Top 10 Ways to Describe Nicki Minaj

These are the words to describe this horrible, horrible woman. I don't even know why she got famous. I hope more people realize how wack she truly is.

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41 Forgettable
42 Horrendous
43 Disgustingly Overrated

Wafflepasta got 400 likes/325 dislikes on his video called "Why I hate Nicki Minaj". LilDthecomic video called "Nicki Minaj SUCKS! ((Review of Roman's Revenge)" got 450 dislikes/100 dislikes. Video called "Nicki Minaj sucks" got an average bit more dislikes than likes. Fake/modern music fans need to be slapped big time!

44 A Waste of Time
45 Plastic

She's a barbie doll with all that plastic

46 Egregious

My favorite word. - WonkeyDude98

47 Horrid
48 Important

A troll put this on here.

I think she has importance outside the music industry...

49 Talented

To me, there's a difference between being talented and being good. You can be talented without being good. Nicki Minaj is just that. - WonkeyDude98

Actually she is still going to this day. Wheres lil kim at...

Nicki Minaj is always better and prettier

50 Best Female Rapper

Lil Kim is better - SteelCity99

51 Immature
52 Idiotic
53 Creepy
54 Bad Role Model
55 Freaky
56 Gross

Come on just LOOK at HER! Gross! (Vomit)

57 Overrated
58 Excruciating
59 Ridiculous

She acts like a complete slut and a hore.

60 Pathetic

Such a pathetic excuse for being famous.

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