Best Guitar Amp Models of All Time

Title explains. I'm mainly a progressive rock/metal player by the way
The Top Ten
1 Mesa/Boogie JP-2C

Improvement on the original Mark IIC+ from the 1980s. John Petrucci's signature amp. It just sounds so unbelievable. Also, I didn't include the original Mark IIC+ on this list partly because of its limitations, and partly because this one is a bona fide IIC+, but superior to the original in every way. With the original, you only had one lead channel and one clean, and one graphic EQ. The clean and lead channels shared the same input volume, which was quite inconvenient. But with the JP-2C, you have three separate channels: two high gain leads based off the original IIC+'s lead channel except tighter and gainier, and the most chimey, majestic clean you will ever hear. You can assign the EQs to any of the channels, and you can dial in virtually any sound you want.

I love the classic Boogie sound on Metallica Puppets, and improving it was a hard job, but somehow, Petrucci did it.

2 Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Amazing amplifier. Has a sound you can't get with any other Boogie. Not quite as tight as a IIC+ or the JP-2C, but it's creamy and juicy as hell. Once I've got my hands on a JP-IIC, I'm adding a Triple Rec to my collection. Then I'm hooking the two amps together for maximum tonal girth.

Triple Rectifier created the modern metal sound. Without them, metal would not sound the same.

3 Revv Generator 120

Great piece of hardware.

4 Marshall JVM410H

Great sounding amp. 4 channels. Slightly more diverse than a Boogie, but doesn't sound quite as good in my opinion

5 Schecter Hellwin

Synyster Gates' sygnature (hehe) amp with Schecter. It was discontinued a few years ago when Syn switched to the Fractal Axe-FX. I resent the Axe-FXs, to be honest.

6 Mojotone Lerxst Omega

Alex Lifeson signature amp. Perfect for 80s hard rock tones. If you crank the gain way up, it's metal as hell.

7 Marshall JCM800

Marshall JCM800 is a classic amplifier, with the best metal tone and so much versatility. It is still the most affordable and best metal amps of this day.

The classic choice. Metallica actually hooked the modded JCM800s they used on Ride The Lightning up to their new Mark IIC+s during the recording of Master Of Puppets.

8 Mesa Boogie Mark V

Honestly, I could just make this entire list out of assorted Boogies. They're my number one amp brand for a reason. The Mark V actually has a built in IIC+ mode. But the regular Mark V sound is just so pure and so amazing.

9 Randall KH103

Kirk Hammett's signature Randall amp. Also, while we're on the topic of Randall, shout-out to the Randall Satan.

10 Mesa Boogie Mark IV
The Contenders
11 Marshall Super Lead Plexi
12 Peavey/EVH 5150
13 Fender Twin
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