Top Ten Days of the 4428 Lego City Advent Calendar (2012)

A week ago I made a list about the best days of the 7553 lego city advent calendar. The 2011 city calendar. Now I'll move on to 2012. This is one of my least favourite lego city advent calendars personally because I felt it was too fire-obsessed and too much yellow. It still has its good points too though. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Day 13: "Computer and Desktop"

This is probably the most unexpected and random gift to ever arrive in a LEGO City Advent Calendar. The randomness, and the fact that I love computers, makes this my favorite gift in this otherwise uninteresting calendar.

The design is amazing! The desktop, the computer screen, the yellow cup on the table, the chair - there's simply nothing noteworthy that I can say about this build that doesn't make me appreciate it. Best gift from the calendar.

2 Day 5, 8, 15: "Tools Rack"

A lot of people I've met really don't like it when weapon racks appear in Lego Star Wars calendars, and I can understand why, as they are boring and uninspiring at best. However, there's an equivalent to it in this City calendar: a tools rack for firemen, but it's actually pretty cool.

It consists of three different parts of a wall, and each wall comes with different equipment. The main reason this got ranked so high is because of the middle part of the wall you get on Day 8. You get a pair of skis! I love skiing pieces in Lego. So much fun! So yeah, this is high up.

3 Day 24: "Santa and Snowmobile"

Whenever the 24th day of a Lego City Advent Calendar comes up nowadays, I'm never excited because it's always the same thing every year with minor changes. However, that wasn't always the case. It was only since 2013 that this became a trend.

2012 actually had a really awesome last day on its calendar. It's not just Santa himself, but even a snowmobile! Earlier on, you get a snowmobile trailer and two presents, so now you can connect them all. Such a fun gift! Not to mention, the snowmobile looks awesome!

4 Day 11: "Quad Bike"

This is a pretty good vehicle in my opinion. I like the design, but I do have a lot of complaints. I dislike the rudder, or whatever it's called. Instead of a wheel, we get this other thing to steer the car with, and it's so hard for the character to hold it. When you try to remove the character from it, the entire thing breaks!

I also think the design is a little boring. Man, we're only at #4, and it already sounds like I'm not very impressed by this year's calendar. But it still looks good in my opinion.

5 Day 22: "Snowmobile Trailer"

This is pretty good. Although it's a little weird that you get the snowmobile trailer earlier than the snowmobile itself, it looks pretty good in my opinion. It's a little basic and weird without the presents on it, but other than that, I'd say this is a pretty solid build in my opinion. Not much to say here. I like the red color.

6 Day 17: "Catapult"

This is quite a nice build. I really like the design of this one. A lot of catapults and flingers have the same boring design, but this is an exception. It's quite original and inspiring, which is ironic coming from this otherwise uninspired calendar. The colors go really well together, and it just looks very good.

7 Day 19: "Fireman and Cup"

This is probably my favorite of the minifigures in this calendar, either this one or the Day 1 minifigure (no pun intended). I'm a big fan of this particular mischievous face, and together with the helmet and red cup, he looks really nice and funny. Definitely my favorite minifigure of this set.

8 Day 1: "Fireman and Horn"

I'm divided on whether this or Day 19 is a better minifigure, but for now, this stays below. In all seriousness, this minifigure has one of the most interesting and unique faces of early 2010s LEGO City. This makes this minifigure quite a unique and interesting character in my opinion. I like it a lot.

9 Day 16: "Girl"

There are two kid minifigures in this calendar: a boy and a girl. Both are pretty cool minifigures, but I think the girl is slightly better. The design is less ordinary and more unique, with the hairpiece and better torso. It's red and seems quite uncommon. So yeah, this is #9 for me.

10 Day 5: "Boy"

Pretty good, but this is quite uninspiring. It uses a grey jacket as a torso and small dark blue legs. Nothing wrong with that, but the face is the same as the girl's and is so common it's unreal. Almost all Advent calendars use this face for a kid character. On top of that, no hair - just a helmet, maybe for skiing? Well, it's uninspiring, but it's still decent.

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