Why Gravity Falls Is Better Than Wander Over Yonder

Trying to stay creative. I love Gravity Falls but I hate Wander Over Yonder.

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1 The plot actually makes sense

To be honest, I really like both shows a lot, but I agree that Gravity Falls is better.

I really like both shows a lot, but I agree that Gravity Falls is better.

The backstories for the characters haven't even been EXPLAINED yet... You can't compare a story with a well thought out plotline with a show that no one even KNOWS the plotline to yet!

2 The characters are much more relatable
3 Nobody knows what the heck Wander's supposed to be

Take this, you know what the guest characters are in species E.G. Planets, Boggles, Peepers, and then what is wander!

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4 Dipper is smart while Wander is Stupid

Do you even WATCH this show

Stop comparing a Craig McCracken show that's supposed to be feel-good with a very creative idea as the basis for it with a show that is meant to be an actual story with twists and turns!

And stop comparing a 12 year old with a furry alien with a compulsive need to help people

5 Wander Over Yonder is boring

Wander over yonder bad

Actually, wander over yonder is one of the funniest modern cartoons
I'd say gravity falls is more boring

6 Gravity Falls has more than two main characters
7 The jokes on Gravity Falls are actually good.

Not craig's fault you can't understand the references wander over yonder makes

8 The theme song

Wander over yonder has a slightly annoying theme song.

I love the gravity falls, theme song. - nintendofan126

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9 Dipper and Mabel are more interesting than Wander and Sylvia

Again, pardon me but dipper and mabel are two 12 year olds

And wander is a furry orange alien and sylvia is a horse-like purple alien

Comparing them doesn't work

I love this show and its plot and characters! Its much beter than Wander ove yander! - Cartermd

10 Their villains aren't lame like Lord Hater

Lord hater is SUPPOSED to be a lame villain, because he just wants to be cool and isn't really evil

Now lord dominator? She's pretty cool

All characters on Wander Over Yonder are stupid and cheesy - PatrickStar

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11 Mabel is cuter than Wander

They're both adorable in their own ways.

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1. The plot actually makes sense
2. The characters are much more relatable
3. Nobody knows what the heck Wander's supposed to be



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