Out of Jimmy's Head

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Out of Jimmy's Head, is an American live-action/animated television series. It was advertised as the first Cartoon Network's series in this genre, even though Big Bag was what took credit, while also including some animated segments.


This show was absolute ass!

The movie Re-animated was mediocre at best, but felt very out of place on Cartoon Network. Seeing that movie on Cartoon Network was like the equivalent of having Dora the Explorer on Comedy Central.

The series, Out of Jimmy's Head was even worse. From obvious cast changes that you'd have to be blind and retarded not to notice, to completely bland and forgettable characters. This show had everything to guarantee a craptastic time every time you watch it.

Also for a show about a kid with a brain transplant who can now see cartoon characters, do you really need a "alien sister" subplot? What's the point of having a "real world/cartoon world" type of show if the real world is no less "cartoony" than the cartoon world?

Also this show had way too many characters than it could handle. Then again the way this show sucked, it couldn't handle even two characters.

The show was constantly struggling, but the ultimate cry for help was ...more

I used to think this was the worst show to ever air on Cartoon Network, but then came The Problem Solverz and The Annoying Orange, which were even worse. But that doesn't stop Out of Jimmy's Ass from being atrocious. The cartoons in Jimmy's head are nothing more than Disney Sensational Six ripoffs (similar designs, similar personality, etc.) The acting as well is painful to sit through, and reminds me of the terrible sitcoms you see on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. And to make the show even worse? There's a Laugh Track... WHY? This was without a doubt one of Cartoon Network's worst shows, and it was the moment this premiered as a Cartoon Network Original Movie in 2006 that I started to get worried for the channel, as it paved way for the CN Real massacre of the late 00s/early 10s. This is CARTOON NETWORK! A CHANNEL FOR CARTOONS ONLY! I'm glad this show had a short run and hasn't aired since its cancellation, because it truly was awful. I'm especially glad that Adventure Time, ...more - Disneykid00

A lot of people try to pinpoint exactly when Cartoon Network went downhill. Some say 2004, some say 2007, but I can pinpoint the exact day: December 8th, 2006. The day that the Re-Animated movie first aired. Not only was this movie utter crap, but it completely changed Cartoon Network's direction overall. Terrible live-animated shows like the ones that were airing on Disney channel were aired, and the overall quality of even a lot of the other shows at the time took a dive. As for this show, this is what you get when you hear that the term "Random" is getting popular, then immediately try to jump on the bandwagon by making the most nonsensical, not funny, and cheapest produced crap you can possibly get away with. - Zach808

I watched the commercial and vomit came out of my eyes. Whoever made this show must have been out of their head.

An unfunny live action show. It's about a kid that can see cartoons. It sounds interesting, but it's a live action show and should not be on a cartoon channel. The characters are bland, it has a laugh track starting at episode 8 that is WAY overused (and obviously fake since it was not filmed before a live studio audience), and it ruined the Network. - Eraser

I honestly could have liked the concept, but there were two reasons it didn't work:

1. It was a live action show. This is Cartoon Network. They go together like pumpkin pie and mayonnaise.

2. It just was not funny. At all. I don't remember giving honest laughs at anything on that show when I was 13, and I probably wouldn't even now.

This Show Actually Could've Been Good, But This Show Failed Miserably Along With Uncle Lame-Pa And The Problem Causers And Nasty Mountain Fart Stupid.

Thank God, this show was over, it was hell over my childhood when I was 7-8. And I don't get about jokes from the show, seriously. I'm glad doesn't existed and wish this show never written on history and should be forgettable. X)

I would have to agree, this show is barely watchable. Thank god it got cancelled in 2008. Otherwise Cartoon Network became terrible.

The idea and premise is awesome... But the movie is so cheaply shot that it doesn't work. And of all places to try to make up for it but Cartoon Network!

I cannot even bear watching a millisecond of this cheap cartoon-reality show-whatever!

Thanks to the failure of this Cartoon-Real life hybrid, we have CN Real. Great, just great...

This Is Like A Mixture Of A Cartoon And A Live Action Show Which Looks Like It Could Be Interesting To Watch Actually, But I Doubt It.

What's even more sad is that there's a rip off of it on Disney called Kirby Buckets. Seriously people! - Apex320

Can sum1 honestly tell me when this even aired?

I blame this mess of a show for the downfall of Cartoon Network and it probably is its fault.

And this show got renewed for a 2nd season. the first was bad enough

Should be number one on the list as worst show ever to air on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network. CARTOON network. Not nick network.

I have to honestly agree, I saw that show for no other reason than I had nothing better to do that day & while I did hate for not being funny, and for ripping off Disney's classic cartoons in a terrible comedy, even the actors didn't want to be apart of it and the commercials were horrible, so I didn't inpect to like it, I inpected to kill my brain cells for a few episodes and go home.

It's odd how this show was in Cartoon Network, it's not really a cartoon

About time this finally got above Adventure Time on this list. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I can't believe this isn't number 1

I never knew that this show existed

A show about someone who became retarded and starts seeing things. Worst show on the channel. It was finally tooken off the air in America recently, but the Canadians still watch it.