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1 So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

This episode is the equivalent of Stuck in the Wringer and comes very close to A Pal for Gary

Would had made more sense if the bully of the episode was Binky, Muffy, or even a new character. I wan Arthur to be less wimpy just like the earlier seasons but not as a bully like in this episode.

Arthur is a big fat jerk in this episode. He thinks Sue Ellen should apologize to HIM. His letter was just AWFUL. He was never sorry. He called it a joke, but calling (and eventually treating) someone as a dog is BULLYING. Oh, and WHERE ARE MR AND Mr. READ? In episodes like "Arthur's Big Hit" and "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood" they were jerks to Arthur for no reason. Now, they HAD a reason to be a jerk to him! Same with Mr. Ratburn. He just disappeared after the conversation. Writers of this episode, here's what you could have done: Make Arthur serve detention or make him rewrite his apology note. If Binky or Muffy were the bully, I would understand this. They both have been jerks before. Arthur is out of Character. I mean, that Sheep Dog Appreciation Day flyer was just CRUEL. Sue Ellen switching classes made Arthur want to switch classes. It took Arthur from being everyone's favorite aardvark, to a mean jerk. And in my opinion, The writers are trying to portray Francine ...more

Arthurs big hit is worse and my personal least favorite is Arthur Read Supper Saver, Sue Ellen Chickens Out, Pick A Car Any Car, And Sue Ellen and the last page too.

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2 Arthur's Big Hit

i hate it

This is one the worst episodes of the show. Just as bad as some of Family Guy's episodes like Not all Dogs go to Heaven and Quagmire's Dad. The way they portray the characters was stupid. For me, the worst thing about this episode is that they expect us to feel bad for D.W., where in actuality, it's satisfying to see her get punch since she's clearly the most unlikable character in the whole show, all while the episode is making Arthur out like he's the bad guy for his action, where in actuality, Arthur's the only relatable character in the entire episode. Just, how can you blame him for having moment like this when he was given everything reason? I said enough here, everything wrong with this episode in right in the blue. It's annoying, mean-spirited, and a complete failure of what they were trying to do, as well as the show itself.

Definitely the worst in my opinion after what happened when I hit my cousin many years ago along with that infamous Dragon Tales episode "No Hitter"!

This is the worst episode because Arthur punched D.W. - andrewteel

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3 D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

D.W. At her absolute worst, in the episode D.W. throws a massive tantrum all because she didn't get invited to a birthday party and even worst she's never punished for anything that she does in this episode. - egnomac

Just as Mr. Enter said it is hard to sympathies with a character who is clearly unlikable - Fazbear97

Why did D.W. cry after Francine ask her “What’s the matter? ”?

What I want to know is, how am I supposed to sympathize with D.W.? No really. Not because she’s a jerk. D.W. Didn’t get invited to a birthday party for a girl she doesn’t even LIKE and at the party they were going to see a movie that she’s seen TWICE. Just HOW am I supposed to sympathize with this brat? One of the worst Arthur episodes

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4 Play It Again, D.W.

This episode made me want to destroy that Crazy Bus CD along with that boombox with a steel baseball bat and throw the pieces in a volcano! I would also let loose a lion to maul that little Disaster Warning and eat her! I also blame Arthur's parents for not doing anything to make DW stop playing that horrible song or even punish her for constantly playing it in the house without stopping. If I were the parent I would confiscate that CD and boombox and not let DW play her dumb song for months. If she throws a fit I don't care because I'll let a rattlesnake bite her to shut her up.

Imagine If D.W. Played the waffles song from Teen Titans Go

Must the worst episode ever dw ruins the trip for Arthur and then gets famous too. Dw is most hated charter ever I hope to never watch this episode again - princepretty

This episode is worse than every single squidward torture episode. D.W. plays her cd none stop and it’s also a Mr and Mrs Reed jerkface episode.

5 Looking For Bonnie

This was just on T.V. a couple days ago and I hated it. George and Buster strum the guitar and then go on an acid trip involving environmentalism and aliens. Weird.

Why is this on the list on just saw it's not that bad you is this episode so hated. the fact it was so hated that it was replace with the secret guardians before the secret origin of supernova why! it's not that bad I like the episode more then plat it again, D.W.

6 Return of the Snowball
7 Read And Flumberghast

D.W sues the Tibbles for stealing a cupcake. "Oh my god, who the hell cares! " Peter Griffin. - Fazbear97

8 Follow the Bouncing Ball

Boring, and has no purpose

9 To Eat or Not To Eat

Boring and overplayed.

