Top Ten Reasons Why The Owl House Twitter Fandom is Toxic

I love The Owl House, it's my favorite Disney show. While the fandom is good, the Twitter section of the fandom, also known as OwlTwt, really stinks, and here's why. Note, just because the fandom is bad, DOES NOT MEAN that the show is bad. You should all watch The Owl House, because it's awesome.

My new name for OwlTwt is Foul Housers or OwlTurds.
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1 They cancel everyone over minor things.

Instead of letting someone apologize and change, they bully them and kick them out of the fandom. Even if someone does something wrong, you should calmly explain why what they did was wrong instead of bullying and sending death threats to them for it. Like Nina, Jake, Duncan, etc. These Foul Housers think that sending death threats to people is ok, but misusing tone tags is pure evil. They start witch hunts literally every day over the most minor nonsense. It's never peaceful there.

Today they cancelled unlabeledwillow because they didn't want to get involved with the "bi lesbian" discourse. That's completely understandable, and not getting involved in discourse does not equal an endorsement. Owltwt is extremely stupid. Athenatheowl_, you're a monster. Go away forever and stop bullying children.

2 They call everything ableist, racist, etc.

About that fake Boscha leak...I'm autistic myself, and I think this is a perfect opportunity to point out the real problem with these keyboard warriors (I absolutely hate using this term, but there's no better word to describe the fandom). They speak over actual minorities and usually take the stance that all minorities are little babies that can't defend themselves or speak for themselves, to the point where in their futile attempts to be anti-ableism, racism, homophobia, etc., they end up becoming ableist, racist, and homophobic. Going by the logic of "making fake leaks is ableist and you should be cancelled for it", then Scott the Woz should have been cancelled because he made a fake leak back around 2013.

3 They force you all to have the same opinions as them

Foul Housers don't like when anyone criticizes the show, even if they have a good reason for why they don't like it. Calling it Satanic or "pushing a gay agenda" is stupid and homophobic, but if someone doesn't like the creepiness or has legit issues with the characters, that's fine. Oh, and sexuality headcanons all have to be the same. If you headcanon Eda as bisexual, consider yourself cancelled, because she can only be a lesbian.

Some fans will harass you for criticizing Luz in any way. I like Luz but she's not a 100% perfect character.

4 They're incredibly biphobic

I saw someone get called homophobic for shipping Luz with a male oc even though Luz is bisexual and would be interested in either sex. They unknowingly became biphobic for calling out supposed homophobia.

The OwlTurds cancelled and sent death threats to a wlw/sapphic artist named orquidiart, because they identify are bi and sapphic. Newsflash Foul Housers, if you're a woman or woman-aligned person who is attracted to other women/women-aligned people, you're sapphic, no matter if you're lesbian, bi, or pan. It's seriously not that deep. And it's ironic, because Luz Noceda is bisexual, yet the OwlTurds are biphobes.

5 They all pretend to have ADHD for attention

Apparently, having ADHD is considered quirky and trendy now, and pretending to have ADHD for attention and clout is ableist to people who actually have it. ADHD isn't quirky or cute, it contributes to low self-esteem, troubled relationships, and difficulty at school or work. I hope you enjoy having all that, disability appropriators.

6 They cancelled the creator, Dana Terrace

Way to bite the hand that feeds you, Foul Housers. Dana created your favorite show and yet you have the audacity to cancel her, claim that she whitewashed her own characters, and dogpile her for supporting Biden. She deleted her Twitter because of this.

7 They only care about the ships and not the plot

Cough cough, Voltron, SVTFOE...I dare you to go up to an OwlTurd and ask them what the plot of Season 1 was. They'll probably just say that Amity has a crush on Luz. Well yes but actually no. The show isn't about shipping and nonsense. It's about coming of age, bravery, friendship, family, NOT shipping drama.

The plot of Season 1 is that Luz is a creative, quirky kid who comes to an alternate realm known as the Boiling Isles. She meets a witch named Eda and a demon named King. Luz learns all sorts of magic despite being a human, with Eda helping her. Eda is cursed by her sister Lilith, who is working for Emperor Belos, ruler of the Isles who's the big bad of the show. Legit no one cares that Luz is a total hero who kicked Emperor Belos' butt, they only care that she's Amity's crush.

8 They exclude trans women from their spaces

The entirety of OwlTwt consists of white skinny AFAB people with dyed undercuts, and they exclude trans women from the fandom. You can find plenty of trans men and nonbinaries, but no trans women. It shows you that the OwlTurds are transmisogynistic. They always talk about how we should support trans women of color and stuff but if you went up to them and asked them if they have any actual black transfem friends, they probably have none.

