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21 Red Cars

I don't understand it. So what if it's red?

Red coloured cars are awful! I like midnight blue best. - Britgirl

22 Porky Minch V 1 Comment
23 E.T. for Atari 2600 V 1 Comment
24 Tickling

It shouldn't be such a weird thing but it is to some! I enjoy it and hey its not nearly as bad as some of the other fetishes - Curti2594

25 Girls Bellies

Not very common though I love it! - Curti2594

26 Dork Diaries

I hate this book series, and because of hating it I have been told to kill myself - mayamanga

27 Bullying

I'll bet that the person who said they like this is a jerk (not referring to the guy who put this on this list)

28 Tin Lids
29 Kitchen Roll

Kitchen roll is useful. So yes, I do love it. I always have to have it around - I have four small girls. - EnglistT

30 Lighu Bulbs V 1 Comment
31 String
32 Trains

People do put way too much emphasis on the "I Like Trains" joke - PositronWildhawk

33 D.I.Y. Tools
34 Cardboard
35 Window Frames
36 Fingernails
37 Farting

Just the sight of the word makes me laugh! - Britgirl

39 Hairy Men
40 Blind Dates

Who put this? I've only been on one blind date and I can't see the big deal. It's awkward and not a situation I'd put myself in again. - Britgirl

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