Top Ten Best UK Digital Radio Stations


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1 Jazz FM Jazz FM

Hey there, Jazzy T: Tom Waits, "Spare Parts II and Closing" (Live).
And, "Spare Parts I, A Nocturnal Emission" (Live). Yup, reverse order. More likely to keep you interested. Beware though. If you decide to explore further, it can get p r e t t y w e i r d).

Smooth Jazz, Classic Soul and Blues. - Britgirl

Well...V...I WAS in dinner-jazz heaven listening to (especially Spare Parts 1, A Nocturnal Emission) so smooth, gorgeous, beautiful...but then I did decided to explore further (being overly curious)...what the...?! Can't believe it's the same person! Heard "Hell Broke Luce"... What the hecky-peck is that?! I have grazed ny chin from it dropping to the floor. Awful! BUT "Hold On" isn't bad and "Hope I Don't Fall In Love With You" is actually quite sweet. He has kind of a Dylan voice to that (or maybe that's just me) :). - Britgirl

2 Planet Rock Planet Rock

I'm listening right now to the Blues Power Hour; The Stones doing a good job of Howlin' Wolf's Little Red Rooster. Note I said a "good job" not a "better job"
Oh it's finished...hang on and I'll tell you who's playing now... Don't go away... Five Long Years by Eric Clapton. Little disappointed because I prefer it by Eddie Boyd. Still, never mind; it'll do. - Britgirl

Ya know, T, sometimes I don't get the logic behind marketing. You'd think (or at least I would) that folks who're into rock would be less likely to listen to soft rock. And seems those who are into blues would also listen to rock (though selectively), but not be much interested in soft rock. Don't know if you get Music Choice over there on the... telly... but their Blues channel is notorious for being unable to identify what is blues, and what is not. 'Bout 30 percent, on average, of what they present is not.

I know! Strange. I came across this station by accident and they were playing Muddy Waters - had to check the radio display again. Funnily enough though, it's what keeps me listening. But, get this, my brother, a die hard metalhead refuses to listen to this station.
And Kerrang (another Rock and Metal station) plays Pop Punk!
Think I'll just listen to Punjab Radio ('least it does what it says on the tin and is often more understandable) :).
PS - no Music Choice over here, sadly :/. - Britgirl

3 Classic FM
4 Kerrang Kerrang

Rock and Metal. - Britgirl

5 Smooth Smooth

Chill-out music. - Britgirl

6 Absolute Radio Absolute Radio

Rock and Indi. - Britgirl

7 BBC Radio 5 Live BBC Radio 5 Live

Talk. Live sports events. - Britgirl

8 Urban Choice.

Hip-hop and R'n'B - Britgirl


Alternate rock. - Britgirl

10 Punjab Radio

100 % Punjabi music. - Britgirl

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11 Magic
12 Absolute Radio 60s
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