Top 10 Ways to Describe Nicki Minaj

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41 Disgustingly Overrated

Wafflepasta got 400 likes/325 dislikes on his video called "Why I hate Nicki Minaj". LilDthecomic video called "Nicki Minaj SUCKS! ((Review of Roman's Revenge)" got 450 dislikes/100 dislikes. Video called "Nicki Minaj sucks" got an average bit more dislikes than likes. Fake/modern music fans need to be slapped big time!

42 A Waste of Time
43 Plastic

She's a barbie doll with all that plastic

44 Egregious V 1 Comment
45 Horrid
46 So Annoying That It's Not Even Funny

The last word describes the list lolololol

47 Important

A troll put this on here.

I think she has importance outside the music industry...

48 Talented

To me, there's a difference between being talented and being good. You can be talented without being good. Nicki Minaj is just that. - WonkeyDude98

Actually she is still going to this day. Wheres lil kim at...

Nicki Minaj is always better and prettier

49 Best Female Rapper V 1 Comment
50 Immature
51 Idiotic
52 Creepy
53 Bad Role Model
54 Freaky
55 Gross

Come on just LOOK at HER! Gross! (Vomit)

56 Overrated
57 Excruciating
58 Ridiculous V 1 Comment
59 Pathetic

Such a pathetic excuse for being famous.

60 Perverted
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