Top Ten Worst Arthur Episodes

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21 Get Smart

Very annoying, boring, and overplayed.

22 Pet Projects
23 Buster Hits the Books

Terrible, nonsensical, just a bad episode

24 Adventures in Budylon

Any episode with Ladonna or Bud could potentially be on this list, but this one, oh man.

25 Attack of the Turbo Tibbles
26 Arthur the Loser
27 From Whom the Bell Tolls
28 Arthur and D.W. Clean Up

Arthur basically tries to avoid cleaning his room when he gets ready to go to a big event I the park his parents decide enough is enough and tell him he can't go until he cleans his room as well as D.W. Mr. Reed decides that both Arthur and D.W. should work together to clean each others rooms which proves to be a horrible idea as neither of them can work together while Arthur is cleaning his room D.W. keeps bothering him and taking things out and when they're finally finish Arthurs ready to go but forgets he still has to help D.W. clean her room so Arthur tries to rush and clean her room as quick as possible but D.W. complains as she likes to organize her things which leads to more arguing and Mr. Reed has to intervene Arthur complains that he's missing the event at the park and Mr. Reed states the obvious if he had cleaned his room like he was suppose to he wouldn't be in this position in the first place eventfully D.W. decides she wants to clean her room by herself mostly because ...more - egnomac

29 Double Dare
30 Arthur Read: Super Saver

Arthur acts like a total idiot in this episode! He thinks that they are living through The Great Depression! After his mom said they just don't have enough money to buy extra things! But then Arthur won't even use a lawn mower, turn lights on, or even watch T.V.! After your parents already told you that you just can't spend money on extra things! I would put this at number one but you already started

31 Staycation

D.W legit makes this episode so bad! It all starts with their mom and dad canceling there trip to the lake. Arthur is left in charge, but than the real bad part kicks in! D.Ws mom somewhat thinks D.W is responsible enough to give a review on how they are doing. Than very well D.W (which stands for dumb wussy) flushes a dipper down the toilet! Meanwhile she also lets a ton of birds in the house and the smell of the dipper also gets to Arthur, which makes the toast burn and almost start a fire! This episode is just absolute garbage! Oh and at the end D.W says "I saved the day" and her mother gives her a hug! Burn the tape of this

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