I understand why this show was made, but I don't understand who was this show for.

Mad Magazine was going downhill, since, no offense, no one reads Magazines anymore since nowadays it's all Internet (Which explains how Cracked gained the upper-hand, but anyways...). They attempted to create a show in order to see if their popularity will rise, but the problem is that it isn't made for any audience whatsoever.

The magazines were clever, down to earth and parodied a lot of shows in a sarcastic, satirical way. So I don't understand why people get annoyed with their satire. However, this show connects references no child in 2014 would get, comic shorts made for children, and a few other segments that seem to be for older kids. With the exception of Spy VS Spy (Which is for everyone)

I mean, really, If they wanted to create a show for Mad, they should've just made it Spy VS Spy. Slapstick like 'Tom and Jerry' and 'Iggy and the Cockroaches' seem to be doing ...more

This show was just one big insult. The whole show was made just to prove that they are the best show in the universe. Wanna know how they do it? Maybe they put up lots of billboards and commercials or host wicked fundraising parties in popular cities. NOPE, THEY TALK ABOUT OTHER SHOWS AND MOVIES! They know that they're bad and are trying to tear critically acclaimed series like Star Wars and Avatar with them. Of all episodes, 99% of them make a celebrity look like either a pedophile or a weed addict. Speaking of drugs, I often question what was in their brains when making each episode. All in all, I can't believe that they have yet to be sued or something. If you see this turd they call comedy on your T.V. screen, run to your bedroom, lock the door, hide under the covers and call 911.

Some of the reasons here are kind of weak. Basically some people hate this parody comedy series for being a parody comedy? There are actual reasons why this is a pretty lame show. I mean it had such great potential. While I never read MAD magazine, I loved MAD T.V. and I love Robot Chicken. MAD is neither one of them

The show rather than focusing on being funny, mostly focuses on name dropping as many popular, or even not that popular, names they can for each sketch. A regular sketch looks so poorly made its like anyone can do it.
Harry Potter and Batman are on a quest to get the Krusty Krab to battle Colonel Kurtz, but suddenly the Teletubbies get in the way and sing Justin Bieber's Baby.
There, now where's my money?
The whole thing feels like a machine gun waiting to hit something funny.

Also the pacing is just so rushed. They try to cram a ton of sketches in a 15 minute time period (including ads) and they just come off as too rushed. The sad thing is that I ...more

It sounded like a great idea at first, but all they are is unfunny sketches making jokes on things people already joked about long before. The whole show feels rushed, the voice acting is terrible which is odd considering they have great voice actors on the show like Grey Delisle and Dana Snyder, and the parodies just faile.

They have also ruined the word "turd" for everyone. That used to be such a dirty word reserved for great shows like South Park, but now they've turned it into a kiddie word. Also they seem to have a lot of voice actors at their disposal, but they never get the right voice actors for their shows. Why? I would understand if it was to parody the voice and make fun of it, but they don't even do that.

For example, why didn't they get Jeremy Shada to do Finn's voice? If they wanted to make fun of Finn and give him a girly voice that's fine, but his voice on MAD sounds like a female voice actress actually trying to sound like a boy. In other words Finn ...more

All the creators do is take a bunch of pop culture references and blend them together with some insults about them.

One day, Charlie Sheen is walking through the Hundred Acre Woods, wishing that his HIV had already killed him. He soon comes across Captain Underpants who tells him that the Mushroom Kingdom is being attacked Superman who is out for revenge due to the mixed reviews of his latest movie. The duo then go to the scene where they easily kill Superman with a good old Hadouken! They both end up hanging themselves because everybody hates them.

It's Actually Amazing How Lame, Random And Pointless This Show Can Get These Days, Seriously How Is Regular Show Worse Than This? I Expect You To At Least Make Regular Show And MAD! Switch Places Or Else I'll Be Very Mad! But If You Really Want To Do The Right Thing Then I Suppose You Could Get Regular Show Off The List And Put MAD! Higher On The List That's What I Would Do, Seriously Regular Show Really Isn't That Bad! MAD! Is Way Worse Than Regular Show. Whoever Hates Regular Show Probably Likes The Cartoons I Wouldn't Like.

Are you looking for a show that is a hilarious and fun mixture of MAD Magazine, MAD T.V. and Robot Chicken?

