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1 Ice Bear Ice Bear

I have to say, one thing I don't like about Ice Bear is how much of a doormat he is, and his brothers sometimes take advantage of that... Maybe sometime in future episodes, he can have some character development (gaining leadership qualities) and show how much potential he has as a leader

Ice Bear can cook. Ice Bear is a ninja. Ice Bear likes brothers. Ice Bear likes friends. Ice Bear is funny. Ice Bear isn't annoying. Ice Bear likes seals. Ice Bear is brave. Ice Bear can fend for himself. Ice Bear is legend.

Ice bear is kinda hot to be honest. Ice bear doesn't know how Alison came up with that kind of idea. Ice bear is responsible. Ice bear is mature. Ice bear is boyfriend material.


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2 Panda

Panda is so cute and anxious and shy. I love his song "girl be selling sunshine" he's OBSESSED with the Internet (like me) and has a really cool personally. Panda is my favorite. And he needs more love!

Panda is cute and chubby. I wish I can hug him since my mom favorite animal is panda. Panda also deserved more attention - ChatNoirFan18

Pan pan is the best! I can so relate to him, I'm very shy and anxious and obsessed with the Internet! I love panda

Like Grizz, Panda's pretty annoying at times, but he does have his likable moments..

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3 Grizzly

I think he's really underrated and doesn't get as much love as Panda or Ice Bear, but he's really sweet and loves his brothers and he needs more appreciation. - skaithewolf

Even though he's not as popular as his brothers, he has a really big heart..

He can be annoying but he cares for his brothers and has a big heart - EpicJake

This dude's underrated! Grizz needs way more love. He's caring for his brothers and he's super cool.

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4 Chloe

She is my crush, she is so awesome and cute, don't forget she is Korean! I love Japanese and Korean persons, she is also about the same age as me. - GumballWatterson

I love Chloe She's so nice and smart

She's cute and a nice friend - Cartoons4life

I love Chloe.

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5 Lucy

Everybody (if reading this) there is going to be a new episode with Lucy in it called Lucy's brother were panda babysits Lucy's brother in order to impress her (no lie)

I love her. Even though she was only in one episode but she was really friendly and mabye one day she will return and be with Panda - Cartoons4life

6 Charlie

I actually really like Charlie, don't know why, he's just so cute in an annoying kinda way! However Ice Bear will be best character.

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7 Firefight Man

When I saw the burrito episode I almost cried one of the best episodes from the show and even though he played a tiny role in the show it still was a good one. - mattafat

8 Nom Nom Koala

I hate him he's a dick to everyone he sees no wonder he has no friends.

I don't know why but I love him.He is really cute

NOM nom is so funny you can not just throw cute in somebodys face

Please don't ask why,but I love him.He so cute.

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9 Darrell

Bring Darrell back! He deserves more spotlight!

Who is Darell - Cartoons4life

10 Ranger Tabes

The Newcomers

? Yana

From Icy Nights.

? Yuri

Watch Yuri and the Bear.

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11 Chloe's Mom

She is voiced by the same person who voices Lady Rainicorn and BMO!

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12 Tom

He's so funny and cuuute

13 Clifford
14 Gluten-Cat V 2 Comments
15 Balancing Lizard
16 Marie V 1 Comment
17 Albino Alligator
18 Professor Lampwick
19 Wallace
20 Karla

She is not the best character but is nice in heart to the bears she should be seen more.

She might be unknow but I think she was standing out when we saw her

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