Steven Universe

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Steven Universe is an American animated television series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network. The show's based around a young boy by the name of Steven Universe, who is a hybrid of a gem and a human. He lives with his gem friends, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl.


I don't think Steven Universe is a horrible show, probably because I have a connection with it until a certain extent, not because my dad walked on me when I was little, it's because my dad unexpectedly died exactly 3 weeks after my 12th birthday. Steven's mom had to give up her life so Steven could live, the emotional part for me is whenever there's an episode of Steven trying to figure out who his mom was and what she was like. The only difference between me and is that I know what my dad was like but he didn't know what is mom was like, which kind of makes me sad.

My favorite scene is Freeing Lapis. The slow piano in the background is AMAZING.

I know how it feels like to have a parent you barely even know about - gabbycupkake

NO! This Show Is Awesome, And There's Only THREE Reasons Why A Person Might Hate This Show:
1. Because They're Too Stupid To Understand It
2. They've Only Watched The Pilot
3. They Never Watched Steven Universe Before.
Pick On Teen Titans Go! Instead That Show Barely Even Has Any Plots, But At Least This Show Has Plots, Yes Some Very Interesting Plots Indeed, So If You We're Smart Enough To Know Which Is Good And Bad You Would Definitely Take This Off The List, Because It's Good, NOT Bad? Good, Unlike Emotionless People Like You, Who Loves To Pick On The Shows That We're Loved By Many.

I have one problem with this comment I thought the pilot was good - gabbycupkake

This show is ain't that bad. I like it. I mean sure there are times when it can be stupid but most of the time I find it very watchable. Way more than that acid trip of a show uncle grandpa. So I'd give Steven universe an 8/10

I've tried so hard, but I can't even FORCE myself to watch this show. I'm still not exactly sure the main reason why I hate it so much it may be just due to the countless reasons I hate it. Here's a few

1. Way too many plot holes! Not much more to say on that

2. The characters are unlikable to me. Their actions are often quite irrational and unreasonable. They're all also quite, well, dumb at points. Connie, Garnet, and Sadie are probably the only characters I like because they're reasonable, likable, realistic as realistic as a crystal gym could get , and different, I guess! Steven is the clich annoying, bratty, and emotional character, Pearl is a common cold and mom like character but she's not sensible at all , and Amethyst is the VERY OVERUSED irresponsible character. Those are just a few

. The episodes are RUSHED. There's often mistakes in the animation. This also is probably the cause for all of the plot holes. Don't get me wrong, I know many of the ...more

I don't think your comment deserves that amount of likes. You're right, not them. - DoritosAreLife

Anyone who says they hate this show obviously didn't watch it far enough. My friends say it's just a show about a kid with a magical bellybutton, and I encountered this one girl who said she just couldn't watch it. She said there's no plot to it and it's just a stupid show about "a girl with a star on her face." I have no idea what she meant by that, but whatever, its not true. The show started getting good at jailbreak, which was the first part of the 1st season finale. Everything after that was AWESOME. There was a new episode today called "Catch and Release." It's a character development episode focusing on one of the show's main antagonists, Peridot, and may lead to her redemption.

Some people think that this show is bad. I think I know why: The beginning is very confusing and "strange". For someone who hasn't even watched one episode the beginning is like:
Here, this is Steven Universe and this fat boy likes donuts. But it isn't. I don't want to say the beginning isn't important, but I think that you can just understand it if you watched more episodes. For people who are maybe so CLEVER to give the show a second try: just watch it after episode 25 the story really begins. And after watching more episodes it's easy to understand th emotional issues of the characters and how they change and grow. I know most people are just prejudiced, because I was it too. Than I watched the whole season 1 and I love this show. Now I'm a big fan of it and really recommend it.

This show is one of the best shows on Cartoon Network! Why is it on here?

