Top 10 Ways to Describe Nicki Minaj

These are the words to describe this horrible, horrible woman. I don't even know why she got famous. I hope more people realize how wack she truly is.

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21 Obnoxious

Wearing a pink wig that looks like it came out of a cotton candy machine is so childish.

22 Annoying

Why isn't this on the top? - Neonco31

23 Bitchy
24 Awful
25 Terrible
26 Embarrassing
27 Cringeworthy
28 A Fashion Disaster
29 Unique

I don't really "like" Nicki Minaj, but a problem with most rappers is that their songs can sound the same but hers actually sound different. I like how on her PinkPrint album she has "rap ballads". I know Nicki Minaj haters are gonna dislike this comment but I personally DO think she is unique. - MistyMay113

Yes just be part of the commercialized music machine. That's unique right? Nope. - SteelCity99

Nicki Minaj is the best singer in the world. - AwesomeCool589

30 Extremely Irritating

She is so annoying I hate her

31 Wack
32 Crazy

OK, I think Nicki Minaj is like candy overload. I mean, have you ever eaten so much candy on Halloween that you would want to eat candy until next Halloween? Yep, that's what Nicki's giving us. Too. Much. Candy. We all like a pack of Skittles every now and then, but we don't want to eat Skittles for our breakfast and dinner. Give us something else to chew on, Nicki.

She has her crazy side and funny side in a good way.

33 Fantastic

False - SteelCity99

34 Better Than Jackie Evancho

Nicki is WAY better than that ugly and stupid and talentless white bimbo


35 Retarded
36 Degrading
37 Is Killing Music
38 Whore
39 Not for Children

This isn't a broad statement. This is straight up fact. Really it is.

She claims to be an inspiration to young girls, yet her music videos are like 99 percent ass shots.

Ok first of all she means by being successful so you can really chill

40 S****y

She will disrespect your opinion if you are an anti-Belieber.

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