Joseph Stalin (USSR)

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Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.


Created a regime so powerful and so deadly that not only did he exterminate over 20 million people, at least, and that could be as many as 40 million, which were a big portion of his own, during HIS time, it lead to more and more fear mongering and death of people in the future. He also did not discriminate with religions, but he did ban it. This lead to an extreme amount of deaths. Mao Zedong may have led to more deaths, but his were mainly due to famine and China always having an enormous population, as well as stupidity, not calculated death. The Soviet Union deaths did not have to happen. Because of Josef Stalin's regime, there are more nuclear weapons in Russia than America. They also might still have the largest ones, due to Ivan/Tsar Bomba being created. Russia is not nearly as bad as it was during the Soviet Union's existence, but they still have the weapons they held.

Joseph Stalin was definitely worse than Hitler. Let's compare the two.

Hitler - A smart man non the least however, he killed 6 million people in a shot period of time. This is very confusing but this number is far from how many people Stalin killed.

Stalin - This man did not hunt down just one group, it was literally everyone and even his own kind. He sacrificed 10 of his generals for being traitors which is a stupid thing but that's not the worst. He starved 10 million Ukrainians. In total he starved / executed 27 million people which fails in comparison to how many people Hitler killed. Not only this but later he became paranoid and even killed his close friends himself (We do not know fully but it is a large possibility). Not only that he made a list of apparent "Traitors" which had over a few 10 thousand names on it. If he thinks it's not enough he adds more. We have to remember he also did something good for the USSR which he made it a super power but at the expense ...more

Stalin was the most monstrous and amoral leader in history. He waged war on his own party and people out of sheer paranoia - most of his people and political allies were ready to follow him wherever he directed, but he had to kill them anyway, and their entire families, children included, just in case they moved against him in future. Criminal psychopath - should definitely have been shot by someone long before he managed to seize power.

Because he killed way more people than Hitler, plus people in Nazi Germany loved Hitler and wanted to win the war, while Stalin staved his people and killed them for anything they did that annoyed him. Plus he was hated by his own people. He even demanded deserters if the red army in ww2 to be shot if they retreated. He is the most vicious and evil leader ever.

It's debatable whether he was the most evil person. It's debatable how to interpret the numbers of deaths. I'm confident "One death is a tragedy, a million is simply a statistic" is an accurate representation of how humans think, whether we like it or not. But many of these people wanted what they believed to be best for their countries and used power to try to achieve it through horrible methods. Stalin was a horrible, power hungry and paranoid leader. He care about his power a lot because, well power. He was arguably the most dictatorial person here. That's enough reason for me, but the fact that he was a terrible person and killed millions of people is the icing on the cake.

Stalin was more evil than Adolf Hitler, and the reason is because he never cared for his own people and for the civilians of Germany. Any Communist leader is worse than a Fascist. Whoever voted for Hitler on this list is probably because they were just raised thinking he was bad when in reality Joseph Stalin is the worst. Hitler was not really against religion, however Stalin was and he executed anyone that practices religion. He also probably killed young German soldiers that were forced into war. Whenever a Communist saw a German, they were shot regardless of age.

All I can say is that Stalin killed his own people. Hitler was actually very patriotic and loved people. Stalin cared for nobody. If you didn't like his moustache ( not only Hitler had a moustache ), you were long gone. Stalin ruled by fear, Hitler ruled by trust and adoration.

He is way worse than Hitler. Hitler cared at least for his "own" people, this one didn't. Besides all the soldiers sent the death, the fake trials and executions of "enemies of the state", he got random people murdered for no reason, just to terrorize society.

During the devastating event known as Terror Famine, Stalin order the persecution of 5-8 million innocent farmers who were not willing to give in there farms during Stalin's Five-Year Plan to unite small farms to create a large one. These Ukrainian farmers were known as Kulaks. Compared to the Holocaust which murdered an estimated 6 million Jews, Stalin seems as the worst dictator of all time.

