Top 10 Ways Teen Titans Go! is Better Than the Fairly Oddparents

The Top Ten

1 TTG is funny and FOP is not

Neither of those shows aren't even better or funnier because they both suck

TTG was NEVER funny!

2 The "Waffles" song

I'm Surprised How Anyone Can Not Get Annoyed By That Song.

3 Fairly Oddparents is offensive

So Is Teen Titans Go! DUMMY!

You're offensive!

Oh Pluh-Leese! That's Nothing Compared To Teen Titans Go! That Show Has To Be At Least 1000000000000000000000x More Offensive Than The Fairly OddParents.

4 Robin is cooler than Timmy Turner

No. Timmy is cooler than robin

5 The Teen Titans can sing

And Is That A Good Thing?

6 Starfire is nicer than Wanda

Okay, Now This Item I Definitely Could Agree On.

7 Beast Boy is funnier than Cosmo
8 FOP characters are mean but the Teen Titans are nice
9 FOP went downhill

Teen Titans Go was always downhill

Yeah! But It's Still Better Than Teen Titans Go!

Classic Fairly OddParents gets a 7/10. I won't expect anything to be phenomenal just because of such sharp graphics.

Modern Fairly Odd Parents gets a 1.25/10. Nickelodeon's satanic reputation in a nutshell.

Teen Titans Go gets a 0.5/10. It is too much of a ridiculous betrayal of its OG show.

10 Teen Titans Go airs on Cartoon Network and not Nickelodeon
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