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This list is a list on Underrated U2 songs that should be hits. It's a shame they weren't.

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Indian Summer Sky Indian Summer Sky Cover Art

"You give yourself, you give it all away" when you here this. Awing power. It's combined the normal Unforgettable Fieriness with Funk and great lyrics.

Like a Song... Like a Song... Cover Art
Promenade Promenade Cover Art
Red Hill Mining Town

Powerful, inspiring, and real are how I can describe this song. Can't say more.

Favorite song on joshua tree.


It's completely outstanding. No other U2 sing get as intense. It should've been the last song on Joshua Tree, would of made the better Ender. The bass is awesome, so are the vocals and guitar.

Acrobat Acrobat Cover Art

Best U2 song

Don't let em grind you down

The Unforgettable Fire

Being the title track, I wouldn't think it would be so underrated. But it is overlooked to Bad and Pride, which are great, I love both songs, but this song is just astonishing. Great production. Great song. So sad people just walk on by and don 't give it a try.

Elvis Presley and America Elvis Presley and America Cover Art
If God Will Send His Angels If God Will Send His Angels Cover Art

One of my favorite U2 songs. Just incredible from start to finish.

Babyface Babyface Cover Art

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Bullet the Blue Sky

From the opening drum beat, to when the guitar kicks in, to when Bono talks the vocals in the roughest voice ever, it's an amazing blast of fire to the Joshua Tree. One if my favorite hard rock songs. But the best part is Adams base, he plays a lot on the song, but on 4 & the bass just echoes one note, it's just great.

A Sort of Homecoming A Sort of Homecoming Cover Art

This one definitely deserves more votes. The intro pulls you in, and you are instantly surrounded with great textures. Plus, it proves that the band could still write songs with energy even under Brian Eno's influence. - Gg2000

I have never been so captivated by an album opener. This masterpiece is one of the most beautiful and energetic songs u2 has... designed! From the start we are just pulled in and immersed in this atmosphere of true passion. With the edge's icy guitar tone, Bono's high A in the chorus, and of course the driving rhythm section, we are once again reminded that u2 is a band like no other and this song is proof. It's such an emotional roller coaster throughout the whole thing. There's no high note you wait for or a catchy bridge. The whole thing is one big climax. If you haven't heard this work of art, do yourself a favor and look it up right now!

Get ready for an amazing journey. That's journey when you listen to this song. It opens The Unforgettable Fire, and in the first ten seconds, you can tell you're in for a historic 43 minutes. This is the greatest album opener U2 ever crafted. Can't describe it any further.

One Tree

This is the created of this list- I forgot to write Hill. It's One Tree Hill.

Best U2 song ever! The guitar riff, beach like guitar work, and the meaningful lyrics, too bad it was too emotional to sing that much love.

Original of the Species

Should be played live more often

No Line On the Horizon

So underrated. Love the song! The guitar riff, the vocals, it's the greatest U2 song of the 21st Century. Hands down! (Vertigo and Miracle Drug is next, but there's a fine line between them) Best U2 chorus! It's so energetic. I'm not saying any statement, but this song is a glimpse of U2 back in the 80's during the Unforgettable Fire Joshua Tree Years.

Running to Stand Still Running to Stand Still Cover Art

Favorite U2 song. Brings me to tears. The utter compassion for the addict in the song is overwhelming.

Until the End of the World Until the End of the World Cover Art

The riff! The vocals! The song! Best song on Achtung Baby, just a bit better that One, but miles above Mysterious Ways, which I find overrated- I like it, but compared to a song like this, it lacks meaning and power. And doesn't have the riff.


A classic U2 song that has been heard by so few...

So Cruel So Cruel Cover Art
Yahweh Yahweh Cover Art

Beautiful. An incredible close to Atomic bomb and I just can't help but sing along to it.

Staring at the Sun Staring at the Sun Cover Art
Walk On Walk On Cover Art

I know it's popular already, but in my opinion, it's arguably the greatest U2 song of all time. Not many put it that high.

Wire Wire Cover Art

I could've put this or 4th of July, which a great, haunting instrumental with only guitar and bass, put The Edge's guitar work is to amazing to overlook. Mullen's drums add a lot to the song, too. And of coarse, Bono ms vocal finish it off.

One Step Closer One Step Closer Cover Art
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