Top Ten Reasons to Shut Down SeaWorld

SeaWorld is cruelty, captivity, and abuse. It is stolen freedom from animals, and orca prison. It is lies to the public, and is the equivalent to living in the bathtub.

Don't buy a ticket. Don't attend this. Stand with me, and #emptythetanks (go to to see a protest near you)

Here are the top ten, because there are thousands of reasons against it.
The Top Ten
1 A Tank Can't Replace the Ocean

Orcas are able to dive 1000 feet downward. SeaWorld's tanks are 50 feet deep. Orcas travel approximately 100 miles a day. SeaWorld's tanks are 350 feet wide. To travel as much as they'd be able to in the ocean per day, a whale would have to swim over 1,500 lengths of the tank. Not only is the proximity too small, but there's barely interaction with other whales. In most cases, the whales together in SeaWorld tanks become so irritable that they fight with each other, causing them to become injured�"but SeaWorld employees do nothing about it. Many other factors come into play when discussing the whales' quality of life, but in conclusion, it's unethical and harmful to the animals.

2 Sea World Breaks the Animal Welfare Act

They are making money off these animals. With no care for their well being.

In January, the USDA found vetenary tools in disrepair. This isn't the first time. They were also cited in 2007, 2014 and 2012.

3 Sea World Breeds with No Regard to the Animal's Health

Orcas breed at 15 in the wild. At sea world, they breed at 8 or 9. They also continuously breed, and many of the orcas breeding are closely related. This means the orcas are inbreds, and will struggle with health. So nope, they don't take orcas from the ocean, they inbred them into a prison in eich they will have bad health in.

4 It Isn't Safe for the Public

And then those idiots decide it's the fault of the ANIMALS and kill them! What the heck? THere's this hotel you should give a thumbs up to, the lion cage is so big you can't see all of it, plus the trainers are actually trained and not idiots waitig to get killed

No matter how much you train these creatures, they are wild animals. We don't speak orca, and they are under a lot of pressure performing. There were many incidents where people died.

Blackfish tells it all. Watch it, it's a must-see.

5 In Sea World, They Live Shorter Lives

In the wild, orcas can live up to 60-70 years. Long, happy healthy life in freedom. In sea world, the median is 9 years. Short, depressing, unhealthy life in a prison. Says a lot, right?

The last orca born at Sea World, in San Antonio, has died after birth.
Sea World is seriously evil, they should shut it down.

At the Mirage in Las Vegas, they kept dolphins there since 1990, and quite a few of them have also died.

6 They Separate Calves from Their Mothers

This happens in factory farms literally everywhere. They separate calves and their mothers to get the dairy and then kill the calf. Either by shooting it or beating it to death. And that's basically where all your dairy and meat comes from unless you specifically go to a local farm to get it. I don't like going all "animals rights activist" because its wildly rude to comment on others lifestyles, but this is so inhumane, might want to stop eating them and paying them to continue.

Have you guys seen blackfish? They show a video of it. And this isn't even the only time. Sure, seaworld says blackfish is a lie, but SEAWORLD is saying it. Does sea world sound like a reliable source?

7 Animals are Taken from Their Life and Family

And PETA literally tried to explain all this, but you guys just denied them. Seriously! I respect opinions, but people denying someone and going for the other with the SAME idea is just absurd!

They should not be taken away for somebody to see or abuse got o the wild and look if you love the the sea world you would take care of it.

-In the wild, orcas are very social
-In Seaworld they are put in their tanks by themselves which causes depression

8 They Drug Their Whales

Do healthy animals in the wild need drugs? Nope. Do animals in sea world need them? Yes. They give them phsycoactive drugs. They show troubling behaviours that would need these drugs, but it says a lot they would need these.

I think that seaworld should be shut down for a million reasons, get ou there and fight for there lives

9 They Stole Baby Emperor Penguins

In 2011, they stole baby penguins for their exhibit. Emporer penguins are known for being dedicated caretakers, and this probably broke the poor things heart. This is recent too!

That's awful! They should take them back!

Okay, it's time for a killing spree.

