Top Ten Worst Smells

If it&rsqui;s a smell that makes your stomach turn, it needs to be on this list!

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1 Eviscerated Decomposing Body

Last time I smelled a dead burnt body was at my redneck bbq aa few years back. I ain't never ever gon try that again

I swear a pong was in my bedroom so bad I called the environmental safety department to inspect my ventilation and found 2 dead squirrels the mother who apparently died after giving birth and the baby squirrel suffocated.

Try not to gag while reading this one.
Sulfur doesn't smell so bad once you travel through Georgia a few times. I can even keep my window down. - fireinside96

Smells mint

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2 Vomit

eew, just the smell alone makes me want to throw up myself. - pinkified

I hate vomit, barf, throw up, spewing, and blowing chunks. I will scream and start crying if I am 6 feet or closer to someone who feels sick or throws up. and I feel sick the whole day after that. D: D':

Talk about the worst smells ever... Just the smell of it makes me gag. - heather

Eww! Every time I vomit and it's a lot, it gets all over me. How disgusting is that? Very disgusting. - PhilTheCorgi

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3 Raw Sewage

I hate vomit, barf, throw up, spewing, and blowing chunks. I will scream if I am 6 feet or closer to
Someone who feels sick or throws up. And I feel sick the whole day after that.
: )


I hate the smell of sewage. And I agree with you.

Guys, feel pity for the people who go into manholes to maintain the sewage system. - Animefan12

Just the thought makes me nauseas...

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4 Skunk

I love the smell of skunk! It's a wonderful smell!

I am sitting in my house right now and there must be a skunk underneath my porch or something because the whole ground floor smells like skunk. I am really hoping one wasn't killed on the road beside me because that'll keep the smell around for a while. Man oh man is it bad - BKAllmighty

Skunks got one HORRID smell. Laugh out loud

Skunks smell good! Skunkies, sweeties, don't get offended!

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5 Rotten Eggs

A TRULY ROTTEN EGG... not just one a little yucky or past its time, but the kind that EXPLODE a grey muck of death is the WORST smell EVER! Beyond anything I have ever encountered in my whole life! No skunk, puke, poop, or even rotten animal can compare. THE WORST! I pray I never have to smell this ever again!

Hm, this smells strangely like my dog's fart... But not as bad. - heather

My bro vomited because of the smell And that didn't smell any thing like it por! Mmm...

Call me crazy but I love the smell of rotten eggs! It smells so good it is my favorite smell ever!

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6 Girls

I have a rather sharp and often unbearable sense of smell (no kidding, I know how dogs feel), and I have met many high school women who really have a terrible body odor. It's because they did not eat well, maybe, but the smell of these girls is unbearable. Men also smell bad sometimes, but I have worse experiences with women (although there are some girls that smell of soap and others smell like grapes, and even acrid, but those few girls have hygiene). An experience was when at a party, a female teen friend took me to dance with me, she took off her heels and the smell was horrible that even my nose and forehead hurt. God, she even left her smell of bare feet impregnated on the floor! I'm not an inhabitant of the United States, I'm from Latin America, so I do not know how women smell there, but it's a nightmare that I suffer because of my sense of smell. Does anyone else have it?

Offensive! Believe me, I'm no girly girl (I love metal and Call of Duty), but I am surely offended that you say we smell horrible. I may wear perfume (one small spray_) but does that mean I smell?
But I agree at the same time. Some perfume isn't good, or they wear too much.

Though I'm a girl, I'm not one of those perfume girls who do nothing but stare at themselves and bully others. They smell terrible! It's just... Oh god.. It smells like concentrated bathroom cleaner and laundry soap. There's even one time when this girl was spraying some stuff around in class, and it smelled exactly like human feces. No joke. :(


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7 Body Odor

Oh Boy man does it stink. I got a Brother at home that never showers, and all day he forces me to sniff his armpits.

There was a hobo that lived in my apartment complex, and then one day I got stuck in the elevator with him. GOD, kill me! He smelled so bad, I just wanted to DIE! - shosho

What is this not in the list? Armpit smell is the WORST smell ever! - bitchtookmypillow

Definitely my vote my brother almost never showers and forces me to smell his armpits

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8 Human Poop

Disgusting, it's the food you ate after 6 or 7 hours!

Everyone poops. It is good for your body

Every time I go to my own poop, my eyes waters a lot...

i cry lol

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9 Cigarette Smoke

Last I heard, about 50, 000 people die annually just from secondhand smoke. Most smells (I think) won't actually kill you, but this one can and will. Also, it may cause or aggravate other medical conditions like asthma. Avoid it at all costs!

