Top Ten Free Online Cloud Storage Service Providers 2014

Online Cloud Storage has become one of the latest trends in the business world. Nowadays, we can say that almost all businesses know that storage of data in a remote location is unquestionably important. But, at times there are many businesses who don’t prefer to keep the backup of their data applicably, which makes them extremely vulnerable to lose the access to significant information due to various unexpected reasons, to name few are hardware failures, file corruption, viruses, cataclysms, inadvertent removals, and even mugging.

In case, if this kind of thing happens, it has been seen that many businesses have often come to a screeching halt due the loss of critical and unrecoverable data.

These days, there are more online cloud-based storage solutions available than ever before, that enables the end-users to store their data in the progressively popular cloud platform.

Hence, this is the reason why one should think of having secured and fail safe storage provision.

In case you are looking for cloud storage provisions and trying to conclude which one can perfectly go with your ongoing business needs, there are numerous key factors that you need to take into account beforehand. These pointers will surely help you in finding out the right service provider.

What all aspects you need to keep in mind while looking out for a Cloud Storage Provider?

It would not be wise to fall in for the recognizable inducement to choose a service provider that promises to deliver all the featured services at minimal cost. There are no doubt numerous of other aspects that need to be taken into account beforehand.

Let's have a look at the main standpoints:

Accessibility of Data

Accessibility of data is one of the most important criteria that one should not miss or overlook at all. Hence, it is utmost vital to know how often a service provider is backing up your data files and the level of redundancy they are promising you. It goes without saying that there are definitely many service providers that strive to provide their customers with the highest level of guaranteed accessibility (i.e. recurrent backups and extraordinary redundancy) for which they might even charge you.

Flexibility in Services

Apart from the concept of data accessibility, flexibility provided in the working with it is also a foremost feature that you should contemplate while equating cloud storage providers. The expediency with which clients can access their older versions of files, transform them, and share them varies from one provider to another one; hence confirm beforehand that any of the service providers that you are considering must be offering a greater deal of flexibility that can efficiently and effectively manage and streamline your company's flow of work.

Security Provisions

Perhaps, this has been one of the biggest concerns that all most all businesses whether small, medium or large sized are facing. Due to this reason only, many of them are now turning towards cloud-based storage solutions, and this is undeniably a very good reason behind such a decision that they are taking. The way that online storage service providers manage and administer these very critical issues through encryption of the data while it is idle on the network servers, being transmitted to remote cloud storage, and as it is being recoiled back to and from local storage hoard.

The Top Ten
1 Google Drive
2 DataBagg

Awesome Cloud Storage application! The work you have done is just superb... The features you provide us really marvelous. I am waiting for some other features also.

Easily share my files and data to anyone

Amazing cloud storage service

3 Dropbox
4 Just Cloud
5 Sugar Sync
6 Apple iCloud
7 OneDrive
8 Skyvia
9 Carbonite
10 SpiderOak
The Contenders
11 CloudOYE
12 ChillingSafe

It's new, but because of that it seems to offer the best range of features compared to others. It's free and looks fantastic! The UI is modern and simple and doesn't have the lag like the services which use over-the-top designs that slow down your PC or Mac. Registration is optional but even without an account you can share your files with others and they never get deleted. Makes all these high price or limited services look like a rip-off.

13 Dev Files Cloud
14 Live Drive
15 Meo Cloud

Great free service. 16GB of free storage, with no file limits or transfer limits. Sync and backup. Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, WP and even a Linux CLI cliente so you can script to your hearts content.

Paid packages are a bit expensive, but expect them to be lowered soon (they were close to dropbox prices, which had a huge drop recently).

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