10 Cast Away

I think DW can be funny and entertaining but her behavior in this and some other episodes would make Caillou blush.

Absolute disaster of an episode consisting of D.W getting her way through temper tantrums, Dad giving in and never being punished for any of her awful behavior.

D.W in this episode really makes this episode so unwatchable :P - Matthew_1996

Let’s say this: Instead of the whale of the lake only being rare to find, the government wants picture proof and whoever gives it first gets an award. Arthur snaps a picture of the whale and everyone acknowledges it. D.W never SEES the whale and Arthur gets the award and D.W is left jealous. You see writers, it’s called a taste of your own medicine. And man Some of these Arthur episodes can be as bad as SpongeBob’s breath of a fresh squidward or Family Guy’s “play it again Brian.”

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11 S.W.E.A.T.
12 Buster The Lounge Lizard
13 Vomitrocious

This is an episode I refuse to watch! The topic of this episode makes people who are like me emetaphobic anxious and very uncomfortable. I hate just thinking about it!

Did they have to dedicate an entire episode to vomit!? I love the series but they didn't have to do this episode. I only watched a little bit of this episode and I will never go back and finish it. Shows like Clifford The Big Red Dog, Curious George and The Berenstein Bears never did an episode like this so why should Arthur. If you like me are emetophobic (a fear of vomiting) or hematophobic (a fear of blood) don't watch this episode. There are so many better ones like Arthur's Family Vacation, Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm, The Chips Are Down, The Cave, Best Of The Nest, Elwood City Turns 100, Postcards From Buster, Arthur Weighs In, Happy Anniversary, etc. I wish this episode didn't exist.

14 D.W.'s Stray Netkitten
15 Go to Your Room, D.W.

This episode shows how D.W. gets punished and lies about being treated like a slave by her brother and parents after she blames her baby sister! She thinks those events did happen to her, when in real life...THEY DIDN'T!

D.W.: I have the meanest parents in the whole world. All they do is punish me and make me work like a slave girl. First I had to stay up all night and take care of Arthur when he had a cold, and finally when my cousin Lucy was getting married, I had to stay home to cook, and clean while everyone else when to the wedding. It's so sad being me.

Me: Seriously? ARE YOU EVEN HEARING YOURSELF OR ARE YOU JUST PLAIN STUPID!?!?!?! Those events never even happened to you and your just making that stuff up you idiot!

D.W.: I'm not making anything up! Those things did happen to me. Who's side are you on?

Me: I'm on the side that involves me taking a lie detector test on you for making those idiotic excuses runt!

D.W.: How do you think I'm making ...more

16 The Election
17 Nerves of Steal

Buster really wants a new toy that everyone except him and Arthur have his mom tells him hell get one for his birthday but Buster really doesn't want to wait so while at the drug store where Arthur and his family are shopping at stuffs the toy in Arthur's backpack without him knowing, eventually the guilt gets to him and shows up at Arthur's house and shows him the stolen toy Arthur is understandingly upset with Buster for almost getting him in trouble but rather than tell his parents what Buster did they decide to cover it up and return the toy without anyone knowing, they show up the next day with a note but find out all the toys are gone and if they leave it there the store owner will know they took it so one of them distracts the owner while the other hides the toy they almost get off scot free but the toy mysteriously starts walking the owner see's the toy and the note and the boys eventually fess up and are busted, though the episode teaches that stealing is wrong just the way ...more - egnomac


This episode has it all messed up. Before I get into the plot, there are (Many) plot holes and problems. I need to mention

1. The Cyber toys don't have a remote control and were moving on their own 2. Francine said the Cyber Toys were at the TOY store but were at the drugstore 3. WHY would a drugstore have a very popular toy everyone wants? 4. Buster is telling the story to Brain, but there is no voice-over, 5. Jim (the drugstore owner) accuses both Buster and Arthur for stealing when Buster clearly confessed saying it was all him 6. Arthur's parents are disappointed in him when he didn't tell them what Buster did (Arthur did the right thing by telling Buster to return the toy and still got in TROUBLE WITH HIS OWN PARENTS) 7. Brain said he got his Cyber Toy for his birthday when he already had one 8. When Jim asked the boys what they came there for they said for jawbreakers when they clearly could have said cyber toys. 9. Throughout the episode you forget that Buster's telling ...more