They smell horrible are bad for your health and just stink up everything there near the smell is just miserable to smell I rather smell almost anything then that nasty smoke and in my opinion its embarrising for somebody to smell like it I really don't see why somebody when even touch one if those rotten things

It stinks up every thing it touches, your breath, your hair, your house, your car, your clothes.

I hate this smell so much. Not only do I hate the smell, but cigarettes are one of the worst inventions ever in my opinion.

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10 Dog Poo

Ooh just the thought if this makes me shiver in a really bad way. Haha dog poo that's still warm and soft oh good god that is one of the worst things you'll ever smell. The smell spreads so far too there's no avoiding it, even from a distance!

If you have ever stepped in a big, steaming pile of dog poo, you know what I'm talking about. - heather



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11 Dog Fart

just pray to god your dog dosnt fart on a Eviscerated Decomposing Body thats a sign of the appocalipse - djperth

If any of you have a dog that farts, you can relate with this. If a dog fart has woken you up in the middle of the night, you know it's bad. - heather

I've often wondered what they put in dog food that makes dog farts smell so horrible. - argon8

It's like the tardis, only horrifying. I never could quite understand how a dog can be so small and still manage to clear a room with a single fart.

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12 Dumpster

I feel for the cartoon characters! Most of them are shoved into the dumpster! - Animefan12

What is it about sticky dusty dumpsters that smells sickly sweet and almost fruity? I think most people don’t really recognize the true smell of dumpster, or else it would be much higher on the list. Certainly higher than skink.

My brother was taking the trash out and we couldn't reach so we climed on tom of it and my brother PUSHED ME INTO IT WORST SMELL EVER and he opened the garbage bag and poured it on me my baby brothers diaper fell on me and a used tissue fell in my mouthπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

13 Egg Farts

:( These diffuse faster than the speed of light and there's no getting away from that stench! I can't even eat eggs now because they just smell and remind me of the disgusting people who's farts smell like these!

These actually taste of Egg. ROTTEN EGG!

What do you mean taste? Why are you tasting your dogs farts?

Sulphuric farts are the worst! I get the whole "taste" thing - like its impossible to avoid them: if you hold your nose, they taste like grilled omelette on your tongue! YUCK YUCK AND MORE YUCK!

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14 Fart

In yo face! HAHA
Farts in yo face are so funny and hysterical, but it smells SO bad!

Me and my friends have the best fart crew we're girls ps mine are silent but stink so good for school I sit in front of my enemy for history and we farted on my older sister my on friend farted in a cup and put it on her nose my other friend ripped one in her face and when she was asleep my stinky air was used as a blow dryer bare but then all three of us Dutch opened her

Most people say they don't fart... But truthfully they do (everyone does it's a way to pass the bad gas in your stomach) and when they do it its in their own home but ten times worse the others.

Yeah, I agree that farts smell terrible, but the smell depends on what you ate. One time, somebody keeps farting in math class, and it smells like butts. I almost threw up, because it's the worst fart smell ever. - PhilTheCorgi

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15 Garbage

I would rather sleep with a skunk then take out the garbage

That needs to go to the dump or else the house would Stink!

Ewww I hate garbage super stinks! In los angeles - SpencerJC

YUCK I hate the
smell of garbage

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16 Cat Poo

I have a really big Ragdoll cat, and his glistening sweaty turds are as large as my labradors, only they stink 100x worse. The beast is so large that he doesn't fit into the litter tray, so he always scraps at the wooden floor instead of covering up his wretch inducing filth.

Cat poo WREAKS!

My cat just had a poo in the cat-litter which is downstairs. I was still asleep upstairs, with the door shut, but it woke me up, feeling really sick. What are they putting into cat-food, all brands. Nothing worse than cat poo.

You can never walk in the house and not smell this awful stink from this cat.

Sick sick sick

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17 Fat Man Poo

WHOA. Smells worse then a dead soggy panda in a sulfur pond with old people (who are especially stinky) in it.

Its gross its like colorful diarrhea mixed with vomit and everything else on this list its smells like my little sister or my older bro clone

I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel (i think) and a fat man sat on me (i was slumped down and it was the comphiest seat in the lobby) and his pants were falling down and he was wearing a diaper and he POOPED and it smelled horrible then they called his room number and I was stuck to him (it was empty and the employee was on break) so he went in his room and people had to share rooms at that hotel apperently and he made me pay for a new diaper apperently their expensive and my brother was rooming with me and when the fat guy came to the room from jogging he was sweaty and my brother shoved me in his armpits MY BROTHER IS THE WORST

Have you heard of the korean kids song about a fat man with 7 kids. I think the 7 kids smell fat man poo every day.

