Most Successful Users of TheTopTens

One of the Greatest Users of TheTopTens. Gathering all their Successful and Achievments to one List. I only put 8 users (Not including myself). Because I only think they DESERVED and EARNED to be on this list. If you feel that someone DESERVES to be on this list. Add the user and explain WHY.
The Top Ten
1 Alexandr

I remember when I first saw him. He was #1. Then at one time he was at #4 at making the most lists (he was away). Then he returned and took what was his!. Beating MatrixGuy, anthonybecerra831, and booklover1. And has topped all Lists on Statistics. Being #1 on all the lists on Statistics (except Most befriended). And the ONLY TheTopTens user to have 2,000 lists and over 200,000 votes on their lists, and the 5th Most befriended user on this website, Alexandr you truely are the #1 Most successful user of TheTopTens

The most underrated user of TheTopTens. He has made high-quality lists, and put great thought into them. He was successful in being the user with the highest member score, and deserves to be remembered on this site.

2 MatrixGuy

He was once the #1 On Members with the most Top Ten lists list. He is top #3 on EVERYONE Statistics list. He has NEARLY 175,000 votes on all of his lists combined. He was once the #1 Member with the most comments. He is the 4th befriended User of TheTopTens (beating Alexandr) He is truely one of the best TheTopTens Users of all time.

3 htoutlaws2012

Ht has such an enormous member score, most comments, remixes, followers, lists, etc., there's no way you don't vote for him on a list like this

Why isn't he even in the top 5? He's the remix king!

Extremely famous on TTT. Almost 1k followers after so much work!

4 Britgirl

If success is measured by the number of friends you've made, Britgirl is the most successful. It doesn't hurt that she's done a ton for this site also.

Hardly. But thanks anyway. Nice.

5 Booklover1

He was once the #1 On Members with the most Top Ten lists list. I believe he is the Youngest member to be at #1 on that list at age 11! He is the 8th most befriended Member User of TheTopTens. I was a bestfriend of his BEFORE he was #1 and succfessful. Booklover1 you are amazing!. Your a good friend and keep it up bro!

6 Magnolia

Magnolia is one of the fastest list makers of TheTopTens ever. This user is 3rd user with the most lists on Statistics. And came 2nd on Members with the most personal lists

7 admin

He posts our lists. He's a user. He probably knows all our usernames and passwords, and made our accounts. Can you follow him?

Without admin, none of us would be this big awesome community that we are today. Thanks admin for all that you've done!

8 PositronWildhawk

Thanks for adding me; you're awesome, whoever you are.

9 heather

She made the list "Top Ten Best Surveys / Quizzes on MySpace" was once the Best List on TheTopTens for a few years. She made other successful lists such as "Best Insults" "Best Movies of all time" etc. She is the Wife of Admin and a very beautiful young women. Admin you lucky guy.

10 anthonybecerra831

Anthonybecerra831 was the first person to outbeat Alexandr at making lists at one time. Anthonybecerra831 was so kind he gave me 3 list ideas about Proffesional wrestling (Thank you dude). He is the 8th member with the most comments combined from his lists, and the 6th most befriended user of TheTopTens. Success.

The guy that has most votes on his lists.

The Contenders
11 BKAllmighty
12 subhashsahu
13 thatnormalguy

He made several lists with thousands of votes.

14 hannahnicole8
15 SmoothCriminal

Did SmoothCriminal add himself? That would be funny.

16 TopTenJackson
17 nintendofan126
18 Sloth21

Sloth21 is amazing

19 Ajkloth
20 Metal_Treasure
21 Alpha101

Come on guys. I am #6 at most comments and I've made some good lists.

22 lukestheman4
23 Curti2594
24 Xandermartin98
25 A7x,antar
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