Top 10 Disneyland Shows

Disneyland is my absolute favorite theme park and something that keeps bringing me back is the amount of shows that they have. Not all of the shows on this list are still open but they are still awesome.
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1 Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular

Aladdin was definitely a great stage production that had good acting, great humor, and amazing special effects. Unfortunately, Disney made the dumb decision to end the show and replace it with Frozen. Why does it always have to be Frozen? Disney needs to just "let it go."

Luckily, I was there at the last performance of Aladdin, and it was a very emotional experience. I miss this show. I especially miss the Genie because of the way he would throw in pop cultural references reflecting on recent events. Such a great show with a great cast and crew.

2 Fantasmic!

This show is amazing! It has great music, great effects, a 50ft fire-breathing dragon, and the choreography is excellent! It's currently closed while they are constructing Star Wars Land, but I can't wait for it to come back next year.

3 Paint the Night

Disney World can keep the Main Street Electrical Parade. Paint the Night is definitely the best parade in existence as it is the first parade to completely use LED lights. It originated in Hong Kong to see how they would react to it before bringing it to California. I can confirm that Frozen is not in this parade. Well, not in the Hong Kong version, but it is in the Anaheim version. Why Disney? Why?

Even though Hong Kong's version includes show stops, Disneyland decided not to do that, thankfully. It would make the parade too long. So yeah, this parade is very awesome.

4 Disneyland Forever

This epic fireworks show honors Disneyland's 60th anniversary. I don't know why it's called Disneyland Forever since it has virtually nothing to do with the theme park. That's what Remember... should've been called. This show includes moments from Mary Poppins, Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, The Lion King, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, and Frozen. Really Disney? Does Frozen have to be in everything?

The main song is called Live the Magic, and the song after the fireworks is called Kiss Goodnight, sung by Ashley Brown. I got to see Ashley perform the song live at the D23 Expo while Richard Sherman (the songwriter, not the football player) was playing the piano.

5 Mad T Party Band

As part of the Mad T Party over in California Adventure, a band performs four sets of songs. These songs are very well known, although I feel like some of these songs shouldn't be sung in a family theme park. The band consists of the March Hare, Dormouse, Cheshire Cat, the Caterpillar, and the White Rabbit DJ. My favorite White Rabbit DJ is Wendy Walker.

The lead singer of the band is Alice, and of course, she can't pull it off without the help of the Mad Hatter. I would also like to point out that the last performance of this band is on March 30th.

6 World of Color

Eat your heart out, Las Vegas. World of Color is the ultimate water show. In this colorful show, we are reminded of how much of an impact Disney movies have had on us. There are three versions of this show, and I was trying to figure out which one to put on this list, but then I decided to include the one that doesn't have an overuse of Frozen songs and doesn't have Neil Patrick Harris. The only good thing to come from Celebrate was the Star Wars scene.

A scene that I really like in the original is the Pirates of the Caribbean scene. Imagine you are watching the show on a cold night, then suddenly, FIRE! It definitely heats up the night.

7 Halloween Screams

Are you ready for Halloween? Exclusive to Mickey's Halloween Party on select nights is the fireworks show Halloween Screams hosted by Jack Skellington. This show is very fast-paced and definitely a must-watch. Many Disney villains show us how they celebrate Halloween using spooky music while trying to scare us to death. I'm surprised they left Scar out of the fun. He's one of the greatest Disney villains.

8 Mickey and the Magical Map

Remember the Snow White show they used to have in Fantasyland? That's okay. No one does. Mickey and the Magical Map is a show that revolves around Mickey trying to paint a black dot because he's racist. The map takes him to different stories, and it even puts him inside the map via stage lift and terrible green screen effect. He later finds out the secret of the map, Yen Sid quotes Walt Disney, then Mickey becomes a map maker.

When has Yen Sid ever been this nice? Also, you know how most of these shows use pre-recorded singing. Well, this show contains live singing. Not all of the singers can sing, but it's still an enjoyable show.

9 Remember... Dreams Come True

This title is a huge lie. I have many dreams that haven't come true. Anyway, the show itself is great and reminds me of all the reasons why I like Disneyland. Out of all fireworks shows Disneyland has had, I think this one uses the most pyrotechnics. This show was originally intended to only be around for the 50th anniversary, but it was so popular that they kept it until the 60th anniversary. It was then replaced by Disneyland Forever, which is what this show should've been called.

10 A Christmas Fantasy Parade

The best way to describe this parade is cute. A Christmas Fantasy Parade shows us how our favorite Disney characters celebrate the holidays. I'm surprised Frozen isn't in it. Oh wait, IT IS! At least it fits well with the theme of this parade. This parade has been going on for a very long time, but I still like it.

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11 Hercules Victory Parade
12 Main Street Electrical Parade
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