Top Ten Worst Days of the 7553 Lego City Advent Calendar (2011)

As I am making this list, it's already December 1st of 2019. Man how times fly by. Remember how last year when the year was over, I made lists about the best and worst days of the Lego City 2019 calendar? No? Of course. Well I'm going to do the exact same thing..., again, but with previous years. I'll start with 2011 as that was my first advent calendar of all time and my favourite as well. I've made the best ones list so now let's get on with the worst ones. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Day 23: "Dog"

I personally think this day easily took the first spot on the list. In my opinion, dogs in Lego City calendars are almost always the least interesting items. Why, you may ask? Well, because they're just one piece and that's it - just one piece and a bone.

I'm slightly more neutral on this one, though. Even if it only contains a dog and no bowl or so, this was the first Lego dog I ever got, so I do have respect for it. But then it just got old.

2 Day 10: "Campfire and Fishing Rod"

Honestly, was there any reason not to have this come on the same day as the fisherman? Did we really need a separate day for it? It's really just a campfire and a fishing rod with a fish. Because of how lackluster it is, it's not bad but incredibly underwhelming, which gives it the #2 spot.

3 Day 7: "Presents and Skateboard"

This is a similar case to Day 10, in that it is incredibly underwhelming. You get two very small presents and a skateboard. However, it's better because skateboards are always welcome, in my opinion, and the presents have nice colors. Still, it's pretty underwhelming.

4 Day 6: "Christmas Tree"

Items that come almost annually, like Christmas trees, presents, dogs, snowmen, etc., tend to be the less exciting stuff in Advent calendars. But this was my first Lego Christmas tree, so it gets a bit of a pass. Still, although I like the design, it's simple and slightly generic, but it still looks pretty cool.

5 Day 2: "Catapult"

This is a nice catapult. You get two snowballs and a nice wooden catapult. It's a pretty cool gift, but personally, it just isn't very interesting in my opinion, which is the sole reason it made it to the list. It's not bad at all, but it's not nearly as good as everything else.

6 Day 8: "Bench"

This is a bit of an uninteresting build, but they surely managed to make something as uninteresting as a bench still look pretty decent. I like the blue legs and the gray platform. The red cup and white pillow are nice additions as well. It's decent.

7 Day 21: "Trailer"

This is quite a good build in my opinion. It appears to be a trailer for the orange snowmobile that came a day earlier, and to be honest, it certainly looks pretty good in my opinion. The color scheme is pretty good, and I really like the overall design. This day is only here because it's not as good as the rest.

8 Day 13: "Police Officer With Walkie-Talkie"

The two police officer minifigures are, in my opinion, not nearly as interesting as the robbers or the fisherman, simply because they are more generic in design. The officers from 2011 all had the same black-and-white police suit and some form of white hat. I still like them a lot. This guy is the least good of them, although I love his face and that walkie-talkie is quite cool.

9 Day 3: "Police Officer With Handcuffs"

I slightly prefer the police officer of Day 3 over the Day 13 one because the face and hat are a lot more interesting in my opinion. The handcuffs aren't nearly as interesting as the walkie-talkie, but the hat and face are what make this one slightly more interesting than the other guy.

10 Day 19: "Safe"

This is just here because I clearly ran out of items. It's a really incredibly original and amazing building I stumbled across on this calendar. It's a huge safe vault - enough said. Not only a safe vault, but you also get two gold pieces that come along with it. This offers so much playability, and I'm just astonished by how much originality we got in this calendar. Nowadays, we rarely get anything like this. It definitely is an awesome build.

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