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18 Unwashed Socks

I have the dirtiest socks ever. My mom can't stand the smell. - AbduZine

Yes stinky feet are the worst

Oh yes they stink very bad

These kids at my school run 13 or 17 laps around the feild after school and make me smell their stinky sweaty armpits

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19 Dirty Diapers

I can't go near my little brother when he's done a poop they stink so badly especially when its diarhea

When a Dirty Diaper is left there it starts to rot and become very iky

Eww! Yuck! Who will change it?

Once for a science fair, I watered beans with milk to see how well they grow, but after a month, they smelled EXACTLY like dirty diapers so my mom had to check my little brother! πŸ’©
Water is best for growing beans

20 Garlic Breath in an Over Populated Bus

Yeah I was in a bus one time and this girl had the WORST garlic breath. Actually, it was a mixture of girls AND garlic breath. My eyes were tearing up and everything. I'm glad THAT moment was over. The worst part was that she never stopped talking to me and my friends. After that bus ride, I made sure to carry mints with me EVERYWHERE! :')

I was riding the bus and I was at the window seat and a SWEATY FAT GUY SAT NEXT TO ME he grabbed the rail above our seats it was so tight and at a turn I FELL INTO HIS SWEATY ARMPIT and he took his arm down from the rail and I was in his armpit and he was mout breathing and it smelled horrible and he wouldn't let me go he was a douchebag

Yes. That is SO HORRID. But, it wasn't on a bus for me. It was in an elevator and then, somebody HAD TO TOP IT OFF with a huge fart. HUGE FAT GROSS FART. I mean, ewww!


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21 A Corpse

Smells worse than vomit

22 Rotting Fish

Even a tiny piece of fish leaves a big impression. The stench intensifies as it gets more spoiled.

One shrimp can knock out a whole room

23 Morning Breath

My mom has REALLY bad morning breath. It always makes me gag! This morning I had to wash my face with soap because the breath was that bad. I usually offer her a piece of gum

I hate morning breath. It's disgusting, and it's annoying. Everybody has that though. - PhilTheCorgi

Mines are bad, but so are my brother's. - Pony

My brothers morning breath smells TERRIBLE its almost as bad as his underarm B.O and we share a room and he always breathes in my face and I cannot bet away

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24 Blood

I like the smell of blood it reminds me of cloudy days and makes me hungry

We dissected a pig in biology, it wouldn't have caused half as much of gagging as it did if the blood stench wasn't so strong

It has a really rancid metallic smell. Whenever you swallow it,(such as when you bite your tongue), you can taste the smell and it is utterly disgusting...

Don't smell that. It will make you throw up. Plus, it has a metallic smell. - PhilTheCorgi

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25 Cat Pee

One smell you can NEVER EVER GET RID OF! I call it (DEVILS PISS! ) laugh out loud

Worst smell on this earth.

Do u ever just walk outside after it rains on a hit day and smell the cat pee! I do all the time I don't know if it's just me but both me and my older sister Hadley do all the time!

Oh jeez. This is still in my grandmas house. She has no cats now
. Smell lasts forever

26 Animal Feces

Dead bodies, badly digested then shat out. Hyena poo makes you want to drown yourself in a lake of bleach, if you survive nearly retching and gagging yourself inside out.

2 words, cow fertilizer. Cow fertilizer.

I go to high school and they put fertilizer in the field and you have to watch your step or else you will end up with a bad week

27 Petrol

I like the smell of fresh petrol! - Spicygarlic

28 Burnt Hair

I straighten my hair but it smells fine but when my sister does she burns her hair so bad and I don't even get why she straitens hers because it is naturally that way! and mines a tiny bit on the wavy side.

I have 4 sisters and smell it every day

29 Onion Farts

My onions fart all the time

I don't think onions fart...

Silent farts that have an onion smell. I'm dead.

How the crab does onion farts?

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30 Leather

No leather can't be on this list think about how good it smells

I love the smell of learhee

31 Stagnant Water

Leaving water to stagnate for several months creates a smell powerful enough to make you puke.

32 Dirty Socks

Absolutely... Oh my god it can make you die.

33 Weed

You know the quote: "The stench of pot and body odor was beginning to reach McConnaughey-vian proportions" from American Dad? One time I was in a second hand game store, and it seemed like every customer could have been described using that sentence. Weirdly, I was the only female there. Also the only reason I can't stand the smell is because it was constantly wafting through the paper thin walls of my cheap house from my neighbour's grandson's bedroom all the time.

The worse the smell the better the weed... The bud that smells like a skunk is awesome lol. But it does reek!

