Top 10 "What the Hell Moments" In the Pokemon Anime Series


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1 James Wears Inflatable Breasts

Okay. That got that episode banned. No one wants to see those. But I doubt those complaints came from the guys

He even mocked Misty by saying "Maybe when you're older, you'll have a chest like this". I guess a grown man in a boob costume mocking a young girl isn't so bad in Japan, but I guess it's too much in America. So "Beauty and the Beach" ended up getting banned in America. - EpicJake

I'm guessing Pokemon and Fairy Tale are gonna have a crossover if this was allowed to happen in the Pokemon anime lol. - Skullkid755

This episode was not surprisingly cancelled - Martinglez

2 Ash's Mom Wins the Swimsuit Competition

If I were Ash I would be thinking what the hell

Band episode.

When did that happen someone please reply


3 Misty Tells Ash She and Him Will Be Married Someday Too

In the episode The Heartbreak of Brock Ash talks about the idea of Brock being married Misty responds by saying "You and I Will Be Married Someday Too" and Ash's reaction is pretty funny, though she could have been talking about them bieng married to other people or maybe not. - egnomac

4 Sabrina Turns Brock and Misty into Dolls

Uhh and his mom also and almost his dad like killing his whole family tree

And I so miss the 90s.

90s kid, Pokémon is so old.

5 Serena Cuts Her Hair

She looks better with shorter hair to me. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Didn't she change her costume too, or am I just imagining things? - EpicJake


The only upside to that moment is that it was some way of showing she was maturing, but just a teeny tiny bit. That episode made far too big a deal out of a simple accident at the contest - much more serious things have happened in the series and other characters haven't bawled over them, so what's her excuse? - Entranced98

6 Gary Uncovers Fossilized Pokemon Manure

I really hope Gary at least washed his hands after that. - egnomac

7 Ash Disguises Himself as a Girl to Get Into The Celadon City Gym

It was a pretty sexist rule that only females could enter the Celadon City Gym. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

That wasnt the rule. Ash wasnt allowed because he insulted their perfume. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Erika doesn’t exactly know what a gym is saying that if u hate perfume u don’t get to come in - boltslegend

8 Melody Kisses Ash

Misty's reaction to this actually pretty funny. - egnomac

9 James is Actually from a Rich Family
10 Ash Mistakes Iris for a Pokemon

So let me see what Iris looked like. Umm yeah. Dragalge.

It seems as if Ash shares his brain with Spongebob - TwilightKitsune

Wow, Ash. How stupid can you get? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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11 Brock says Water types are weak against Fire types

He wasn't wrong though. You know, Gary vs Ash, Red vs Blue, and Ash vs Alain - yungstirjoey666

No Brock was just foreshadowing the final battle of the kalos league. Ash greninja getting smashed by charizard - boltslegend

I'm certain this was the dub's fault. - Rue

Brock, it's the other way around. Get your facts straight. - EpicJake

12 Team Rocket Fools Everyone in Petalburg City That They're Norman and Caroline

HOW THE HELL COULD ANYONE NOT KNOW THEY WERE IMPOSTORS OF THE REAL THING?! Those Petalburg City citizens are just as stupid as the Bikini Bottom citizens! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Remember how they threw a wig on woobofet and everyone thought it was max even though he was standing right there. Or just the fact that they treated Ash like a terrorist because he wanted to challenge norman - boltslegend

13 Serena Dresses Up as Ash

That was actually pretty funny. - egnomac


14 Mimey wins a trip to Alola for Delia and Ash

This sounds like a lazy way to get Ash to Alola. - egnomac

THAT'S HOW ASH GOT TO ALOLA. THAT'S THE REASON. I'll never get over it. - Rue

15 Ash Wears a Maid Uniform
16 Brock's Mom Returns

I'm pretty shue that she faked her death because Brock's father didn't want any more kids. So she changed her name, married a msn who died, and gave birth to ten children.

She appears in a pokemon chronicle episode, apparently Brocks dad probably assumed she was dead. - egnomac

Wait... I thought she was dead! - GamingSanx

17 Psyduck Unleashes Its Power for The First Time
18 Ash Mistakes Angie For a Boy

Same with Anabel - yungstirjoey666

Even I thoight she was a boy. - egnomac

19 Misty's Psyduck Kisses Snorlax

Um, are they both... never mind

20 Serena Kisses Ash


21 Ash losing the Kalos League

Yeah this was screwed up - boltslegend

22 Ash Dances with Miette

Surprising she wasn't the least bit upset with Ash after he accidently bumped heads with her. - egnomac

23 Team Rocket Actually Beats Ash
24 Ash yells at Serena for trying to HELP him (Pokemon XYZ Episode 20)

I would have yelled at her too, she was annoying.

She was trying to HELP you!

25 James Takes Jessie's Place in the Contest

Even more surprising he actually wins. - egnomac

26 Ash, Brock, May, and Max mistake Annabelle for a boy

I never understood why. She doesn't look like (and certainly doesn't sound like) a boy at all! I felt bad for her, but she didn't seem bothered by it.

She doesn’t even look like a boy - boltslegend

27 Misty Slaps Ash

For absolutely no reason. Still hilarious though!

28 Serena's Florges Costume

Another thing: Pikachu beats a MEGA EVOLUTION LUCARIO!
Me: What the hell just happened?!

29 Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny Both Fall for Brock
30 Ash yells at Serena because he wanted to be alone (Pokemon XYZ Episode 28)
31 Clemont freaks out because Serena kissed Ash

I feel sorry for the guy. He obviously LIKES Serena. I'm a Geekchicshipper, but Serena did what she chose to do, without question. But BONNIE looked more shocked. Serena kissed Ash. DEAL WITH IT!

32 Dawn stares at Gary when he comes to Sinnoh

Not as shocking as Meyer being a superhero named Blaziken Mask. THAT came out of nowhere.

Dawn clearly has a crush on the guy. She stared at him the whole time.

33 Hypno Kidnaps Children

It's so weird, that there is even a creepy pasta about the fact he kidnaps children, Why? Does he molest them? Does he eat them? I guess we will never know.

34 Metapod vs Metapod

Seriously who is a suppose to win in this the only move either of them know is Harden. - egnomac

35 Ash Gets Kissed By Team Rocket

Even more unsettling he got kissed by a guy in drag. - egnomac

36 It was Hoopa that created the cosplay Pikachu

Watch Pokemon the movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages then you'll know what I mean. - ac60189

Whoa... - ModernSpongeBobSucks

37 The Noises that Jessie's Mimikyu Makes

I honestly thought it was crying when it first made it sound but no, it continues to make those creepy noises! There's even creepy noises when it walks. - Rue

38 How Jessie and James Still Do Not Die or Get Hurt After All that Blasting Off
39 Mareanie Has a Crush on James Because He Reminds Her of Her Previous Lover

I'm not making this up, Meowth pointed it out. - Rue

40 Niko and Chester Rap
41 Gligar Man
42 Arbok evolves into Seviper
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