Top Ten Days of the 7553 Lego City Advent Calendar (2011)

As I am making this list, it's already December 1st of 2019. Man how times fly by. Remember how last year when the year was over, I made lists about the best and worst days of the Lego City 2019 calendar? No? Of course. Well I'm going to do the exact same thing..., again, but with previous years. I'll start with 2011 as that was my first advent calendar of all time and my favourite as well. So I'll start with the best ones. With that being said here is the list.
The Top Ten
1 Day 4, 5, 11, 12: "Prison"

Just, wow. Looking back, I am incredibly astonished that we got this building in an advent calendar. In case you don't know (you probably don't), in the 2011 calendar, there were two specific builds where the pieces were spread out over the days of the advent calendar because they were just huge. These were this lovely prison and a police car.

This is hands down one of the most impressive builds. It's huge by advent calendar standards! The fact that they made this entire prison in an advent calendar easily earns it first place.

2 Day 20: "Orange Snowmobile"

If we were to just include single days on the list, this would have been first. But the prison is objectively better when complete. I've always loved mini-builds, vehicles, and toys in advent calendars. They've just always caught my interest, and the orange snowmobile from the 2011 City calendar is one of the finest examples of an awesome build.

The design is excellent! The color scheme is also excellent. The combination of orange and gray is so fitting. And the awesome gray wheel used to steer the snowmobile looks great. This is honestly deserving of a spot near the top.

3 Day 15, 16, 17: "Police Car"

This is the other build in the calendar, with pieces spread out over three days, along with the prison. It's slightly worse, but you'll see it's still #3 on the list. In my opinion, it looks incredibly great when complete. Some say it looks underwhelming, but I think it serves its purpose as an advent calendar police car that isn't your typical cop car.

The yellow wheel used to steer is a bit odd, but I really like all the details of this build. It's #3 on my list.

4 Day 22: "Police Snowmobile"

This is an identical copy of the snowmobile from two days earlier, but this one is a police snowmobile, as you can tell from the white and blue color scheme, along with some gray. Some will say it's an unoriginal act, but didn't I already talk about how awesome the orange one was? Well, don't fix what's not broken.

This build is awesome, but the color scheme is just less appealing, so it's two spots lower.

5 Day 1: "Robber With Snowball"

The first minifigure I ever got in Lego City was on the first day of my all-time favorite advent calendar, and this guy was one of, if not the best, starts. Because of him, I always get excited when a robber or thief appears in a city advent calendar. Unfortunately, since 2016, it hasn't happened, but the legacy lives on.

This guy, in particular, looks awesome! His face, clothes, red scarf, and black hat all look downright amazing. He's my favorite minifigure of all time, tied with the fisherman from Day 9.

6 Day 24: "Santa and Chimney"

Back in the day, the last day of the advent calendar was actually fun and exciting, and not just another Santa figure. Anyway, on this last day of my favorite advent calendar, you get Santa, obviously, but on top of that, another build makes an appearance alongside Santa, so it won't be the same old last figure.

It's a chimney with an excellent color scheme of red and gray. It looks really great, and I was surprised to find out it was not just Santa for the day. Excellent!

7 Day 9: "Fisherman"

Ah, the green fisherman. The only civilian in the entire calendar. I don't know why, but I've always adored this minifigure. He might be my favorite in the entire Lego City calendar series, tied with the robber from Day 1. I absolutely LOVE his green jacket and hoodie, along with the gray trousers. He also comes with an ax for picking at the ice. He's awesome!

8 Day 18: "Robber With Crowbar"

This is clearly biased, if I must be honest, because in reality, this minifigure is quite generic compared to the other robber. He looks like your average 2011 Lego City robber with a crowbar. However, may I remind you that I mentioned how excited I get whenever a thief minifigure appears, after I got the robber from Day 1? Yeah. On top of that, I had never had a Lego crowbar before, and to be honest, he does look pretty awesome.

9 Day 14: "Table and Magnifient Glass"

This is one of the most unique and original builds I have stumbled across in a Lego City advent calendar. It's a small table with a light that shines on a magnifying glass. This screams cops and robbers, as we get a magnifying glass that is commonly used in real life to examine things thieves might have stolen. It's so original and clearly deserving of being on the list.

10 Day 19: "Safe"

Another incredibly original build I stumbled upon in this calendar is a huge safe vault. Enough said. Not only do you get a safe vault, but you also receive two gold pieces that come along with it. This offers so much playability, and I'm just astonished at how much originality we got in this calendar. Nowadays, we rarely see anything like this. It's definitely an awesome build.

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