18 Love Notes for Muffy

Brain gets angry at Muffy thinking she's going to win the science fair after bribing the judges, in an out of character moment he and Francine send a fake love letter to Muffy as revenge which makes no sense and things spiral out of control when Muffy sends a love letter to the person she thinks send the letter and both Brain and Francine realize the might get muffy in trouble with the person who she sent the letter in the end Muffy doesn't even win the science fair so they basically did all this for nothing. - egnomac

Muffy’s crush is a man her species way older than her who wears a bright Blue speedo... Enough said

19 Arthur the Loser

This episodes solution is to help the person, by cheating for them. Writers please do not have your solutions like this, this happened in MLP's Boast Busters. - Fazbear97

20 The Big Blow Up
21 Flippity Francine
22 Buster Hits the Books

Terrible, nonsensical, just a bad episode

23 Get Smart

The company gave you the computer to TRY out for LEARNING. NOT to prove it WRONG because you’re an @$$hole Ratburn.

Very annoying, boring, and overplayed.

This episode is LITERALLY watching Ratburn and his class try to outsmart SIRI. I mean, REALLY? You couldn’t think of a better plot idea with a computer? Also Ratburn is a REAL jerk in this episode. (More than usual) He thinks he’s the smartest man on Earth. Now about the ending, they prove Hugo (Arthur’s version of Siri) wrong and he (the computer/smartboard) EXPLODES. That was NOT an appropriate ending for a kids show episode.

24 Double Dare

Even though Francine IS a jerk in this episode, this DOES have its fair share of laughs. Basically the scene from when Binky joins the problem and on is just 5 Star humor.

I really like this episode - LiamMurphy

25 When Carl Met George

Why is this episode on the list? That was a great episode! - PerfectImpulseX

I have Asperger's and Carl is nothing like me. I feel that this episode is just propaganda for the bullying and the hatred that happens to kids on the autism spectrum daily. - Toontownlover5

26 Opposites Distract
27 Postcards From Buster, Parts I & II
28 Prove It

This episode adds to how DW is the worst

D.W stating the wrong facts it's hard to root for a character who is completely unlikable - Fazbear97

DW wasn't being smart in this episode, she was just saying the wrong facts just to get on Arthur’s nerves especially when she kept saying “prove it” like the stuck-up little brat that she is. Even Lisa Loud, Aviva from Wild Kratts, Kowalski the penguin, Donnie the ninja turtle and Sandy Cheeks are much smarter than her.

29 Francine and the Feline

They should create Arthur’s nightmare scene when he gets drowned in cat litter for kitty litter commercials

I like cats and dogs both equally, but it seems that Arthur doesn't know what that means in this episode because he’s a selfish moron. I swear with Arthur making such negative comments about cats I can imagine Gumball, Meowth, Garfield, Gary the snail and other cat characters from cartoons heard what Arthur said so they form an angry mob and threaten to pummel Arthur for his negativity towards cats.

O. M. G. I wanted to KILL Arthur in this episode. This episode enraged me and made me lose respect for Arthur and the entire show.

30 Fifteen

That episode was a shameless ratings trap and an absolute slog to sit through! It was just three different sub-plots (which feel like they should've been separate episodes instead of being together as this one big, atrocious mess of an episode) that take place within 15 minutes and all of them were so uninteresting and slow-paced that they were annoying! It also doesn't help the fact that my local PBS affiliate loved to spam this episode to death on their WETA Kids channel back in 2011-2013 which only made me hate this episode more! Overall, Fifteen is the worst episode of Arthur I've ever seen and the Sonic 06 of animation! - PerfectImpulseX

31 From Whom the Bell Tolls

Francine:You are mean Arthur Read
Arthur:I'm not
Me: Yeah you are

32 Arthur and D.W. Clean Up

Arthur basically tries to avoid cleaning his room when he gets ready to go to a big event I the park his parents decide enough is enough and tell him he can't go until he cleans his room as well as D.W. Mr. Reed decides that both Arthur and D.W. should work together to clean each others rooms which proves to be a horrible idea as neither of them can work together while Arthur is cleaning his room D.W. keeps bothering him and taking things out and when they're finally finish Arthurs ready to go but forgets he still has to help D.W. clean her room so Arthur tries to rush and clean her room as quick as possible but D.W. complains as she likes to organize her things which leads to more arguing and Mr. Reed has to intervene Arthur complains that he's missing the event at the park and Mr. Reed states the obvious if he had cleaned his room like he was suppose to he wouldn't be in this position in the first place eventfully D.W. decides she wants to clean her room by herself mostly because ...more - egnomac

33 Pick A Car Any Car

Arthur acts like a baby in this episode! His car breaks down and when his family goes to Mr crosswire for a new one I bet he didn't like cars on purpose! And when he fixes it by himself and his parents ask him if he wants to go out to pizza or ice cream he turns it down!

