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Uncle Grandpa is an American animated television series created by Peter Browngardt for Cartoon Network that premiered on the network on September 2, 2013. The series is based on Browngardt's animated short of the same name from The Cartoonstitute.


Uncle Grandpa has a lack of charm and character development. This show has a random and pointless plot for each episode. I watched a few episodes and believe me, your better off without watching them. I'm going to get a bit more into how underdeveloped the characters are. The characters have no back story, how they came to be, and we can't really tell what their personalities are but only that they are down flat annoying.

This show lacks humor and charm! Yes, there are lots of really great shows and books series that lack humor, but It's charm they have. Uncle Grandpa is a show I expected to have at least a little bit of actual humor, not " Oh hi I am a tiger that farts rainbows." I wanted the opposite of this. Just by watching the theme song I can tell I was already going to get that kind of, so called, "Humor." Now on to the whole charm situation. As I said, there are tons of Movies, Television series, Book series that lack humor, but it's their plot that ...more

There is nothing good about this show. Everything about it is horrible. There is absolutely no comedic value, no real story, nothing. Voice acting is rather awful, anyone can do it. Lame animations, they even use real images of a tiger because they're too lazy to animate something of their own. The writing seems like it was done by a 9 year old. The show is absurd just to be absurd and for no other reason. (not even the good kind either) There is no creativity here, this is a perfect example of the difference between creativity and throwing random stuff together and claiming it to be creative. This show is not creative, it is utter garbage to suit the thoughtless minds of children. It is there just to be there, for children to stare at the T.V. and not think, just stare; not even a laugh of the slightest. And what is worst is that the only thing they can think of for a catchphrase for the crappy character is "Good Morning". Seriously? What were these people thinking?

Everything about this character is screaming to me that homosexuals are pedophiles. No I am not saying that homosexuals are pedophiles, but this character is. He is also making a statement that homosexuals are retarded. I don't know one gay friend who is not offend by this...

Lets look at the characteristics that make this character gay:
-Rainbow Suspenders
-Handle-bar mustache
-Queer personality
-Happy all the dame time

Evidence that he's a pedophile:
-He appears to children
-He is overly concern with helping children in gross fashion
-He lives in a beat up van (probably beat up by Moms of America)
-He claims that he is everyone's uncle and grandpa (probably an incestuous excuse)
-He dresses like a pedophile and so does his green lizard man thing he lives with
-The talking fanny pack where that covers over his crotch has a tongue (probably to represent his penis and that his zipper is always open to anyone. That's what I took away from ...more

Uncle Grandpa is so creepy and such a pedophile. He's the uncle and grandpa of everyone one Earth? Seriously? No wonder he's so retarded and creepy... Well anyways, there is no silver lining in the show. No heroes to root for, and no actually good comedy. Pizza Steve has way too much ego, and Gus (a lizard character) Is the only character that actually has a brain, but he's WAY too depressed. And The Giant Realistic Flying Tigeris just evidence of how lazy the show animator are. There's also no good messages. Uncle Grandpa says that being fat is okay, and the show makes fun of different stereotypes. Uncle Grandpa is a show that relies on gross body humor and jokes that will only please a five year old. And when the commercials were on all night and day, it just annoyed me until my brain exploded. Even though "good morning" is a polite thing to say in normal circumstances, it just wants me to punch myself in the face whenever Uncle Grandpa says it, even when it's not morning! CN ...more - ethanmeinster

"Good Morning! "... uh... more like GOOD-BYE! This show is so stupid! Was the creator of this show on crack or something?! The animations and the characters are so awful. Literally, the first second I saw the preview for the show, I thought it was retarded. The side characters are just ridiculously horrible: an ugly-ass talking dinosaur, a talking slice of pizza who wears sunglasses to make himself look cool and act cool (when he really is the complete opposite of all that), a tiger who craps rainbows and is poorly animated considering the fact that the animations of the tiger were just 2 or 3 pictures taken from different angles, and a talking man-purse whose eyes look like nipples when worn by the ugly-ass old man who wears long johns, has his socks pulled up, and wears one of those hats that children in earlier cartoons used to wear just to look like an old-timer who wishes he was young again! I tried cracking a smile, but I couldn't because of how bad this show is.

