Best Winx Club Characters Pairs


The Top Ten

1 Bloom and Stella
2 Bloom and Daphne
3 Tecna and Musa

Best female characters. - PhoenixAura81

2 favorites (and aisha)

I think that Techna and Musa are great bffs.

4 Flora and Aisha


5 Bloom and Flora
6 Flora and Helia

Oh heck yes they are so cute together Helia is sooo cute if his hair was not that long but a little bit he would kinda look like Kamran but really Flora and Helia are the best couple ever I ship them - Lpsgirl

Best couple ever!

Flora amnd Helia deserved more screentime!

They are much better than that terrible Bloom n sky. Helia is handsome, corageous, intellectual and compassionate. Flora is the best fairy for her charisma, loyalty and bravery. They deserve more screentime as they r best! Not like that overacting, coward, ugly and mary sue Bloom and that girlish, hardy, tringular hearted Sky.

7 Stella and Daphne
8 Musa and Roxy
9 Musa and Riven


10 Musa and Layla

The Contenders

11 Stella and Brandon
12 Bloom and Sky

There build up in there relationship through the first 3 seasons is great!

13 Tecna and Timmy
14 Diaspro and Sky
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1. Bloom and Stella
2. Musa and Layla
3. Stella and Brandon
1. Flora and Helia
2. Musa and Riven
3. Bloom and Sky
1. Bloom and Stella
2. Bloom and Daphne
3. Flora and Aisha


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