Top Ten Words Beginning with the Letter "V"

Was just thinking...V is an, er, Very underrated letter and yet a lot of nice words start with V. As limited is my Vocabulary, I know there are many more that you could make Visible to this list. Feel free to add your own

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41 Vortex
42 Volcano

Synonym for vagina.

Take care if poking around one of these things; it's just waiting to erupt with red-hot liquid. ;). - Britgirl

43 Volcanic

Who you see to get your volcano repaired.

44 Vintage
45 Varicose

You know... like, when you're almost there.

46 Voluminous

When your vo is all lit up.

47 Vascular

Really far and wide.

48 Voodoo

You know, like that Bo Diddley tune, "Voodoo You Love? ";).

49 Venerable

Like in, "If you play sports without a cup, your jewels are venerable."

50 Versatile

When you write a verse on each of your shower tiles (use a Sharpie - an' find sumthin' ELSE to do in the shower:)).

51 Virile

The bad one, like with a disease, or the good one without one?

52 Vanish

Describes a vehicle which is bigger than a car but smaller than a van. Van-ish. - Britgirl

53 Vacancy

Put some clothes on! Vay can see everything! ;). - Britgirl

54 Viscount

Viscount your chickens before zey 'atch? It make no zense! - Britgirl

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