Uncle Grandpa is the most horrible, dysfunctional, and disastrous cartoon show on the history of Cartoon Network or maybe in the entire Cartoon History. Sometimes I felt sorry to CN (even though this is the cartoon's birthplace or some sort) and every channel being forced to air this Hell-forged piece of turd. I rather looked at the wall, watching paint dry than watch this show, heck, even the devil himself refused to watch his own failure.

This absurd show sets on the adventures of the Retarded, Childish old man with a power almost like God (He is also disappointed looking at it, and yes, I prayed to him a question). He has friends: A Tiger who eats Froot Loops that is the reason that he farts Rainbow and a Nyan Cat Reject. The damn condescending jerk pizza who is damn liar and claims to be a celebrity even though we know that he is a bum and a con artist with a arrogant behavior. And the only normal character in that show is the green overweight dinosaur who has one of my ...more

This show offends me. Every time I see a promo of any type including just the existence of any characters in a promo unrelated to the show itself for it I turn off my television on reflex out of fear for my brain meats. Its existence has to be a mandate, not because anyone actually likes it. I actually feel offended for the intelligence of the human race being subjected to this absolute garbage. It must have been written and animated by crab people trying to take over the world by lowering the intelligence of the next generation to less than that of shovels. This show should die and be buried with the shovels it helped create.

This shows a mess of disturbance and randomness. It basically ruins cartoon network in so many ways and makes me just want to change the channel which is sad because I loved cartoon network out of all kids channels. It has good lessons in it sort of but its poorly drawn, gross, and it reminds me of secret mountain fort awesome which isn't a good thing. It gets way too much attention which drives me insane. I hope shows like Adventure time and regular show prosper on cartoon network because there stories are interesting and fun to watch. I just hope this show will stop playing sooner or later and just fade away from existence.

What is with all the stupid shows on this channel now? What happened to the good stuff, like Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and a lot of the other older shows that used to come on Cartoon Network? The old shows had great humor and didn't have to rely on fart jokes like the new ones do; they had good animation, unlike the new hideous animation that makes me want to tear my eyes from my sockets; and, most importantly, the old shows had heart. You could tell that the creators of the old shows truly cared about them and put a lot of effort into making them. The new shows just feel like a bunch of lazy people writing down lame jokes.

Uncle Grandpa is so retarded literally and mentally. And this show animation is lazy. Like instead of drawing a cartoony Tiger, they put a photo of a REAL LIFE tiger and are too lazy to name it. Say just say "Giant Realistic Flying Tiger" that can fly by farting "RAINBOWS" yes kids Rainbows. And it's so stupid because it's made by the same person who made Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. Both shows are very gross and disturbing. One episode had UG trying to act like he was from the streets and it was so CORNY! And the episode "Leg Wrestler" was very gross.

THIS IS THE WORST SHOW IN EXISTENCE! I doubt anything will ever beat it. The animation is terrible, and all the characters are just some random animal or object. Also, the plot is horrible: a man who's everyone's uncle and grandpa. Really? That's the best you come up with? Uncle Grandpa's design is disastrous! HE LOOKS LIKE A DORKY, HUMAN SpongeBob THAT WAS RAISED IN A DUMPSTER. His voice is goofy, and he says and does annoying things. The episode plots are terrible. I fail to see how this show's creators thought they could pass this by.

