Top Ten Weirdest Facts About Certain Cartoons

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One of the Spongebob Writers Was Fired After the Episode "Spongebob You're Fired"

I can see why. - Synchronocity


That's really ironic. - RalphBob

Why did they get fired? - cosmo

The First Time The Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Episode "Destination Imagination" Bloo Said a Swear Word

These are all shocking and surprising! - Danguy10

What was the swear word though?

Apparently he said "You p***ed him off" because the voice actor misread the line. - Rocko

The Hey Arnold Episode "Arnold Betrays Iggy" Was Banned from Nickelodeon for 10 Years

And for good reasoning that episode was TERRIBLE. The only bad episode in the Hey, Arnold! series. - KingFab

I heard that the creater hate the episode so he banned it

Super Mario Had Three TV Series in The Past

Its accuaelly 4 cause there was a mario anime

Spongebob Appeared on The Simpsons Twice

That's ironic. What are the names of the episodes? - DynastiNoble

Gravity Falls contains Illuminati symbolism

And we only realize this now.

I know this one because the main antagonous bill cypher is obviously illluminati

StampyLongHead is Getting His Own Baby Show on Television in 2015

As if Jeff the killer the movie wasn't bad enough - DubstepLover

But now it's 2016 and he doesn't have it.

Does he?

Oh yeah! That -_-

Ed, Edd n' Eddy was going to have an episode where Eddy Creates his own Religion

I would of liked to see this but I think it would stir up a little bit of contreversy. - KingFab

Sharon Spitz from "Braceface" was voiced by Alicia Silverstone

That Clueless girl? - DynastiNoble

In Gravity Falls, Preston's face was shuffled up

ALEX HIRSCH: Disney can I shuffle up a man's face?
Disney: Go ahead Alex! The kids will love it!
ALEX Okay, Disney!

In weirdmaggedon 1 - lolingdog9000

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Rocko's Modern Life has never been released fully uncut on DVD

Oh well... maybe another day. - Rocko

A hyena activist sued Disney over how The Lion King depicted hyenas as henchmen to the main villain in The Lion King

Stop complaining...

Not ironic because the hyena trio were awful characters who gave their species a negative role and reputation, and you don't see the spotted hyena species play a positive role much in fiction, before or even after The Lion King was released.

Very ironic fact. - DynastiNoble

Nicki Minaj appeared in Steven Universe

Even more surprising she actually did a great job

Not appeared but voiced sugilite

MainstreamWildhawk's nightmare. - AlphaQ

The episode "Wormy" from SpongeBob does not air in several countries due to it being deemed "too frightening" for younger audiences

Wow, it aired in my country and it wasn't that frightening. I was also 9 or 11 years old when I watched it. :s - Gehenna

Pumbaa in The Lion King is the first Disney character to fart.
Mr. Blik referenced hell in the Catscratch episode "Gordon's Lucky Claw".
Donnie from The Wild Thornberries is voiced by Flea (bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Seth MacFarlane was going to make an adult Flintstones reboot, but it was never made

Thank you god - 445956

Jaleel White was not the first actor to voice Sonic
The Simpsons started out as a kids' show
F-Zero: GP Legend was created because Miyamoto didn't want the cancelled Mario anime messed up by the media like with Mario Movie 1994
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