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1 So Funny I Forgot To Laugh

Arthur's a real jerk in this episode. - egnomac

Arthur is going out of character

Arthur is a BULLY! He was so flanderized that I forgot he was the protagonist.

Why Arthur?

2 Arthur's Big Hit

This is one the worst episodes of the show. Just as bad as some of Family Guy's episodes like Not all Dogs go to Heaven and Quagmire's Dad. The way they portray the characters was stupid. For me, the worst thing about this episode is that they expect us to feel bad for D.W., where in actuality, it's satisfying to see her get punch since she's clearly the most unlikable character in the whole show, all while the episode is making Arthur out like he's the bad guy for his action, where in actuality, Arthur's the only relatable character in the entire episode. Just, how can you blame him for having moment like this when he was given everything reason? I said enough here, everything wrong with this episode in right in the blue. It's annoying, mean-spirited, and a complete failure of what they were trying to do, as well as the show itself.

This is by far the most infamous episode of the series, and I guess Bleep takes the runner up spot.

Not to sound like a jerk or anything but that brat had it coming. - egnomac

Arthur is the most sympathetic character yet he is bullied and his parents side with DW the most unlikable character in the show

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3 D.W.'s Very Bad Mood

D.W. At her absolute worst, in the episode D.W. throws a massive tantrum all because she didn't get invited to a birthday party and even worst she's never punished for anything that she does in this episode. - egnomac

4 Looking For Bonnie
5 Play It Again, D.W.
6 Return of the Snowball
7 Read And Flumberghast
8 Cast Away

Absolute disaster of an episode consisting of D.W getting her way through temper tantrums, Dad giving in and never being punished for any of her awful behavior.

D.W in this episode really makes this episode so unwatchable :P - Matthew_1996

9 To Eat or Not To Eat V 1 Comment
10 S.W.E.A.T.

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11 Buster The Lounge Lizard
12 The Election
13 Follow the Bouncing Ball
14 Nerves of Steal

Buster really wants a new toy that everyone except him and Arthur have his mom tells him hell get one for his birthday but Buster really doesn't want to wait so while at the drug store where Arthur and his family are shopping at stuffs the toy in Arthur's backpack without him knowing, eventually the guilt gets to him and shows up at Arthur's house and shows him the stolen toy Arthur is understandingly upset with Buster for almost getting him in trouble but rather than tell his parents what Buster did they decide to cover it up and return the toy without anyone knowing, they show up the next day with a note but find out all the toys are gone and if they leave it there the store owner will know they took it so one of them distracts the owner while the other hides the toy they almost get off scot free but the toy mysteriously starts walking the owner see's the toy and the note and the boys eventually fess up and are busted, though the episode teaches that stealing is wrong just the way ...more - egnomac


15 Flippity Francine
16 D.W.'s Stray Netkitten
17 Go to Your Room, D.W.

This episode shows how D.W. gets punished and lies about being treated like a slave by her brother and parents after she blames her baby sister! She thinks those events did happen to her, when in real life...THEY DIDN'T!

D.W.: I have the meanest parents in the whole world. All they do is punish me and make me work like a slave girl. First I had to stay up all night and take care of Arthur when he had a cold, and finally when my cousin Lucy was getting married, I had to stay home to cook, and clean while everyone else when to the wedding. It's so sad being me.

Me: Seriously? ARE YOU EVEN HEARING YOURSELF OR ARE YOU JUST PLAIN STUPID!?!?!?! Those events never even happened to you and your just making that stuff up you idiot!

D.W.: I'm not making anything up! Those things did happen to me. Who's side are you on?

Me: I'm on the side that involves me taking a lie detector test on you for making those idiotic excuses runt!

D.W.: How do you think I'm making ...more

18 Vomitrocious

Did they have to dedicate an entire episode to vomit!? I love the series but they didn't have to do this episode. I only watched a little bit of this episode and I will never go back and finish it. Shows like Clifford The Big Red Dog, Curious George and The Berenstein Bears never did an episode like this so why should Arthur. If you like me are emetophobic (a fear of vomiting) or hematophobic (a fear of blood) don't watch this episode. There are so many better ones like Arthur's Family Vacation, Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm, The Chips Are Down, The Cave, Best Of The Nest, Elwood City Turns 100, Postcards From Buster, Arthur Weighs In, Happy Anniversary, etc. I wish this episode didn't exist.

19 The Big Blow Up
20 Arthur the Loser
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1. D.W.'s Very Bad Mood
2. So Funny I Forgot To Laugh
3. The Election
1. Play It Again, D.W.
2. D.W.'s Very Bad Mood
3. Follow the Bouncing Ball
1. Looking For Bonnie
2. So Funny I Forgot To Laugh
3. Read And Flumberghast



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