Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

These are all best Minecraft server hosts. Comment what you say about it!
The Top Ten
1 MCProHosting Visit Website
2 FragNET Visit Website
3 GGServers

yes | Yes, their support got better. - XxNosyxX

Visit Website
4 CreeperHost
5 CubedHost
6 The Minecraft Hosting

For me this is the best Minecraft server hosting provider option to go. - thanos

Is the best hosting and cheaper with support.

7 ElixirNode

Amazing host, best support


Best minecraft servers I've seen with ultra recent hardware (ryzen 3900x) - XeroxSystem

9 Virtual Gladiators
10 Aternos
The Contenders

It's free, has a very nice control panel, easy to find plugins, generally good. I'd suggest buying the premium version for $5 per month. Overall a 4.5/5 for me. - Lorddirt

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