pages of a book: adventure, drama, comedy, satire, current events, history, fantasy, parallel universes, allusions to global world, pop culture, facts, information, entertainment, educational ideas, romance, instruction, guidance, and most importantly imagination. No price tag can be attached to that. Above all, if you are an avid, die-hard collector, (you may need some serious funds) first editions can yield some serious cash. Although, for true bibliophiles, this would prove a difficult proposition.

Books are simply priceless.

they take you to a whole new world

Books are magical things, by reading you build your vocabulary and you increase your imagination. Books can change you bad mood to a great mood. I encourage everyone in the world to read and to never stop completely because you will not know what your missing out.

5 Movies

Much like novels, film provides us a mirror into so many different worlds and gifts viewers possessing diverse taste; there's literally something for everyone: romance, adventure, action, comedy, drama, fantasy, music, and so on so forth.

Whether you are a film elitist who strives to amass all Oscar-worthy opuses or an entertainment lover who gravitates to one or more specific genres, these are treasures to enjoy and share with the whole family, passing them on to the next generation much like a priceless heirloom. And with the advent of digital streaming and videos, clutter does not have to present the problem it previously did. The same can be applied to other media such as novels as well.

Film and novels-- simply a win-win in terms of collecting and can be personalized to specific tastes or moods! "

I collect stuffed animals and they are really fun to play with. I play a game with them. I pretend my stuffed animals are in a kingdom and Bad things happen that they have to fix. It's really fun. Make sure to collect stuffed animals. And my favorite one is my Lego man stuffed animal. I also have a panda Pillow Pet and road runner. I have 39 stuffed animals. I like the Webkins brand of stuffed animals.

well, that is one of my biggest hobby's, cinema will never die

Even you now that stuffed animals are not a choice I still think people should collect stuffed animals cause they keep me company and there fun to pretend they are real and talk to them. I have 25 stuffed animals.

6 Rocks

When I was little, I'd collect rocks. Not that they were unique; it's more so because I was bored. Dunno what happened to them.

Every time I take a walk at a place where there are a bunch of rocks, I usually look on the ground for any rocks that look good or unique to had to my collection.

I have recently started collected rocks, gemstones and crystals. At the moment I am finding it really fun, there is just so much to collect. I like collecting things you don't see everywhere so when you do see it there is always a sense of relief and excitement.

I have only just started collecting rocks and I bought myself a polishing machine, SO WORTH IT!

7 Awards

The best thing to show you are better than someone else. Also, you can show you are intelligent, but the best thing about it is that you can remember your techniques that you used to achieve does goals. You could make a wall in your room or in the library full of these awards.

Go get off of your but and make something of yourself. Maybe if you got up you could get some awards and collect those.

I agree! I love collecting Awards!

I love collecting awards!

8 Stamps

Wow collecting stamps are awesome! I have stamps from over 20 different countries
I even have one from a country that doesn't excist anymore!

I've just started collecting mail stamps and I am already learning! There are so many different kinds!

Stamps are highly collectible.. My current collection stands at 435 different stamps from all over the world.

And there easy to fit into scrapbooks!

9 Art

Art is such a wonderful way to decorate your home and gives limitless enjoyment to owners. It may also be considered an investment and tied to profit if you wish. I happen to collect Sandra Kuck and Thomas Kinkade art, and these are pieces I truly treasure and will never part with, not for amount of money.

I can't believe you spelled "here" wrong.

So much art in the world. And it is Devine

Art collection is amazing! You can have such amazing stuff!

10 Antiques

Heirlooms that may be passed from generation to generation, priceless in value yet a solid investment, amazing conversation pieces and doorways to explore history and culture on a deeper level if you dare or desire, and depending on the type of antique which may include but not be limited to paintings, jewelry, desks, rocking chairs, clothing, appliances, flatware, china, Porcelain figurines, lamps, etc... they can beautify your living space or home.

Older things are always fun to look and and appreciate. The craftsmanship and detail that was put in to them is amazing and should be remembered.

As a lover of everything vintage.. Collecting antiques are an addiction to me.

YES! This should be number 1.

The Contenders

11 Marbles

Marbles are really fun and interesting to collect because there are loads of different styles too, I have collected marbles over many years as well. You can find them anywhere!

There were several factories in West Virginia that made crafted marbles and they are no longer in business, so they're great to collect.

Their Is A Lot Of Use For Marbles you Can Play Games make tracks For Them And Much More And Their Pretty Cheap Plus you Can find Them Almost At Any Store! :)))

Love marbles I have collected more than 600 kinds of marbles you can almost find them everywhere

12 Cards

There cheap and easy to find and you can find many funny and interesting cards

I wanna start collecting cards because they're free if you're the receiver. Cards are awesome because they hold memories like birthdays and graduation.

