Chris Rene


Chris Rene definitely made Season 1 of X Factor USA! With his original unique style of music and charisma, he is refreshing and inspiring. He deserves to be right in the top ten as there's no one like him in the music scene. He's entertaining to watch as he can sing, rap and has swag dance moves on the stage that totally captivates. He's one artist that indubitably deserves far more recognition than he gets. More than anyone else on the X Factor, I'd love to see and hear more of him and his music in the future!

He is so down to earth with a real story that others can relate with! He's a beautiful person with so much talent and an inspiration to many. He's also an incredible artist with a sexy voice. Did I mention how gorgeous he is too?! And he's humble and a family man. Chris has an incredible fan base of all ages from all over because he is so real that people REALLY love him. I could go on & on, but just check him out & you'll know yourself! You should vote for him. He deserves to be #1! That's why LA signed him a record deal regardless! Love life! Love Chris Rene!

Chris Rene is the most inspiring person I have ever known, actually he is the exact definition of inspiration. His music, his story, his positivity and all the experiences that he had all been through made him the person that would definitely inspire people to change, to believe and to love their lives. I've been a fan, his RENElian since day one even I live so far away yet it didn't stop me to keep on showing my love and support for him. There's more to him than meets the eyes! I believe one day Chris and I will meet! I love love love Chris so much like no one could ever understand. LoveLife!

Chris Rene's music is special. He makes music from his soul. He is a talented singer, songwriter and his music is beautiful. He inspires so many people every day! I have travelled from UK three times to Santa Cruz, just to see him perform. Chris Rene deserves to be the number one contestant of all times.

Chris Rene is amazing. He is one of the most talented musicians around. He is not only an amazing singer but a songwriter as well. Chris has remained humble during his crawl to fame always keeping in touch with his fans. Chris has also amassed a fan group which became a family following his example of loving life. Chris should be number one not only for his talent but for the man he is.

Chris Rene on the American version of XFactor is the only contestant who has ever had the XFactor! He walked on that stage as a humble yet confident man. He was funny, polite, focused, attentive, courageous to perform his own song in the audition and other songs or blends of required genre song and his own songs throughout the competition. He should have won. But we haven't heard the last of him. Long after the other competitors have faded into the background, Chris Rene's Star will continue to shine and brighten our lives with his positive, heartfelt music.

Chris Rene is by far the best they've had on x Factor. #1 fan of all time here. His music is heart felt. Every word that comes out of his mouth is healing for me or one of his fans. He's helped so many people start a new life without drugs and for me there will never be another contestant that can compare to him or his music. Chris Rene is #1 regardless of where he ranks on this chart, he deserved it then and he still deserves it now! #Renelianloveforever Brenda, from Dallas

Still to this day, I love Chris Rene's music. We listen to his album I'm Right Here every day. Met him in person multiple times and am very impressed how he seems to genuinely appreciate seeing his fans. This man deserves to go far in his career. I am hoping 2014 is his year

Chris Rene is an amazing talented artist who is known for "ringing". A mixture of singing and rap. He performed on the first season performing an original song of his own. Find him on YouTube and follow his amazing journey! You will be blown away and find not only is he a great musician, he is very inspirational and caring. If your not following Chris Rene, your missing out! GM

Chris is awesome. I feel he has been the most inspirational to all types of people. He gives people hope. And I feel like he is "real" to all his fans. He has no problem saying what's up or taking a quick picture! He's great in my eyes

Chris Rene might not have the greatest voice but he is an amazing songwriter and inspiration to everyone after his life story about his life with his addiction to drugs. He was probaly the most entertaining guy to watch on X factor and he had the most peronality. The X factor is not about great vocals it is about finding a star and Chris Rene was the greatest star in X factor ever. Watch his audition and other x factor songs he did to see if you agree with me!

Chris Rene is a special contestant... His story is one unlike others... His music is beautiful and his heart shows through... Chris Rene is most definitely my favorite X-factor contestant hands down!

The one and only Chris Rene is the inspiration for so many people around the world! There is always a choice and there is always a chance! Love Life and Believe!

Two years ago, I came across what would be my favorite artist of all time watching XF. There is no one else like him in the world. He lives and breathes music and his spirit is exuded through his lyrics and his performances like no other. I'm so thankful that he came across my path in life, I feel blessed just to know of him!

Chris Rene Is The Best Artist I've Known. He Is Very Kind! Communicates Well With His Admirers. Chris Doesn't Have The Best Voice But His Charm That Hits People Is His Weapon. Chris Change Many Lives, Because Of His Story Background. He's Remarkable Contestant. LOVELIFE!

Chris Rene is simply amazing, turned his whole life around is truly an inspiration.

He's the best because he is a humble sweet guy with true talent and an amazing heart

Chris is amazing. His story, his singing, his songwriting. Not to mention his audition has the most views on Youtube then any good audition (not including ones that got view because they were really bad like Ablisa)

When I watched Chris Rene's audition, I didn't see just one more guy trying to be famous, I saw a genuine human being who had a truly inspiring life expirience to share with the world. Listening his songs and watching performing I can feel his love and passion for music. As a RENELIAN I know about many people that change their lives because of him. That's why I think Chris Rene is the best.

Hands down the best contestant X factor ever had

Chris is the most genuine and inspiring contestant in the history of xfactor. His voice is amazing. He makes music and wrote his own lyrics. And of course Chris has the most inspiring story to tell!

He's my idol and hero, the greatest x factor contestant that there's ever been.. He's unique and original.. He didn't come on singing someone else's song he sang his own.. Young Homiee.

Chris Rene! Just awesome music right there!

Just love this guy, and his music