Worst Female Percy Jackson Characters

The Top Ten Worst Female Percy Jackson Characters

1 Piper McLean

She broke up with Jason and then he died cause he loved her ;-;

2 Hera
3 Drew Tanaka

so mean

4 Calypso

What did she do? - TwilightKitsune

She was so rude to Leo. I have no idea why he even liked her...

Okay, confession time: SHE DOESN'T DESERVE LEO! HE'S MINE! >:(

5 Aphrodite

HORRIBLE love advise. She broke REYNAS heart and many others. - 766925

6 Hylla Ramírez-Arellano

That girl is up to no good. She should be running for her life, not ''claiming'' her past. - 766925

7 Medea
8 Gaea
9 Hazel Levesque

I like her, but she has not contributed as much ANNABETH or THALIA - 766925

10 Annabeth Chase

She is the WORST! Honestly, I don't think she should even be allowed, she's so bad. She is just TOO loyal. I mean, couldn't she just DEAL WITH THE FACT THAT LUKE CASTALIAN WAS GONE? She made Bianca Di Angelo and Zoe Nightshade die for no reason! If she didn't take the sky for Luke, Bianca and Zoe would still be alive!

She thinks she smart, but to be honest she is annoying. - 766925

The Contenders

11 Meg McCaffrey

She's really annoying

12 Sadie Kane
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