Adolf Hitler (Germany)

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


Adoft Hitler was a sociopath who scared the world with his ploys of conquering it. His decision to exterminate all the Jews on the planet especially in Europe was the single most worst mistake that anyone who ever walked on God's green Earth did. He almost succeeded. Hitler managed to kill 3 million of the total 9 million Jews in and around Poland at that time. That's why Holocaust Hitler was not only the worst dictator that ever lived but it also makes him the worst human being that ever set foot on our sweet lovely planet.

The worst person who ever lived. I could not believe this guy. He was a coward, he had killed so many European Jews during the Holocaust. Parents of disabled children were sent to clinics where they would receive lethal injections. Many Jews were sentenced to sadistic vivisections. He incinerated many Jews. I'm glad he's dead. He was going to be captured by Soviets, where he committed suicide and his body was put in a chamber and the chamber was filled with petrol.

As a German, my grandfather was a Nazi Bomber. So throughout life in America, I've been taunted, teased, and pretty much everything I draw "resembles a shwasticka (intentionally spelled wrong to mock bullies)". So I've spent time researching him, and I have to say, he was good at what he did. To mind wipe a whole country with resistance close to zero is a feat, a horrible terrible feat, but an incredibly hard feat. And he was the best at what he did, murder with no regard, and leave a name that murders people throughout history. He should be number 1.

Firstly I would like to say, as an American, it is wrong for you to bear the brunt of the past. You are correct. Hitler was very good at doing evil. In Mein Kampf I believe he wrote "I found that I can speak". I'm not sure if it is for us to say who was the worst. Hitler had tools that Caligula never dreamed of. Stalin had the natural means (weather) that can only be found in a couple of countries. But I did want you to know that you are in no way responsible. - Ericag

Hitler was not so bad though, He did kill the Jews and all, but he still was a great leader. Can you persuade a whole country to follow you? I think not. So what if he killed people, He was a great and powerful leader who took down armies and almost took the whole continent of Europe. He had almost the biggest empire EVER! So You can call him a bad dictator, but don't call him a bad leader.

I once had a dream that it turned out Hitler was a transvestite lemur.
Though this doesn't have a lot to do with the topic at hand...
Anyway, we were learning about the Holocaust in class. What he did was terrible.
In my opinion, genocides are pointless and only serve in the fact that our world is filled with prejudicial citizens.
Many Jews were killed, while the rest of them were tortured and starved.
Even members of his own country were killed because they protested against his actions.
In my opinion, that's NOT okay. - CatCode

How is he not number one?! Hitler is the single most evil person ever to live. He caused the bloodiest conflict in the history of the world, and he killed off millions of Jews, homosexuals, and disabled people in what he called the "final solution", or holocaust. He is just horrible!

He also killed some blacks (there weren't a lot then) and some Asians (probably fewer). Most horrible racist in history - AshleyChang

Hitler didn't just kill 4 million Jewish males 3 million females and 2 million children but because of the war he started over 100 million people died he ruined the world perspective on Germany even now people don't know Germany by our great cars BMW minis mercs no they remember Germany from him from Nazi and the fact he was a Austrian who lived in Poland and some how took over all of Germany and started a massive war provides how much of a horrible human being he was

He is worst ever. He gets pissed he can't even draw because someone said he couldn't. Follow your dreams and draw don't become a dictator that will die in a few years. Damn and no one did nothing to stop it but the Allie forces and the axis saw nothing wrong with kill millions of committing genocide. If he didn't kill millions and become dictator history would have changed and we could possibly have a more peaceful alliance with Germany.

Hitler is the worst of all dictators. He admits he hates people and that he wants wars and genocides. He killed 45 million people and if the 2nd World War lasted another 6 years he could have killed 100 million, as much as communism killed in one century and colonial imperialism in 400 hundred years. Nazism preaches hate, racism and sensless mass murder, something that no other ideology except fascim does that. He started a world war and he is detested all around the world, he did more evil than any other dictator. WW2 had brought Germany in a even more worse and humiliating state than in WW1 so all the progress and good he had made for Germany and the Germans equals zer0.

He did not only destroy his own country and people, but caused millions of deaths across the world. Even when all was lost and everyone including himself knew it, he stubbornly continued down his murderously destructive path, until it was imminent that he would be caught. Then he committed suicide leaving the whole world to mop up. Disgusting!

This guy... I just don't know what to say. He killed millions of Jews for no apparent reason, and he pretty much tried to go up against the whole world. He also suicided in a bunker because he didn't want the red army to get him. Talk about cowardly AND stupid

Hitler could have been a good person if he had not been rejected from the university of arts way back. Then the world perhaps would have viewed him as a great artist but for now the only Hitler we know of is a villain. The worlds worst villain.

Germans too often believe that they are superior. After WWII plenty of Nazis and sympathizers reinitiated careers even with the new government and avoided their friends to be found or prosecuted. Still as of today plenty of pieces of art, Jewelry and properties from Jews and foreigners have not been returned to their original owners or their descendants. Of course, he did not act alone.

Hitler killed the Jews because he actually believed in Jesus Christ. He had pure ideas he dreamed of a world where everything is good and pure and the Nazis were the most powerful people. He hated the Jews because they killed Jesus Christ (Remember if you read Jesus' death the Romans just executed the procedure and initiated it. Herod and Pilate really didn't want to kill him. The Jews said Barabas so yeah that is it

Why the hell is Hitler before Stalin? Stalin was so much worse please get an education people. "Hitler killed 6 million Jews" WELL STALIN KILLED 50 MILLION OF HIS OWN PEOPLE

Like a mad scientist, he wanted to take over the entire world. He would stop at nothing to succeed. I'm glad he chose to turn against Russia because we would have had a different outcome. Just imagine if the Axis would have succeeded.

I'd say this guy was pretty bad, evil beyond compare. But there are some notable missing names on here. I guess because they are not technically dictators. But George Bush, Tony Blair and Osama Bin Laden should probably at least get a mention.

He invented and established industrial annihilations of millions of humans he considered inferior to his race

He should of died at birth, if you could really tell the future. I HATE THIS GUY. now I'm not Jewish but I don't kill cause I don't believe in the Jewish religion. I respect every race in the world, and now that I've learned about this guy, I respect the Jewish A LOT.

First would-be world conqueror to have the resources of modern technology... But probably not the last. Understood the significance of Mass media and how it could be utilized to influence people.

He didn't care who you were, how old your were, or anything. If you weren't the 'ideal race' you were dead. Example, a 3 year old died from a gas chamber in the concentration camps, he really didn't give a care

Many spiritual scholars (Christian scholars) believe that Hitler was actually demon possessed. He was reported to have had occult dealings, which is a good sign. He also went from a terrible speaker to a speaker that could convince people to commit suicide. Also, people reported that his voice "seemed not his own".

He is actually worse in minds of people because of illtreating polish citizens and mass murder of Jews. Because of these he lost. If he wouldn't have rise then Germany would have been as worse as African countries. I vote for Hitler as the world's greatest dictator ever in the history

Hitler was the most evil man in history. He was both racist and prejudice. He had so much abusive power that he started a world war that cost the lives of almost 50 Million people. He killed a total of 17 Million people including 6 Million Jews. If he didn't invade Russia in 1941 and if Japan didn't bomb Pearl Harbor, he could have ended humanity.

He didn't just target Jews, he went after Gypsys, the physically and mentally disabled, Jehovah's Witnesses, and homosexuals. He may have also targeted atheists, that one isn't clear.