Worst Amazing World of Gumball Characters

First of, I'll be honest, I don't like TAWOG. However, since I have to babysit my 7 yr old niece, and since she watches this, I'm forced to watch with her, since I can't leave her alone. So anyway, here are the characters that I can't stand.

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1 Billy's Mom

Yeah she's rude and stupid!

She is, urgh, damn stupid.

She screams too much

She deserves to die in the finale. Just watch "The Egg". She tells Nicole her children (Gumball and Darwin) are just disappointments, her husband does nothing but grow chins, and Anais is the only good one. Plus, she hates video games and refused Richard's suggestion to become better parents. She is the definition of a fart with a face.

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2 Harold Wilson

I liked him in “the intelligence”

3 Miss Simian Miss Simian

To be honest, after watching the episode called "The ape", I feel kinda sorry for Miss Simian. Ok, make that VERY sorry for her. The only reason she is this mean character is because she has never had friends before, and therefore doesn't know what friends do! Take her off this list!

She is all out creepy I only liked her in the joy because I love scary movies in my opinion the ape is one of the wrost episodes and she is the top of the stage in this so some times I like her but like in the ape I DO NOT LIKE HER

I wanna throw her into a tub of glitter because she seriously needs that lol

She always shows her big fat BUTT in some episodes. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS STUFF?

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4 Anais Watterson Anais Watterson

She loves to lie - toshdeluxe

She is so evil - toshdeluxe

She even tried to murder Gumball and Darwin. Why would you try to murder your own brother - Spongehouse

She really went up to Billy's face and told him how she is the only smart one and her family are dumb. She should not be talking. Nicole is also smart so Anais could just keep her mouth shut.

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5 Granny JoJo

Gross, strict, psychotic, her rule of making kids safe is turning them morbidly obese and verry stupid, she has dangerous and scary safett lessons, such being careful with a knife, how? by making a fake arm, cutting it off, scaring darwin to death. Or chasing gumball with a car

6 Sussie

Sussie is funny and always made my laugh when I was little

Why the heck is Sussie on this list? Me and Sussie would be best friends. I liked her already but after this quote, "haha, Sussie likes that too! " I started to love her. She's so positive and is super smart at times. Sussie is the best.

Sussie is like the grossest character ever, I mean who eats food the way she does? (Can we even call it eating)

Why on earth is sussie on the list she's different unique funny and clever. You guys don't know what you need. I wouldn't want to live in a world without sussie you guys are insane!

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7 Gumball Watterson Gumball Watterson Gumball Watterson is a twelve-year-old blue cat who is prone to causing mischief across the town due to not staying inside of the box. He is fairly egotistical and a veteran snarker; despite this, Gumball has a big heart and is surprisingly selfless. Although Gumball can be intelligent at times, he ...read more.

Why NOT hate Gumball Watterson? He's literally the #1 character that should 've been first on the list

He is the main reason I stopped watching this show. He used to be a nice, likable goofball but now he's a snarky little brat who never learns from his actions! All he does is insult people, causes unnecessary chaos, makes poor decisions, and acts like an overall dumbass! I know he's just a kid, but even a twelve year old in real life can't be THAT dumb! I tried to like this show, I really did. The first season had some flaws but it was actually good. Come the second season, however, I started to notice a change in Gumball's attitude and I became very critical of the show because of that. He started to redeem himself a little in the third season, but when I saw "The Saint," that was the last straw. (Alan did NOT deserve that kind of treatment - even if he didn't mind - and I don't care if Gumball apologized). I understand why a lot of people like this show, and I respect that, but Gumball's rotten behavior has ruined this show for me and for that I am never watching one second of that ...more

Gumball is a jerk because, he yells and get mad that really bothers me. - Acegbuna

Nooo Gumball is the best! - TheYoMama

Nooo why's gumball here he should be in the best

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8 Richard Watterson Richard Watterson

He's one of the main reasons the wattersons are somewhat poor, he doesn't have a job and when they do get money he'll blow it off on food or something selfish

Yeah he's the worst

I just hate him!

Richard Watterson is absolutely disgusting in The Menu episode where this repulsive fat slob stuffs his sick nauseating fat ass at every Joyful Burger just to complete some stupid obsessive quest. I practically got sick watching Richard's gelatinous ugly fat ass git wiggling and jiggling as Gumball and Darwin were having to help the stupid fat bastard waddle his way to Joyful Burger! Drop dead Richard Watterson you disgusting gross fat ass sack of crap!