Practical for entertaining, and like someone said early, some decks are more than worthy of being called art.

I just started collecting card decks if you would like to start I would recommended theory 11 decks or bicycle decks, collecting decks is also really fun

13 Trading Cards

Trading cards are great to collect and can raise in value over the years.

Trading cards like Magic the Gathering make for excellent collecting. The art in the cards are now considered a kind of folk art. Also, they are incredibly easy to store because they are nearly the same size as a baseball card so you won't we wanting for ways to store them. Like baseball cards, they can range in price from a few cents to the low thousands.

I think collecting trading cards are awesome, remembering some memorial from athlete that I love.

I love Pokemon trading cards and I have collected each and every Pokemon card and they are all in perfect condition.

14 Keychains

Keychains are fun to collect they come in many shapes and sizes and they have different designs

The fact I can get it right now is a good time waster but I don't think that I'm a good day for the next chocolate bar

I have a box full of keychains, and my mum basically wants to kill me because I spend so much on them.

More clatter in our rooms

15 Guitars

Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, ESP, because Rich, Dean, Charvel, Martin, Ovation, Yamaha, Peavey, Tayler, Rickenbacker

Guitars are too much money. How in the heck are you supposed to get a lot of guitars?

Signed guitars would be cool to collect!

1559gibson sold for 40000 new was 399 do the math

16 Animals

Yes lets just collect some animals why not own a zoo for a hobby yes what a reasonable idea

As long as you can pay the vet bills when it comes to it, I have no problem with that.

Please don't collect animals you will be on the next episode of hoarders.

You mean, "stuffed animals? "

17 Beanie Babies

I love beanie babies I started when I was 8 and now I'm 22 and I still love them to this day

That is a great idea!. I am going to do it!

I have 35, my rarest being Millenium

Classic collector's items.

18 Perfume

Perfume smells nice and they all have different smells that's why I like perfumes

If you didn't take a shower the night before perfume is always a good way to smell good, and you can were perfume that matches the holiday

I like to collect because the bottle

Perfume is good for different scents for your daily basis

19 Pokemon Cards

I am the worlds most number one Pokemon fan and I have probably collected, with my brothers help, over a thousand!

Still... Pikachu Illustrator Card is the rarest...

I want to collect this and I have no idea how it will turn out

I'm starting to collect these

20 Hot Wheels

This is a cheap hobby that will last a lifetime. These model cars are fun to play with, cheap and really quite cool to look at. They are just like their life sized counterparts, they just are smaller and don't run.

They are extremely fun and are cheap to collect

I think this should be higher on the list.

I collected Hot Wheels when I was a pint, too.

21 Guns

Great investment, appreciate with inflation and collector value. Firearms generally appreciate at about 5% to 7% a year, can't get that in any bank. Firearms are of real and true value, they represent freedom and it is hard to put a price on that.

Guns are the rich mans collection but sure enough many people have DOZENS of guns. That's why we made 'Goatguns' which are miniature toy model rifles for people who want to collect guns. Build those stashes up!

Even people who aren't into guns will often have 3+. This is way more collectable than this list suggests.

This would be my #1!

22 Dolls

I always thought dolls were cool! When I was a little boy I had them, and then got rid of them when I was called names, but now I started collecting again!

Sometimes I would play with dolls when I was younger and I kept all of them and now I have little cousin or just family that loves to play with them and it makes me happy every time they ask for them

Dolls just bring happiness to little girls and big girls because they understand you when your sad cause there always there for you.

Dolls are like security blankets for little girls and then to have your collection it brings you back

23 Comic Books

Comic books are the greatest things ever! You get to go to a whole nother world and you get to see action adventure and excitement! Plus they'd be worth a ton in a few years.

Old military ww2 silver age comics are thru the roof. Price golden age comics on ebay. Golden and silver age comics will never lose value because there are less and less in quality condition available year after year. Preserve your paper people!

It's the thrill of the hunt in tracking down old issues.

Comic books are awesome and they are valuable too especially those golden age ones! But even if you don't read old ones you can still get reprints.

24 Antique Automobiles

Only if your a billionaire lol

Whats that?

Yeah! it's cool since after a certain period you can't even see it! later realisation is waste# so collect...srrry preserve antique automobiles! I currently just have a 1996 Hero Honda Splendor(bike)#

25 DVDs

Dvds are not only fun to collect, but really fun to watch.

It's not really fun to collect, and I don't watch it muh

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