This deserves the number one spot. I throw up whenever time I smell this

Who ever votes on this has trash ass weed

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34 Dead Animal

Smells good

! My dad hunts a lot and Eww!

Ugh oof ooof eww uugggle ogggle goo. My apologies for vomiting from the smell.

Yea I have been there I have seen dead animal skunks dead on the road it stinks 😝

35 Wet Dog

There are many disgusting smells that don't bother me as much as they should because I'm a mom who's raised three kids... Vomit, rancid farts, regular poop, diarrhea, etc. The #1 WORST smell ever for me is wet dog. Sometims even just a dirty dog needing a bath is enough to make me puke. Either of those smells just ruin it for me & I'm nauseated & unable to eat for days!

I love my dog to bits.. Siberian husky! But when he has been on a 2 hr hack with my horse through puddles and bog there is no worse smell! The drive home is challenging!

I absolutely hate the wet dog smell it is one of the smells that will gag me.

I hate the smell of dog sweat and wet dog *barfs*

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36 Raw Meat

I only find this gross if it's in the poultry section of a grocery store otherwise I don't really care

37 Metal

Metal was made in 1920's Today metal smells so bad from long ago - SpencerJC

Metal smell makes me wanna throw up. I hate it so very much. - PhilTheCorgi

It's just weird

38 Rotten Milk

I just spent an hour trying to rid an entire clump of moldy milk from the kitchen sink with my friend. It was the worst experience of my life and I'm pretty sure it gave me every form of Depression. I tried everything from the vanilla extract trick to placing twelve candles in the room I found it in, to the kitchen in which is was dumped. Nothing worked. I finally had the courage to push it down the kitchen sink drain. I can confirm it was the most scarring and horrific experience of my life.

Rotten really badly gone. I thought I was doing a good deed by trying to find a container for a coworkers flowers (she left them behind at work)...the tallest most sturdy container was a coffee thermos. Turns out it had ancient coffee with milk/cream in it - holy god, it was putrid! Bad smells don't usually make me want to barf, but this a gag reflex-er for sure.

I put chocolate milk in a locker for two months and it smelt like death. I almost died having to drink that for a dare!

They are so stinky that I have

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39 Boys

I am a boy and I don't smell bad girls you are just jealous that you are way more smellier than boys

Boys smell like eggs

Boys stink more than girls


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40 Sulfur

Why is this number 32... this should be like -2. Sulfur smells disgusting, and I literally throw up when I smell it.

One of the worst smells imaginable. - Pony

This is horrible!

Huh, Sulfur's atomic mass is 32 u - AlfaRomeoFan

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41 Vinegar

Oh god, vinegar is definitely the worst smell there is, I once puked all over the floor when I smelled it

Vinegar is the worst smell in the entire world and poop smells good

I like the smell (sorry. )

It's so stink that it smells like skunk spray.

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42 Gasoline

(Please don't laugh at me or anything) To be truthful like the smell of gasoline...

I kinda like the scent of gasoline..

Sorry I meant to put an I before like (typo) laugh out loud

I agree with this person, it actually smells strong and nice. somebody told me that if you likeit, that you have cancer is that true?

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43 Natural Gas

Oh yea it stinks a girl smoked and the smell went in my house it stinked 😝

44 Cold Clothing

I don't get this one at all!

what? o.o

45 Dishwasher Detergent

I think the dishwasher detergent smells good!

46 A Cow's Penis

Why would you wanna smell that, and how do you know what that smells like? I honestly do not sniff cow weiners, because it's weird. - PhilTheCorgi

Stinks well bad it actually makes my nostril hairs burn

I love a large cows penis up my anus, it smells amazing.

Ewww, is that where milk comes from? I thought it was called an udder

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47 Baby Fart

It usually smells like butts to me. Yuck. - PhilTheCorgi

48 Plaque
49 Smelly Feet

My brothers friends always come over and shove their feet in my face

My brother locked me in his bedroom and made me smell his feet.

I also love cheesy feet

I love smelly feet

50 Dead Worms

Was going to go fishing with my Dad when I was eight. he told me to collect worms that evening as it was raining and the pickings would be good. As it turns out, we never went fishing for some unknown reason and we equally forgot about the 6 or eight dozens of worms I left in a metal bucket behind the house. One day, my father called me over to smell the rotten mess of decomposing worms... I had such a strong Gag reflex, I thought I was going to choke to death then and there! Both my father and I would twitch just thinking about the smell later on. Bet news, a bit of sand coverage made the bucket manageable... which my Dad through in a far away ditch hopefully! Nothing wreaks as bad as dead rotting worms man!

Same thing happened to me

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