Ways to Ruin Asuka Langley Soryu's Life

Here, you can submit ways on how to ruin Asuka from Evangelion's life, from hurting her, to taking something/someone away from her.

The Top Ten Ways to Ruin Asuka Langley Soryu's Life

1 Pull on her hair

We can whip her hair back and forth. Also tie it with Hikari's hair or Shinji's hair or something. - Pinkarray


2 Take away her stuff
3 Burn her college degree
4 Banish her
5 Beat her up
6 Put gum in her hair
7 Slam her head into food
8 Push her

Just push her into stuff, to the ground or push her into mud - Pinkarray

9 Make her homeless
10 Take hikari away from her

Lower taxes, reduce military spending, and nationalize healthcare and the housing market! We can make America great again! Also, legalize weed.

She doesn't need her. Hikari's just there anyway. - Pinkarray

The Contenders

11 Ship her with Harambe in a zoo

You may kiss the bride.

And I now pronounce, dead idiot and dead meme.
You may kiss the bride.


12 Send her to Camp Crystal Lake
13 Shave her hair
14 Tell her that Shinji is much better
15 Show her this list

And then, turn TTT against her.

16 Break her stuff

Yeah, break her comb and other stuff! - Pinkarray

17 Body-slam her
18 Slap her
19 Throw food at her

Like that pizza she and Hikari ate in episode 12. Or what about the noodles, too. - Pinkarray

20 Remind her of her childhood

That's going to be hilarious

21 Stab her
22 Put her in a Saw trap
23 Leave her behind in Mexico
24 Sew her eyes shut
25 Sew her mouth shut
26 Scalp her
27 Launch her into space


28 Take her pride away
29 Turn the whole class against her
30 Turn the whole city against her

Then everybody will hate her.

31 Throw her in Harambe's residence
32 Turn the whole world against her

She can't handle a little pressure, so this is hilarious.

33 Pollute her mind
34 Paralyze her
35 Freeze her
36 Leave her behind in a hot bath
37 Leave her behind in a snowy landscape full of wolves
38 Turn all Asuka Langley Soryu haters on TheTopTens against her

Asuka is disliked a lot (and agreed) so this might be funny

39 Burn her alive
40 Break her spine
41 Sew her lips to shinji's mouth
42 Put her in a cage with an angel
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