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9 Billy

he sucks

He should be higher and his mom where is she

Billy is far by the worst person in this show I hate him cancel this show now

Worst character in this show just like his mother

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10 Darwin

He started off kinda decent in s1, but now he's a selfish smartass, just watch the episodes The BFF, and The Bros

I Took A Test And I Am Darwin

What the what? Darwin is the greatest cartoon character ever! in my opinion Darwin should be super low on this stupid list - Cartoonnetworkfan1990

He gets annoying after a while, especially his screaming.

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11 Nicole Watterson Nicole Watterson

What did Gumball and Darwin ever do to her she always takes her anger out on them, favors Anais and if you watch the fridge where she was being a snob, insults everyone for losing a paintball game and makes her own son a winner come on Nicole, Gumball is the exact same species as you and is THIS how you treat your own kind who is also your son

She is a momster! she wanna kill her family!

Hates gumball and Darwin and Richard only loves Anais.I especially hated her in that one when they had the paint ball fight in season 2

And I thought everyone loved Nicole - Spongehouse

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12 Tobias

No wonder he was reviewed one star. But I still think Rachel is worse


I was suprised how low tobius was on this list I was hoping he was at least #5

He became a huge jerk.

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13 Sarah

Creepy in the shippening


I feel bad for her because she' a very lonely person and I sympathise with her but OH BOY! SHE'S. CREEPY! To say she's weird barely begins to describe how scary she really is. I don't really believe she's scary and creepy on purpose, she just turns out that way. She can't control herself I guess but she gives the word spooky a whole new meaning. Still I do hope she does get some friends so she wont be so lonely.

The tawog version of Sierra from total drama

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14 Banana Joe

He's my favorite because I like bananas - MeaganSaysHI

His lips annoy me - SoloPotato

Banana Joe is stupid and Susie is funny.

Again, hated him in season 1

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15 Alan

Alan is not a bad character he rocks

He is happy about everything but his dreams creep me out

He wanted to become a dictator in the vision - RyanMtheGamer

What did Alan do?

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16 Jamie

She loves to be gay - toshdeluxe

Why is Jamie so low in the list? She is so stupid. In "The Girlfriend" there was a scene where Jamie tries to kill Gumball and wants to marry two people.

I just LOATHE Jamie!

I find her a bit funny, but rude

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17 Penny

Am I the only one who thinks her character is a nasty joke all she does is shape shifts into a ugly demon, nearly cheats on gumball countless times, penny was decent until season 4 episode 32 now shes sour milk she's rude and when she's not a total trashcan she's barely seen in a episode she's also relatively lazy as all she does is sit and eats candy that's why she looks like Richard had a baby with that crazy overweight jogger the voice actor also sounds like a dog with rabies got beat up by a 450 pound bodybuilder and then got bit by a dog with rabies, the shape shifting is creative but it makes her worse as all of them are ugly her original look is cool besides the jelly belly body but other than that Z-

Penny is a cheater in "the test" he goes on a date with tobias and they probably kiss also she has a bad laugh, is fat, ugly, and rude as seen in s1 e6 "the test" when she cheats on gumball and in "the transformation" where she threatens to kill gumball for no reason. Total Trash

Penny is rude, fat, ugly besides original look, lazy, the voice is also trash she has some good moments though so 3/10 she is also sort of this bad laugh

All she does is shape shifts into a ugly demon, cheated in the test when she goes on a date with tobias, she's rude and when she's not a total trashcan she's barely seen in a episode she's also relatively lazy as all she does is sit and eats candy, the voice actor also sounds like a dog with rabies, the shape shifting is creative but it makes her worse as all of them are ugly worse than Z-

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18 Leslie

To be honest, I hate Leslie. However, plants are asexual. He is both male AND female at the same time. That's why he was allowed in the treehouse.

I thought he was a girl when I first saw him

I know right he was is mollys tree house and no boys are allowed in there unless there your boyfriend

He has a gorl name, and went into a girls tree house - Cartoons4life

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19 Gaylord Robinson

Mr Robinson is like the only character in the show that is normal but his wife is kinda annoying

He and Margaret are the worst couple in the entire universe.

What dude he is GAAYY!

He is the gay lord hahaahahaa

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20 Bobert

Two words: The Robot

A Robot that becomes a weapon of mass destruction when he gets pissed of. Why don't you just destroy the show while you're at it huh?!

