Top 10 Ways to Have Your Story Age Well

Here's a list of advice for future writers (and I think it's probably the first one because I couldn't find a list like this anywhere online). There's been a lot of stuff in the past that hasn't held up well enough. A lot of things now that are either dated or mediocre at best. This list is to encourage any future artists to write something timeless and memorable for people. I'm at least positive that there will be more timeless gems in the future because thanks to the Internet, people are learning things faster so they can access good writing tips real easily.

Note: I am aware that no story is without its flaws. The only point of this list is to not encourage too much flaws that's all. I'm also aware that art is subjective so if you like something then that's fine.

This doesn't necessarily have to apply to books. This can apply to anything like movies, TV shows, games, concept albums, etc.

If you have any tips you wanna share, please add them.

The Top Ten

1 Be More Original
2 Know that You Might Make Some Flaws, but Don't Have Too Many Flaws
3 Have It Be Less Cheesy
4 Write Characters that are Likable, Believable and Memorable
5 Understand Quality Over Quantity

Good list! The saying "Less is more" is a cliché but one which I stand by. Cut out superfluous words; make the whole piece compact and tighter or you will lose the reader's interest. Shorter sentences, paragraphs and chapters will have more of an impact. - Britgirl

6 Do Not Use It to Pander to People
7 Don't Have Your Whole Story Be a Huge Style Over Substance
8 Don't Have It Be So Cliched
9 Don't Have It Be So Predictable
10 Do Not Have Your Characters Talk or Act the Same

The Contenders

11 Don't Center Your Story Around the Popular Trends of a Certain Time

If you want your story to be more timeless, mentioning stuff like the popular music or movies of the time might not help it. The best stories create their own trends. - cjWriter1997

12 Be More Creative
13 Have It Be More Subtle
14 Know That Your Story Doesn't Have to Be Super Long in Order to Be Big and Epic
15 Know That Ideas Don't Matter. How You Execute Them Does
16 Don't Have It Be Too Generic
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