Top Ten Ways to Make Lawn Mowing Easier and More Enjoyable

Mowing is a tedious, but relatively easy job. At times it can just be annoying. These tips will help you do the job, make the job more fun, or simply make it not feel like a long time.
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1 Mow in Sections

Mowing in sections is very important. When you mow in sections it just doesn't seem like such a heavy workload.

Yeah that’s what helps me instead of doing it all cut it up into sections and it’s a little easier

2 Think About Something Else

When I mow I am often times thinking if other things. I think about sports a majority of the time. There are always things to think about.

That’s what I do.

3 Avoid Mowing Uphill

Mowing Uphill can be very frustrating. You will oftentimes get stuck. Sometimes you can't avoid it. At my house I have to mow uphill on one section. If you can avoid you should.

4 Take One Long Break Rather Than Multiple Short Breaks

When you take short breaks you're not really helping yourself. It limits your production. When you have one big long break you can look forward to that break and it will give you motivation. Just remember to finish.

5 Mow More for Experience

When you don't mow enough the grass can get tall and it will take you forever to mow. It can also lead to worse. Mower damage.

6 Talk to Yourself Out Loud

I talk to myself a lot when I mow.

7 Sing

I don't sing a lot. I only really sing at Church, but I know a lot of people do that. I hum music a lot and there was a period I rapped Hamilton a lot.

8 Stick to a Line

Sticking to a line can really help you not get off track. I'm sure you already do this.

9 Take a Shower After

Taking a shower after helps you feel accomplished about what you did. It also gives you motivation.

But this doesn't really help me in the process of mowing.

10 Avoid Going Too Fast

When you go too fast you could miss some sections. Plus if you hit a bump...

Sometimes I go a little fast just to get it done

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11 Listen to Music Using Headphones

This is what I usually do if I'm mowing very patiently. I'm in the zone listening to whatever it is I'm in the mood for motivation to keep it going for a good duration outside.

I like to do this

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