It's actually quite overrated. Sure the animation is nice and the character designs are okay (there are some ugly designs, Steven's head to me is quite unattractive), but the sad thing is... it's too cliche. Sure it does add new stuff that make it unique, but holy crap the plot for the end of the 1st season and S2 just comes out of nowhere and the show does become better but not by a whole lot. Also Peridot she's probably one of the most overrated characters of the show and she's just damn annoying along with Steven and Amethyst. The only characters that I really like are Garnet, Pearl, Greg, Lars (despite being annoying at times), any of the other gems other than what is in the parenthesis (I was pumped up for Yellow Diamond but it turned out to be a huge disappointment, what bothered me was her design because it looked more like something from Metropolis, and the Yellow Diamond face "meme" was pretty annoying, and like I said Peridot is annoying and she's quite unlikeable, ...more

This show shouldn't be on the list! I love Steven Universe!

I find this show very overrated to be honest, I see it everywhere I go. But this show gets hate for stupid reasons though, like "This show is about some stupid, fat kid with a gem in his belly button with ugly, mental women." Just because Steven is fat does not mean the show is bad. It is actually decent, plus the gems are of all skin colors and sizes, which is a good example, and it shows that being homosexual is okay. - AnimeDrawer

I still don't get this show as likeable. Gravity Falls rules!

Trust me, WATCH THIS. Yes, it's a silly and average cartoon at first, but soon it turns into the most unique and lovable shows ever. One of my favorite episodes is Jailbreak. I'm not gonna say what happens, because this episode has the most amazing plot twist ever. And it has a song sung by Estelle! You know, the singer (and Garnet's voice actress)?

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My American boy. - Izzy4626

Character build up is 90 on this show, kind of odd though, how villains turn to good guys later on, leaving a few villains left, unlike other super hero shows (no offense to the awesome superpower shows) this has more lessons than you'd normally watch, of course when it started it was so weird and not understandable, a few improvements here and there than it becomes wonderful, some parts sad, but all in all it's pretty good once you watched it's newer episodes. - Podzilla

I find that your opinions are really hit and miss for me and this show being on the list appalled me. I think this show is beautiful in a lot of ways and it has An actual plot idea that interests me.

It is the worst show with the worst fandom.

Steven Universe shouldn't be on the list. Even though it had a bit of a rocky start, it has developed into a stellar show that is much more clever and entertaining than any other show on Cartoon Network right now. The characters are extremely likable, especially since they receive much more development in season 2. Also, the music is wonderful (courtesy of Rebecca) and the whole idea of gems being personified is so unique and charming.

There's two shows on Cartoon Network that I turn off as soon as I hear the intro: Steven Universe and Annoying Orange. My nephews are younger than I am and they don't like it either.

Yeah Steven Universe is a great show and makes more sense than clarence which makes no sense at all whatsoever.

This is not a bad show at all, in fact, it's my favourite! Yeah, I kinda agree that steven can be a real annoyance, but other times, he is funny! Amethyst rocks!

Am I the only person who dislikes steven universe?

This show does not deserve to be on this list in any way. If you have never seen this show you should go watch it. You will not be dissapointed. In my opinion, it kicks adventure times ass.

Steven universe sucks in my opinion it's bland and boring

Steven Universe is unique show that take a lot of the thing we love about cartoons and brings back memories of the older show Cartoon Network had. Like Teen Titans or Code Lyoko.

I've watched EVERY single episode and haven't found anything likable about this! And the fans are saying to watch WAY past 20 episodes to see the good parts! - BetterThanYou

NO! This Show Is Great! I Don't Know Why People Bash It So Much. Some People That Do Probably Like Teen Titans Go! Or Uncle Grandpa. Ugh... Now Those Two Shows I Mentioned Always Annoy The Heck Out Of Me, At Least Steven Universe Himself Doesn't Try To Be Annoying, Plus His Show Isn't Bad, Again I Don't Know Why People Love Picking On The Show So Much When They Can't Even Find One Good Reason To Hate The Show.