Best Winx Club Episodes

I Like Winx Club, an Amazing Nick Show which started in 2004 with the episode "It Feels Like Magic" then many others which air on Nick later. Winx Club is a Show You would Love.

The Top Ten

1 Magic in My Heart

I Like That And It's Season 2 Episode 15 - VeronicaMSP

Oh, Man I Really love that episode

Beatiful musa I love you not in that kinda way but you get it

Can eny body explane what season an ep

2 The Voice of Nature
3 The Ultimate Power Couple
4 Trouble in Paradise
5 Sparks of Hope
6 Battle for the Infinite Ocean

The day they defeat tritanus

7 The Flying School
8 The Day of Justice

I love this episode I think it is one of the best it would be even better if 4kids still made the episodes and bring nabu back

9 It Feels Like Magic

First Episode Deserves Everything -

10 Operation: Boyfriend Rescue

I really love that one

It is a grate episode but it would have been better if sky and bloom made up then and sky tells diaspro to get her but out of his carcle

The Contenders

11 The Power of Harmonix

Harmonix is one of the best transformations, I really loved that episode, the story line, the animation

12 The Curse of Fearwood
13 The Legendarium
14 Tears of The Black Willow
15 Hallowinx
16 Return to Alfea
17 Inspiration of Sirenix
18 The Emperor Throne
19 Dark Sky
20 The Shimmering Shells
21 The Pillar of Light
22 Rescue Mission
23 Winx's Forever
24 Alfea College for Fairies
25 Attack of The Sphinx
26 Winx on Earth!
27 The Alfea Natural Park

I really loved this episode, besides the new voice actors are not as great as some of Nick's actors, I just love this episode, and it's the start of the New Season too!

28 Betrayed!
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