It is wrote by the worst SpongeBob writer ever, Casey Alexander - sryanbruen

This show is the dumbest thing ever. The only smart character is Mr. Gus, and he speaks in a monotone, possibly to say that people with actual sense are dumb and have no emotion. Uncle Grandpa, the main character, is the most annoying one on the show. He's oblivious to everything, and the only people he "helps" are teenagers. "Helping" means significantly screwing up their lives. The show can become dark at times, and it can also get really gross. Pizza Steve is an airheaded slice of pepperoni pizza, and he wears shades to make himself look "cool." He's obsessed with people thinking he's cool, and constantly is the troublemaker. Giant Realistic Flying Tiger doesn't talk, and is just a transparent tiger copied and pasted into the show. Oh, and not to mention, she farts rainbows and uses them to fly. On top of all of that, they all live in a van. I'm surprised they aren't all dead because of the way they drive. Overall, I would NEVER let my child watch this show. I'm sure it lowers IQ a ...more

Worst show ever. How can people think this cartoon is better than regular show? Even if you hate regular show, you've got to admit it's at least a little better than this trash. Cartoon network messed up when they got rid of ed edd n eddy, courage the cowardly dog, billy & mandy, etc and the grave is getting deeper every day. The only redeeming shows for me are regular show and adventure time (sometimes. Some episodes are just as annoying as uncle grandpa.)

Terrible it makes no sense, and the lessons are so retarded I mean what thinks being fat is great or giving someone a nickname called cupcake is good it's not. Don't get me started on the characters, Uncle grandpa has to be the 2nd worst character ever other than pizza Steve, uncle grandpa is so stupid he makes Beavis and Butthead intelligent. His catchphrase is so random and retarded. I just want to strangle him metaphorically. Pizza Steve is a loser who thinks he is famous. I hate him so much I want to eat him. Mr. Gus is the only good character compared to Uncle grandpa and everyone else. belly bag is a useless character. Giant realistic flying tiger is some tiger from Google that farts rainbows man that has to be so retarded. Please don't watch this show it's from the same creator from SMFA another bad show.

Don't even get me started on this show, it's just so bad. It's weird, confusing, and Uncle Grandpa is just so annoying. When it's first episode came out, my brother watched it, and he turned it off half way through. It's just so bad. NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER watch this show. Here are a bunch of specific reasons why:

1. Most of the time, the only thing that Uncle Grandpa ever says is good morning. Even when it's not morning. It's just the worst catch phrase ever, let's leave it at that.

2. Why would anyone ever need help from an Uncle Grandpa? That's just so random!

3. Most of the characters are cartoons, except for the mystical magical flying tiger thing. It's like a nion cat except it's a real tiger farting rainbows. Hello? Anyone notice that this guy copied the nion cat? And he has a huge plot hole here because real things and cartoons would never interact in real life. Whoever made that show, you could at least add some logic to it!

Hello... 'Who framed Roger Rabbit', that was real life, and there were plenty of cartoons!

While not really great or memorable, it's not really anything horrible either. People treat this like Problem Solverz, (which wasn't as bad as people said it was either, just had terrible visuals) or any live action show. I honestly think the people trashing this show are overreacting just so they can have something to hate on the network really.

While I'm older, I've seen worse from this network. A lot of story driven cartoons are out right now, along with a lot of try-hard comedies. This one is just a pure cartoon. It does cartoony and to be honest is quite fun to watch on visuals alone. UG is also not too bad of a character really. Seems like he genuinely wants to help people, and isn't people over in the process like Coconut Fred or SpongeBob (at times).

I enjoy this on a mindless level, it's enjoyable if you watch it just for goofs really, and if you like seeing cartoons play around with the fact that they can do whatever they want. - phunki

I just feel this show is trying hard to be funny, it has potential I would think (with some of the quirky characters), but I just can't see what's funny about it. And don't get me started at beary nice and hotdog person.

