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281 Guardians of the Galaxy

What kind of an idiot put this on the list.

This is Marvel, not Disney

This Is An Awesome Film - VideoGamefan5

282 Bambi

Why is Bambi on the list?! It's one of Disney's finest! This or The Lion King should be last.

Tom hanks this is still stupid

283 16 Wishes

As much as I don't like Debby Ryan, this movie actually wasn't that bad!

This was a complete remake of thirteen candles but more appropriate for children-Aly Cullen

I now officially hate debby ryan

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284 Pete's Dragon

No don't I like dragons

285 The Devil and Max Devlin

If that's Bill Cosby then I'm dead laughing

286 The Lizzie McGuire Movie

When my daughter Allison was little she would always lay on the floor in the living room and watch Lizzie McGuire. I Took Allison Out To See The Movie When it came out in 2003. For Allison's Birthday my dad gave her the Lizzie McGuire Movie. Allison Would Sing And Sings her mouth off on the bus and everyone else would sing with her. But Today On October 24th 2015 I found the movie all dusty and the disc was in great condition. I had flashbacks of her Watching the movie and I Almost burst into tears. But I didn't I walked to Allison's room and asked her if she forgot something I handed Her the movie. She's like. Where The Hell Did You Find it?. I Said on the bookshelf. She hugged me and she continued to watch the 94 minute movie. That is my story thank you for listening have a great day

287 Max Keeble's Big Move

The other guy next to the guy that played Max I think is Josh Peck, not sure. - Anonymousxcxc

It is

288 The Fox and the Hound

What is the fox and the hound doing here? It was the best movie ever!

This should be third last after The Lion King and Bambi. It's a heartwarming film about friendship and growing up.

That's why its last all Disney movies are on here

It's an amazing film! Very sad at the end though and beginning but still

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289 Air Bud

Out of all the Air Bud movies, this is the only one worth watching. - Blackcat100p

290 Air Bud: Golden Receiver
291 Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
292 Air Bud: Spikes Back
293 Air Bud: World Pup
294 Santa Buddies
295 Snow Buddies

Why is there so meny movies it is so cheesy but better then the original

296 Spooky Buddies
297 Super Buddies
298 Treasure Buddies


299 The Search for Santa Paws

They are RUINING MY LIFE! This is such a heartbreaking movie!

300 Winnie the Pooh
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