Who killed the most people? Stalin did! Hitler sent Jews, Gypsies and other races he hated to camps to kill them, Stalin sent everyone he didn't like to camps, no matter what race or religion, if he didn't like them, they went on a vacation to Gulag camp in Siberia, where they worked and starved to death, rather than have a (sort of) quick death. Of Hitler, we know the deaths, of Mao, we do too, but Stalin has killed more than both of them together, or at least, for as far as we know, I mean: good luck finding an abandoned Gulag camp in Siberia and digging up the corpses to count them!

Stalin killed more people than Hitler did, yet somehow Hitler is on the top of the list instead of Stalin. Read some history, people.

The Holodomor was the worst crime of humanity I've ever seen or heard of in all my life. Something worse than murder, worse than torture, worse than humiliation happened in those two years. The numbers, extremely high, are nothing compared to the accounts and stories recalled from the Holodomor. I just cannot imagine.

Joseph Stalin is the most evil man in history at lest Hitler believed wrongly that what he was doing was good. Stalin kill just for his own pleasure and prestige he believed that peoples lives mean nothing and that people are dispensable. Hitler kill Jews because he believed that they where truly inferior vermin who are responsible for the German's problems. TO STALIN THERE IS NO EQUAL!

Well, Stalin killed more than Hitler, Hitler only killed about 20 Million due to the fact of the Death Camps, and German Casualties in the War. Stalin killed about 30 Million due to The Great Soviet Famine which took about at least 8 Million Lives, Stalin's great Purge, WWII Soviet Casualties which took up with more than 20 Million.

He sacrificed the lives of millions of people in order to further his own power-thirsty agenda... People had to make Stalin there deity otherwise they were killed. Religion, national identity and autonomy was all destroyed in the name of empowering Stalin. At least Hitler done some good for the German people; Stalin killed around 10% of the Soviet Unions population.

He killed way more people than Hitler and killed them just because he simply didn't like them all dictators are horrible but he is the worst and he was only put at second place because people have been taught more about Hitler than him

Hitler may have killed many Jews but Stalin killed people JUST because they disagreed with him! He starved his people! He probably ordered his fellow opponent Leon Trotsky dead! Who could be worse than that! ANYONE WHO OPPOSED WERE MURDERED!

He killed a LOT more people than Hitler did, and he killed them for disagreeing with him. Trust me when I say that I know an abomination when I see one. The only reason people like this monster better than they do Adolf Hitler is because he fought on our side in World War II.

11 million < 20 million

He was far worse than Hitler on his own...he's son got locked up in prison while he was in charge...He also made many Russians starve to death...He made his army use nazi soldiers as shooting targets...All I can say is that he should be number 2 on this list...people just say Hitler is worse because he is more well known...

Responsible for the death of more than 27.000.000 people, close to hitler, however, since everybody seems to be so convinced Hitler was worst, I have to try and even it out a bit. They were neck and neck concerning their evilness. - flemmilu

Hitler was a terrible person, but he only killed enemies of Germany, and gave his people good lives (assuming they were devout Nazis). Stalin killed 4 times more people than Hitler did, and a lot of them were his own people. Hitler was a genocidal psychopath and Stalin was just pure evil.

Stalin was definitely head and shoulders above the rest of this list as history's worst dictator. In all departments of cruelty and degradation he had or never will have an equal. This psychopathic tyrant averaged about a million dead for each of his 29 terrifying years in power.

Way worse than Hitler. Maybe because Stalin lived longer then him. Killed way more people than Hitler. He oppressed many more nations and peoples than Hitler ever dreamed of. Stalin´┐Ż's killing was not systematic extermination. It was more of a random and corrupt system which allowed the killing of countless innocents for no reason other than the "great" leaders insanity.

He was not only a fierce dictator but there is also something that people are not aware of, Hitler feared Joseph stalin that is the reason that he signed a pact with him to not attack each other and divide the land conquered equally among themselves.

"There are no Soviet prisoners of war: only Soviet traitors. " Stalin had no comrades.