10 It's Cruelty Disguising as "Entertainment "

Yeah, it's basically Cirque du Soleil Aquatic Edition. and they're mean to the animals and suck.

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11 Seaworld Only Gives the Animals Food If They Do the Tricks Right.

How else would they get wild animals to perform.

12 The Collapsed Dorsal Fins

This is actually a sign that the orcas are unhealthy, orcas are supposed to have straight-up dorsal fins. The employees are even told to lie to visitors that it's perfectly normal. Not only that, but the orcas have actually been known to bite on the metal bars in the enclosures, knocking out some of their teeth,

Orcas in the wild rarely have collapsed fins. Only 1%, actually. You see, this is much more common for orcas in captivity to have such fins, because they are unhealthy. Trainors at sea world are not trained marine biologists.

13 The Way It Started

If you haven't already please go to YouTube and watch orcas and dolphins being captured. It will break your heart but you will realise just how evil places like this are.


I frankly don't care how the orcas are bred into a bathtub prison and forced to perform while dealing with health issues. The reality is that it started out much darker. Tilikum was ripped from his family against his will and confined to a concrete tank. When Shamu was captured, her mother was shot with a harpoon right before his eyes! It's like going to a 5-year-old, taking out a gun, and shooting her mother right in front of her. Orcas have feelings, and that orca had to watch his mom die. They continued slaughtering orcas, even putting rocks in their stomachs to make them sink to the ground so their death wouldn't be discovered. Does this sound like caring to you?

14 They Will Stop Orca Shows in 2016
15 The Orcas Burn in the Sun

Its unhealthy and seaworld puts some black paint so no one can see all the sunburns

16 The People that Own It Only Care About Money

Hello?!? Duhhh have you seen the cages. Animals try to kill themselves in order to escape such cruelty. SEAWORLD have been told there is a sanctuary ready to give the poor orcas and dolphins some peace and happiness for the rest of their lives. It's a part of the ocean sectioned off and about 50 times bigger than the cages at the moment. There they would be able to hunt live fish, communicate with any family members, feel the currents of the waves, and actually be able to properly swim and dive like their bodies are built for. Sounds great right? Well not to Seaworld. They're making millions from these darling creatures and regardless of what the say about 'family' they couldn't care less as long as they're making money.
Sorry that was really long but it annoys me so much. I think there is a petition online to rehabilitate captured animals into the sanctuary please fill it out to give the poor animals a chance of happiness. I for one think they deserve it after decades of torture.

17 They Lie to the Public

Everything they say are nothing more than brazen lies!

I know they lie, but what do they lie about?

18 They Kill Almost Every Animal Taken in to Their Services

Sentence the workers who abuse the animals there to death by sharks and release all the animals afterwards.

19 The Rides Suck

Honestly I love sea world. It made me have the dream of wanting to become a marine biologist when I was younger and I have so many childhood memories there by looking at the beautiful animals there that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to see. With a lot ofthe logic you used in this list I believe you don't want zoos either. And are probably vegetarian or vegan. I'm not trying to bring hate I'm just stating my honest opinion as you are.

Really? I really don't like Seaworld and will never give them business again, but I had mighty fun in the Manta ride.

20 They Kill the Blackfish
21 They Try to Make the Animals Seem Bad

One time, an orca killed a person who worked there, and then everybody started going crazy about it. Well guess what? If I was that whale, I would kill people that were abusing me too. Thanks for this list.

22 Their Whales Become Aggressive Because of Captivity

In the wild there isn't a single reported killing of humans from orcas or dolphins however many from captivity. I rest my case

Some employees have actually been killed by the whales!

23 The Whales and Penguins are Treated Unnaturally

And dolphins. Yes or course they are. They're fed anti depressants to attempt to make them not suisidal. Seriously now look up Lolita the orcas tank then orcas in the wild and play a little game of spot the difference. by the way you will be there for years.

24 They Constantly Lie About Animals

They lied that orcas were not captured and about the dorsal fins and black fish

25 They're Bad Caretakers

The trainers have no marine biology educational background they're simply performers.

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