Then don't watch Cartoon Network's MAD because it sucks ass, and it sucks ass to the extreme!

Cartoon Network finally got its own sketch comedy cartoon, and it is disappointing.

The sketches are rushed, the comedy is bland, the jokes are stuff we all made up or heard of before, and while MAD somehow got great voice actors into their show, the voice acting is downright horrific.

Seriously how could a show with a great voice actor like Dana Snyder sound so bad? However it is MAD accomplished to do just that!

How Did This Show Get So Popular? It Doesn't Even Have A Plot? And It Makes No Sense At All! Same With Uncle Grandpa. It's Just Like Robot Chicken But Without The Blood, And It Has The Same Animation As Teen Titans Go! So Overall This Show Is Terrible And All This Ever Throw In Is Random Crap In It's Just Like Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go! & Robot Chicken All Combined Into One.

Oh come one MAD was darnnn good! The only great kids cartoon show now days. They were faithful to the core element of the original magazine, and really thought outside of the box as opposed to these other shows that are just aimed for stoner hipsters. MAD had different styles of animation, and it kept a good irreverent look at all the pop culture kids just get fed nowdays. And even referenced older things like Soul Train and didn't do it in the ironic teenage fashion a lot of cartoon shows try. This show was just unabashedly wacky on its own without trying to compete with the others. and it wasn't too dirty, but didn't play it too safe either. Seriously, it's television's loss now that it's gone. On in a million.

Mad makes fun of the shows on its own network which is basically insulting yourself. And yes, the only good bit is spy vs spy while everything else looks if two more horrible shows, example: secret mountain force awesome or whatever it is and so random had a baby. It sucks and beats down on good stuff. I know its a spoof show, but beat down on horrible things like disney, Miley cyrus, and fred. Make fun of those things and you'll be a billionaire a few days after the next episode.

Everyone one on this website might hate me but this actually wasn't a bad show and it wasn't making fun of anyone it was only a parody and many people LOVE parodies because they're really funny and there was not many kid shows about parodies so it was pretty original and there were SOOO many clips in each episode which made it even more interesting because if you didn't like one clip you can watch the other and hopefully enjoy it but that's my opinion and I really wished that they didn't get rid of this show because of how original it was

Well at least Mad does what its supposed to in the show, just like the magazine it parodies of other shows or movies. I thought it was funny sometimes but sometimes they flopped. It was kind of a hit or miss with the jokes because for some reason they would do parodies on shows or movies little kids probably haven't seen so they wouldn't understand.

Mad should be 1#! They make fun of my favorite characters! I once saw a commercial and they made fun of regular show! That is my favorite show in CN! Who watches that show anyway?!?! Whoever does, watch a new show like the good ones regular show and adventure time or GET A LIFE! Be desperate of everything in every show!

Mad makes fun of everything you like. It's only funny when baby shows are made of. Other then that mad should be brought to a dumb channel. Or brought to adult swim. Grossest show ever. Yuck!

I saw the MAD magazine since I was younger and it ruined my childhood. Seriously though, why this has to be in Cartoon Network!? It has to be banned NOW

I try not to barf while watching a episode. This show is so gross, random, and stupid. If you like mad, don't be offended
Because this show isn't the worst.

Man! Mad has ruined entertainment! The animation is horrible and disgusting, the episodes and plots are unfunny, and basically makes fun of other shows and is retarded. Also they have CGI and 2D mixed together, that's horrible!

I hate it it makes fun of other shows. Hey mad why don't you make fun of me if your going to make fun of other shows make fun of me

Robot chicken is better even if its only on AS

It's a children's version of Robot Chicken that is unfunny, unoriginal, retarded, and lame.

The magazines aren't even for kids! I read one myself and thought "THIS is what they made a children's show out of? " - Discord

Even worse, there is an episode where Princess Peach and Amy Rose are only with female gaming characters! Either way, this show is cool at the same time!

They make jokes that kids won't understand, make fun of real people, and the animation looks hideous! - ethanmeinster

This show is good because it's a kid version of robot chicken that's all it is

It's weird, but it's mad. If you've ever read the magazine, you would understand. I actually find it pretty funny. Just understand the jokes and it's funny.