To defend some listed unjustly on this list:

I feel that people nowadays hate adventure time just because the internet says so (its "cool" to hate it). Just like people who say they didn't get scared with a hyped horror movie (the most common response I get is "its not scary, its just full of jump scares"). I mean dudes, name a horror movie that doesn't have jump scares, and if there was, would you think its scary? Bottomline is don't hate just because it's the trend, don't watch horror movies with a guarded opinion. Aventure time is hilarious, maybe people just don't get what's funny, I don't know but it definitely doesn't deserve to be in this list. FLAPJACK, I have watched this show to death before adventure time, its funny trust me.

I really hated this show, even when I first saw it. Its very retarded, derpy, annoying and a giant b-hole that should get out of my sight, my mind and my life. I hated this show even more when I watched the show more and when I found out that there is a crossover between this b-hole and Steven Universe. And occasionally when I watch T.V., that shows up after a few minutes and when that happens I always turn off the T.V. or unluckily had to watch it which is the reason that this show is entirely my number 1 Worst shows in my entire life and it should be gone forever in my time.

Have you guys noticed nick Disney and Cartoon Network are all dying in different ways, nick just wants to make stupid sitcoms with annoying characters, Disney just want to make shows about singing with characters with no personalities, and Cartoon Network just want to make shows for the mentally ill

I don't see how anyone can enjoy this crap. While people can make great cartoons like Ed, Edd n eddy, this show demonstrates the level of stupidity the same company is also capable of creating. Some cartoons can be cool with some amount of randomness/creepyness, like courage the cowardly dog, but this show completely abuses that resulting in a show with no plot and a cast with boring personalities. The animation is also terrible. I don't get why this isn't higher on the list, even if you hate adventure time you'll still say it's a hundred times better than this garbage.

Uncle Grandpa- everyone in the world's uncle AND grandpa. Can you say... incest? That's the only way it's possible to be everyone in the world's uncle and grandpa. Even if kids haven't figured that out already, when they're older they definitely will. This show is just stupid. He talks like a three year old, and he sounds like one too. The characters are idiotic and unoriginal. This show does NOTHING for anyone, unless you feel like getting dumber today.

I will never procreate for fear that my offspring will turn on the television and be tainted by the filth of beelzebub that is uncle grandpa. I am at a loss for words, how could children of the same species as me find this the least bit entertaining. I may go so far as to say, if I were high while watching this with jesus christ himself it I would commit seppuku from confusion. I could press my left nutsack on a piece of paper and come out with a better concept than this retarded jumble of incest. Cartoon Network you are dead to me, animation has been murdered.

Show Rating:

If you didn't know, Uncle Grandpa is a show aimed for kids 7-12. The show has a creative use of animation, but this is bad creativity. The main characters are Uncle Grandpa, a 60-70 year old man who wears overalls. Pizza Steve, a annoying as hell living slice of pizza who only cares about himself and lies to get appreciation from Uncle Grandpa. Mr. Gus, the normal cliche grumpy and boring person. And Giant Realistic Flying Tiger, a flying stock photo of a tiger that can fly by "Farting" rainbows. The show makes a lot of toilet humor.

Overall I would rate the show 0/10.

Seriously? It's meant for 7-12 year olds? More like 2-4 year olds. Or possibly just 1-2 year olds. Or people in comas. This show is terrible.

Uncle grandpa has the worst writers in history. They should be utterly ashamed and just downright slaughter themselves, bunch of stupid pricks wasting my time with their half-ass show. Everyone thinks they can just make a "trippy" cartoon and it will be awesome. WRONG! I vote this as literally my number one hated show with Honey Boo-Boo being a close second

At least SpongeBob doesn't have to put up with Casey Alexander, whom is on this show now - sryanbruen

Uncle grandpa is such a stupid show! It includes a dumb old man, a godzilla guy, a slice of pizza who thinks he is awesome but he really is not, and a tiger who farts rainbows. They come up with stupid things. In one Christmas epic, Santa gets injured and uncle grandpa dresses up like a Christmas monster and dances with a velociraptor. How stupid is that?