Top 10 Best Magazines in the World

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1 Rolling Stone

The Best magazine to have if you're into finding out about some good music, movies, and even books. All the top rated music review and movie reviews etc.!


It sucks that they got rid of it because it was awesome. I remember reading my first MAD Magazine when I was only 8 years old and I loved it ever since that day.

Why did MAD get cancelled? It's way better than Cracked, it's a fact! MAD has been around since the 50s and I love it! It was such a long running magazine!

3 Playboy

This one should be higher, unless there are only women on this site besides me.

4 People

Everything else on the top ten here I don't even read, I mean I don't read this one either, but it seems the most decent... Why not tiger beat or popstar?

5 WWE Magazine
6 Time

Because this magazine makes understanding the world a whole lot easier and the other magazines just don't match.

The best magazine ever. My Macintosh Performa 6116CD desktop computer had the 1995 Time Magazine Multimedia Encyclopedia included as a learning tool on CD-ROM, manufactured by The Learning Company.

I love this magazine. My favorite magazine.

I have many magazines of Time, others seriously are hard to compare with this amazing one

7 Guitar World

Yeah, fantastic magazine, but the music is becoming too modern...But great anyway!

8 National Geographic

Yea , of course.., one of the most interesting and informative magazines

9 Entertainment Weekly
10 Game Informer

Being a nerd isn't a bad thing! Everybody love some good video games and you have to have somewhere to find out about the new ones... when they're coming out... what they're rated... And if they're just worth playing!

Used to be good until they went digital!

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11 Vogue
12 Official Nintendo Magazine

Is this no longer just called "Nintendo Power"?

13 Cosmopolitan

A girls bible

14 In Touch
15 Vanity Fair
16 The Atlantic
17 Men's Health
18 Sports Illustrated

There's different kinds of nerds too. Sports nerds! You gotta find out what Lebron did this time...

19 US
20 Forbes
21 Hustler
22 Zoo Magazine
23 Smart Money
24 GQ
25 Penthouse
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