Whats wrong with you Darwin is awesome and nice and cute I guess that means we should hate all nice cute people right? - Bubblegumrage456


21 Margaret Robinson

She's basically the incarnation of evil! Just watch the episode "The Wicked." Gumball was right. "She's a malevolent marionette whose heart belongs to darkness." She's a cold-blooded demon with antisocial personality disorder AND an obvious true hatred for life. She loves causing chaos and pain for fun. The scene where Darwin was choking on the toy inside a chocolate egg was the worst. She went into the house and turned to look at Darwin as he was choking. She looked straight into the suffering Darwin's red, bloodshot eyes, and smiling her evil smile at him, waved "goodbye" as she closed the door. What more do I even need to say?! She never does anything but harm the world. And she loves it!

Remove her from the show, please.

I think she's funny haha and Gaylord can be funny too but he's really mean sometimes so Margaret is better.

At least she got what she deserved at the end of the episode "The Wicked" - TheRedstoneWiz

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22 Patrick Fitzgerald

I hate him I just think he's made to torment Gumball just like Jerry made to torment Tom

I think Patrick sometimes hates his daughter

He's too stupid and too selfish like Benson from Regular Show.

He's always angry at Gumball
He's always wants Gumball to stay away from Penny
He's always wants Penny not hanging out with Gumball

23 Rob

I hate him because of Nobody episode
Why? Ser the entry

Sometimes I really do think it was unfortunate that Rob (my favorite character) had to be a mistake because I think he could've been so much more than just a villain. I also wish that in the Void episode Gumball and Darwin would've noticed him and helped him so that then their relationship would've been different. I must admit that when I saw the Nobody episode I definitely knew that he looked familiar from the Void episode and I was completely shocked. Again, it was really unfortunate that in order to escape from the horrible Void, he had to become all disfigured and evil. The Nemesis episode was also very funny and I was really glad that they didn't forget about him this time. I honestly had no idea that he would appear in the Bus episode and when I saw him appear I literally froze. The Disaster and the Rerun above all, was my favorite episode and since then I've loved it so much that I still want to know if he'll really remain a villain or if he'll ever come back at all. I think he ...more

Excuse me? But you should of seen what he’s been threw!

I hate him in season 4 because he is trying to kill Gumball and Darwin.

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24 William

William is so creepy

I don't know his/her/its name, but seriously, Gross and Stupid!

So sick and weird

25 Carrie

She is the one who deserves Gumball - Goatworlds

26 Teri

I hope it gets ironic by her getting infected by every pathogen which has existed - DylanB5

Filth filth all ouroun - Theawsomeyoutuber275

27 Molly Collins

Very forgettable

I think she's nice

You got that from gumball and darwin

She's just so boring.

28 Daisy The Donkey

In "The Night", she was dreaming about killing and injuring Anais.

Daisy will be an EPIC antagonist soon... shes just waiting to strike

She shall get her revenge

She's not a character.

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29 Larry


30 Mr. Small

What l love this character - Spongehouse

In "the uploads", he was really disturbing. His video should be reported and his account should be terminated.

Yea he scared me for life I needed to bleach my eyeballs after watching that episode

I actually liked this guy before the episode 'the uploads'. SO. SCARY.

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31 Frankie Watterson

He tried to steal the watersson's house on the signature

A con man who ditched his son. - Goatworlds

32 Tina Rex

But she is a dino and dinos rule! - Spongehouse

Your my favorite

33 Clare Cooper

Enough with the emo girls

She's just annoying

She should have a spin off show - RyanMtheGamer

She's a Daria wannabe

34 Julius Oppenheimer Jr.
35 The Doughnut Sheriff

Doughnut Sheriff and Pizza Deputy arrests all the villain for bank robbery.

He is a police officer

36 Masami

In season 1,and 2 she was mean to people and ignorant. Like in the episode the storm, she tried to be Alan's boyfriend but she knew his heart belong to Carmen.
In the gift my point of view on masami I changed a bit. She wanted to be a normal person instead of being treated with loyalty.

37 Ocho

Ocho's cool

38 Crocodile Woman

I like her ehats so bad about her sure in the fridge and the countdownshe was mean but shes not always mean - Theawsomeyoutuber275

39 Carmen
40 Earl (the hot dog cop)
41 The Mayor of Elmore

TRUMP. Did you know his kids actually watch the show?

Because trump sucks

42 Hot Dog Guy

He's unneeded and annoying at times :/

43 Principal Nigel Brown

He's AWESOME! in my humble opinion - Spongehouse

You're a hairy lady - Theawsomeyoutuber275

44 Rocky Robinson

I love this guy

45 Terry
46 Clayton
47 Zach Watterson

He tries to ruin Elmore!

48 Rachel

I honestly think they weren't being fair excluding her fro the series. They didn't give her a full chance.

49 Mr. Corneille

On the cage he lied about him fighting in the cage JUST BECAUSE HE WANTED TO KISS THE NURSE

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