Recently, a trans woman named Xploshi stated that she didn't like the show, and then 14 year old cis white girls proceeded to attack her and call her a guy. Wow owltwt, you really are transphobic pieces of poop

9 They’re racist

They also make Luz blonde and white in their fanart. I hate Amity and I wish she never existed. I bet none of them would watch the owl house if it weren't for that little Christopher Columbus mayonnaise iphone charger colonizer mayflower marshmallow girl.

They claim to be against racism, but their "activism" is incredibly performative. They want to bring back segregation and ban interracial relationships. The Spanish-speaking side of the fandom also spam racial slurs towards Black users.

10 They ignore King, Hooty, and even Eda

Much of Season 1 was focused on Eda and her curse, and Hooty is literally the show's title, he's literally The Owl House itself, and come on, King is too cute and adorable. They only care about Luz and Amity. Newsflash Foul Housers, Amity isn't the main character of the show. Stop worshipping her all the time and start paying attention to Hooty, King, and Eda alongside Luz.

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11 They're immature

Newsflash Toilet Paper, you're gonna cringe 30 years from now that you got into petty squabbles on Twitter dot com over a children's cartoon. Most of these are 14 year olds who are too cowardly to be mean to people in real life, so they bully people online for their own sick kicks.

I hate OwlTwt, and I hope it gets better soon. If you wanna interact with the Owl House fandom, go on Tumblr or Reddit, not on Twitter.

Most of the fandom comprises of teenagers and young adults but the majority act like spoiled toddlers.

12 They’re too NSFW

No Vacuum Cleaner, I don't want to see you talk about how you want to have sex with the Golden Guard. Keep that stuff to yourself

Not neccessarily the twitter fandom but a friend of mine told me about this time that some dude was posting lumity NSFW on a wiki about The Owl House.

13 They're homophobic

They keep making jokes about Amity, a lesbian, beating up Hunter/The Golden Guard for being gay and calling him mean slurs.

It's true. They hate gay men and make jokes and memes about beating them up. It seems like only nonbinary lesbians are allowed in the owl house fandom according to owltwt

14 They're oversensitive

They literally cancelled Xploshi and LS Mark just because they didn't like the show (in Xploshi's case, it wasn't even because she didn't like the show, all she said was she didn't like the animation). Even Steven Universe and Sonic's fandoms never went this far.

Heck, they all hate April Fool's Day, and all of them sent death threats to people who made completely harmless April Fool's pranks and jokes regarding The Owl House, saying that they're ableist. Ughhhhhhhhh. I hate Owltwt and everyone on it.

15 They can’t tell fiction from reality

If someone likes a villain, OwlTwt have a temper tantrum because they think liking a villain means you condone their actions. They also like to drag out drama from three years ago, thinking that an art of Grime carrying Sasha (from Amphibia) is literally CP. Guess what, fiction is not reality. Just because you're uncomfortable with something doesn't mean everyone has to be. Wake up from your fantasy world and talk to actual people. Go watch something actually good and challenging like Berserk instead of super sanitized pure "unproblematic" baby shows like Heartstopper

16 They hate the crew

Ironically, Owl House fans on Twitter hate the crew behind the show. They cancelled Dana Terrace, are weirdly jealous of Rebecca Bozza, and attacked the crew JUST FOR putting cameos of themselves in the series finale.

17 They send death threats

They sent a bunch of death threats to a TOH artist for being a pan lesbian. Even if you don't understand someone's identity, that doesn't mean you can go out and tell them to kill themselves. Owltwt are monsters.

18 They're transphobic

The fans constantly misgender Raine, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. They also treat Raine like they're a girl. "Sapphic" yeah right, don't make me vomit. Also, they harass and exclude trans women, and make trans men feel bad about being men.

19 They can’t take any form of criticism about the show
20 They blindly hate on other modern newer shows

They hate Big City Greens for no reason. BCG is way better than TOH just saying

21 They think Luz is the most perfectly flawless main protagonist to date

They think she is the best protagonist of a cartoon in modern times but she is farm from flawless.

22 They spread leaks

They leaked the episode "For the Future" and encourage others to pirate it because they genuinely hate Dana Terrace. They also said that watching The Owl House legally is racist and privileged and something that only white people do. Screw you, owltwt

23 They attack people if they don't like The Owl House
24 They disrespect people's opinions
25 They falsely accused innocent of being racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. if they don't like the show
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