Best Winx Club Characters Pairs

The Top Ten

1 Bloom and Stella
2 Bloom and Daphne
3 Tecna and Musa

Best female characters. - PhoenixAura81

2 favorites (and aisha)

I think that Techna and Musa are great bffs.

4 Flora and Aisha


5 Bloom and Flora
6 Flora and Helia

Oh heck yes they are so cute together Helia is sooo cute if his hair was not that long but a little bit he would kinda look like Kamran but really Flora and Helia are the best couple ever I ship them - Lpsgirl

Best couple ever!

Flora amnd Helia deserved more screentime!

They are much better than that terrible Bloom n sky. Helia is handsome, corageous, intellectual and compassionate. Flora is the best fairy for her charisma, loyalty and bravery. They deserve more screentime as they r best! Not like that overacting, coward, ugly and mary sue Bloom and that girlish, hardy, tringular hearted Sky.

7 Stella and Daphne
8 Musa and Roxy
9 Musa and Riven


10 Musa and Layla

The Contenders

11 Stella and Brandon
12 Bloom and Sky

There build up in there relationship through the first 3 seasons is great!

13 Tecna and Timmy
14 Diaspro and Sky
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