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This is a list where you can add yourself because I've missed some fans for sure but it's not intentional.
Comments on the band, their songs and albums, and so on, are welcome.
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1 Metal_Treasure

My favourite albums: At The Edge Of Time (2010), Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998), Somewhere Far Beyond (1992), Beyond The Red Mirror (2015).

My favourite songs: Wheel of Time, Thorn, Majesty, The Bard's Song (In the Forest), Sacred Worlds, Time What Is Time, Banish From Sanctuary, Into the Storm, The Ninth Wave, The Throne, Bright Eyes, Nightfall, Valhalla, Lord of the Rings (live Tokyo Tales), A Past and Future Secret, Tanelorn (Into the Void), Sacred Mind, The Curse of Feanor, Theatre of Pain, Mordred's Song, Fly, Time Stands Still (At the Iron Hill), Age of False Innocence, Harvest of Sorrow,... and many more.

It's me, shamelessly putting myself at #1 but I have an excuse - I made over 20 lists about Blind Guardian and Hansi Kürsch, plus one related list on Demons & Wizards, where Hansi is a lead singer, too.

2 IronSabbathPriest

Thanks. I do like them. Hansi is fantastic.

My favourite song: Sacred Worlds
My favourite album: Imaginations from the Other Side.

He posted many positive comments on different lists, in different contexts.

3 christangrant
4 Element119
5 Aragorn98
6 PhoenixAura81

I added myself to this list because Blind Guardian is super epic (And Then There Was Silence is the only thing I need to prove it) and Hansi Kürsch is one of my favorite singers ever (my ultimate favorite is James Hetfield).

7 Caleb9000

He put Blind Guardian's 2015 album at #1 on his list 'Best Metal Albums Of 2015'.

8 somekindofaguy
9 truemetal

Author of the list 'Best Blind Guardian Albums'.

10 cjWriter1997
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11 SYLFan1234

It's true! I'm a diehard Tolkien fan and I owe it to Blind Guardian for turning The Silmarillion into a metal album.

12 maiden8
13 BlindGuardianValhalla

This user name says it all. Very convincing.

14 BeeBlue

BeeBlue has a lot of positive comments on the list 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

15 ryanrimmel

@ryanrimmel - thanks for this clarification. Now I know I didn't make a mistake :)

Basically I was right - I felt you were a fan to some extent and it was the reason to put you on the list. But I also knew Blind Guardian weren't among your most favorite bands.

Blind Guardian are not a typical power metal band - their songs are heavier and more progressive. One of the reasons I like them. The other reason - the most consistent metal band I know (they've been evolving and getting better and better over time).

Maybe he isn't a huge fan (excuse me if I'm wrong) but he appreciates them. He took the time to make 2 remixes on 2 relevant lists - 'Best Blind Guardian Songs' and 'Best Blind Guardian Albums', proving he is interested in them and knows their stuff.

I am a fan of blind guardian! Not my favorite power metal band though

16 Messej

Available remix on the list 'Best Blind Guardian Albums'.

17 SventheCrusader

Made a remix on the list 'Best Blind Guardian Albums'.

18 htoutlaws2012
19 Rambles
20 Merilille

She is really a massive fan. Her comments prove it.

21 zxm
22 LightningBlade
23 DejanKalinic

He is really a big fan. He often votes for and comments on Blind Guardian.

24 kempokid

I definitely do find Blind Guardian to be quite the worthy band, definitely my favourite power metal band other than possibly Symphony X. I really love their middle period between their early speed metal albums and their full blown power metal ones that appear later, Somewhere Far Beyond being my go to album whenever I want to listen to something completely epic, especially Time What is Time.

I added this great fella here from down under, because he is one of the very few courteous and passionate personality on this site. He's loves Blind Guardian very much with Somewhere Far Beyond and Imaginations from the Other Side being his favourite albums.

Although, I've retired prematurely from this site, but this will be my last message to show some appreciation for him being such an interesting companion to chat and discuss things with. He deserves a lot of attention and whoever gives one will certainly find a good friend in him.

Kempokid will be missed. Always keep smiling fella.


25 djh101

Made a remix on the list 'Best Blind Guardian Songs'.

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