34 Sue Ellen Chickens Out

Muffy didn't care about the sugar bowl. She wanted to change it.

Ok first of all why did Sue Ellen say that an ICE CREAM SHOP is there second home plus who wouldn't want a chicken licken to replace it that's what KFC is!

35 Arthur's Underwear
36 The Last of Mary Moo Cow
37 Poor Muffy (Season 1) Poor Muffy (Season 1)

Francine is kind enough to allow Muffy to stay with her family while they replace the carpets and how does she repay her, by acting arrogant selfish and just down right rude to Francine and her family, at one point when they sit down at dinner in which they serve leftovers she blatantly insults the food calling it vomatrocious, throughout the whole episode she complains about everything until Francine can't stand it anymore and tells her if she doesn't like it her she can just leave which Muffy is happy to do so as she tells her "I'm tired of being poor anyway". - egnomac

Muffy Crosswire at her worst and she is just so obnoxiously characterized in this episode.

38 Waiting for Snow
39 Flaw and Order

1. Not record because she figured Arthur was gonna break the glass platter.
2. Not show Dad the recorded video of the plate getting broken to get Arthur in trouble.
3. Maybe do something to-get whooped so hard she had an AZ SOOO red from DW’s Very Bad Mood THAT would be DEVINELY

40 Draw

Hey furs there a new world it call a Opinion

I feel so mad because Arthur and the gang payback Francine JUST BY USING A SANDWICH AS A PUPPET?! Fern,Binky,Buster,Arthur,Brain,Muffy,and Sue Ellen are big IDIOTS AND JERKS! Francine might have been mean but a least she told the truth about a puppet! I ADMIT SEASONS 1-3 ARE SO DUMB AND THE MOST STUPID SEASONS EVER EXCEPT FOR SOME EPISODES! THIS EPISODE SHOULD BE ON NUMBER 1!

41 Brother, Can You Spare a Clarinet?

Binky is at his worst in this episode. He becomes a huge jerk to the other characters all because of his clarinet not working, he is ungrateful when the others try to help him and he never gets punished for his actions. True, Binky has been a jerk in other episodes. But it is just ridiculous in this episode!

42 The Tattletale Frog

This episode is really funny one of my faviortes - LiamMurphy

43 Bleep

I HATE this episode. But, my brother decided he go around swearing, so I had to show him this episode. It did nothing to help him. If they're gonna try and teach a lesson, at least actually teach it!

I hide all this and pretend it never happened in Arthur.

Imagine if D.W. watches Deadpool

This Episode Is On Par With Sailor Mouth From Spongebob

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44 Pet Projects
45 Adventures in Budylon

Any episode with Ladonna or Bud could potentially be on this list, but this one, oh man.

46 Attack of the Turbo Tibbles

The Power Ranger parody

If the Tibbles saw The Attack on Titan, they would attack DW

This episode accomplished something very rare: Me (the viewer) sympathizing with D.W. But of course, The Tibbles (A.K.A. D.W.’s DW) have to be awful jerks at their worst of all of their annoying appearances and making D.W. get STICHES. I felt BAD for D.W.

47 Arthur Read: Super Saver

Arthur acts like a total idiot in this episode! He thinks that they are living through The Great Depression! After his mom said they just don't have enough money to buy extra things! But then Arthur won't even use a lawn mower, turn lights on, or even watch T.V.! After your parents already told you that you just can't spend money on extra things! I would put this at number one but you already started

48 Staycation

D.W legit makes this episode so bad! It all starts with their mom and dad canceling there trip to the lake. Arthur is left in charge, but than the real bad part kicks in! D.Ws mom somewhat thinks D.W is responsible enough to give a review on how they are doing. Than very well D.W (which stands for dumb wussy) flushes a dipper down the toilet! Meanwhile she also lets a ton of birds in the house and the smell of the dipper also gets to Arthur, which makes the toast burn and almost start a fire! This episode is just absolute garbage! Oh and at the end D.W says "I saved the day" and her mother gives her a hug! Burn the tape of this

49 The Good Sport
50 The Contest
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