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1 Rolling Stone

The Best magazine to have if your in to finding out about some good music, movies, and even books. All the top rated music review and movie reviews etc.!

My second favorite magazine.

Music is my savior (second only to God hehe).

It's the best magazine with all the info about music I don't like or read magazines but this is pretty good and even talk about bands I actually listen to

2 Playboy

This could have been banned by the US government and prohibited on government grounds. Students are not allowed to look at nude women due to this becoming a banned book by the American Library Association. It was confiscated by the students teachers and burned in bonfires.

Hugh Hefner has the best nude magazines ever and it's even better than Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Specials! I would like to get my hands on these sexy playmates' boobs and vaginas!

This one should be higher, unless there are only women on this site besides me.

3 WWE Magazine

I have the Most wwe Magazines in Winnipeg's middle years

I have a lot of them.

oh yeah baby this one page helps you if girls love or leave it got me a girlfriend it could help you

Alright finally in the top ten man I have about 50 magizines of wwe this one girl in my class (SHania) she almost had more Magizines than me but I GOT MORE than her


Why did MAD get cancelled? It's way better than Cracked, it's a fact! MAD has been around since the 50s and I love it! It was such a long running magazine!

The best modern magazine

Great magazine

5 Guitar World

Yeah, fantastic magazine, but the music is becoming too modern...But great anyway!

All Guitarists in earth read it.That's All.

6 People

Everything else on the top ten here I don't even read, I mean I don't read this one either, but it seems the most decent... Why not tiger beat or popstar?

Women need to find out about their drama

7 Game Informer

Being a nerd isn't a bad thing! Everybody love some good video games and you have to have somewhere to find out about the new ones... when they're coming out... what they're rated... And if they're just worth playing!

Used to be good until they went digital!

8 National Geographic

Yea , of course.., one of the most interesting and informative magazines

Educational books that is, National Geographic

9 Official Nintendo Magazine
10 Vogue
The Contenders
11 Cosmopolitan

A girls bible

12 The Atlantic
13 Vanity Fair
14 Men's Health
15 Sports Illustrated

There's different kinds of nerds too. Sports nerds! You gotta find out what Lebron did this time...

Great coverage, photos, writing. The swimsuit issue too

This magazine is cool and all,but I hate the swimsuit one.

I have the 1994 Sports Illustrated Multimedia Sports Almanac for Macintosh on CD-ROM. Great coverage, photos, writing. All on one multimedia CD-ROM.

16 Time

The best magazine ever. My Macintosh Performa 6116CD desktop computer had the 1995 Time Magazine Multimedia Encyclopedia included as a learning tool on CD-ROM, manufactured by The Learning Company.

Because this magazine makes understanding the world a whole lot easier and the other magazines just don't match.

I have many magazines of Time, others seriously are hard to compare with this amazing one

I love this magazine. My favorite magazine.

17 Zoo Magazine
18 Forbes
19 Entertainment Weekly

I read it at my orthodontist sometimes and its features aren't as good as some magazines but still there's just something about it you want to read it

20 Top Gear Magazine
21 WWE Kids
22 Smart Money
23 GQ
24 In Touch
25 Penthouse
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